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Home Browses Computers News General Web Design Tutorials Contact RSS Subscribe. Category One Category Two Category Three Parent Category One Sub Category One Sub Category Two Sub Category Three Child Category One Uncategorized Whatever. Younger sister is 20 years old name Zartasha figure 34, Sam's mom 39 years old name Lubna a house wife figure 36,32,36 a very cute Lady.

Sam's aunty 27 years old name Saba a sexy figure 34,30, Sam's second Aunty Sana 28 years old cute face but blackish color figure 36,32, Sam's Uncle Mamu age 30 running a mobile shop. Sam father is a business man and always busy to make money he did not give much time to his family but he love every person. Sam's father was not so rich but now he is on a good position because of hard working.

Ye story wahan se shuru karta hoon jab Sam ki poori family us ki grand mother Nani k ghar main rehti thi. Sam k father k halaat aik waqtmain bahut kharab the un k pass rehne k liye apna ghar tak nahi tha to wo apni mother in law k ghar apni family k sath rehne lagay.

Sam ki nani ka ghar bahut bara to nahi tha lakin sab ka theek guzar ho raha tha. Gharmain 3 room the aik kitchen aur aik hi washroom tha. Aik store room tha aik room main Sam ki nani Sam ki sisters Sam aur Sam ki sexy Aunty hotay thay aur dusere room main Sam k mom and father. Sam ki choti sister Zartasha kabhi apna parents k room main soti to kabhi apni nani k room main.

Sam kiun k aik hi beta tha to wo sab ko bahut pyara lagta tha. Sam us waqt chota tha aur bahut cute tha. Sam ki aunty tab 18 saal ki thi.

That time his aunty Saba was very very hot sexy and muchhorny girl.

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Sam's aunty Saba did masturbate daily after every one sleeps and lights turned off. Sam has a big and Fat cock at that small age 4" when soft and 7" when become hard. Sam ki aunty Saba pure virginthi lakin full of sex us main bahut sex tha us k jism main bahut garmi thi jisay wo daily raat ko masturbate kar k nikalti lakin next day dobara us k jism main wahi garmi bharjati. Saba apne jism k sath khelti thi rub karti press karti fingering karti some times to wo apni pussy main tooth brush ka handle, pen, pencil, candle or finger daal k so jati thi.

Koi raat wo bina masturbate nahi soti yahan tak k wo periods main bhi sirf pehle three days control karti us k baad dobara continue her daily job. Periods k pehle three days main wo apne boobs k sath khelti apni ass ko press karti rub karti and some time she play with her butt hole which was a cute tiny hole.

Saba got an awesome look and body and she loves her boobs nipples pussy ass and her ring so much. She take care all of her private body parts same like she take good care of her cute innocent face. She apply lotion on her full body while taking bath to make her body silky and smooth. She remove her arm pits and pussy hair every second day. Room main 2 bed the. Aik pe Sam ki nani soti theen aur aik pe Sam k Uncle.

Baki sab mean Sam his sistersand aunts sleep on the floor very close to each other but they sleep on different sides.

  ????? ????? ?? ????. Added Jan 6, , ???? ???? ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ??? 4 ?? 5 ??? ?????? ???? ???? ???? ???? ??? ???? ????? ???? ??? ?? ???? ????. ????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???????? ??? ?? ????. ?????

They all have their own blankets but some time in sleep they share with each other you know. Saba hamesha apni jaga pe soti Room ki left side pe deewar k sath almari rakhi thi aur wo almari k pass hi soti wo apni jaga kisi k sath change nahi karti waja ye thi k wo dair raat tak study karti ager light off hoti to wo candlejala k aik side pe study karti wo apni books and other things almari k neeche rakha karti for her study and for other use.

After every one sleep Saba stoped her study and start masturbating as per her daily routine. Saba books almari k neeche rakhti aur jo cheez dil karta usay utha k pussy insertion k liye use karti and after masturbation wo us cheez ko clean ker k dobara Almari k neeche rakh deti. Yahi waja thi k wo apni jaga change nahi karti thi. Kabhi Saba k sath uski sister so jati kabhi Sam ki sisters to kabhi Sam.

Aik raat Sam apni Aunty Saba ki right side pe so gaya.

Saba study kar rahi thi yak eh lain sab k sonay ka wait kar rahi thi. Sab k so jane aur lights off hojane k baad Saba ne apni books rakh deen aur apna hand apni shalwar main daal kpussy rub karne lagi aur apnadusera hand apne chest pe rakh k un k sath khelne lagi. Kuch dair baad Saba bahut garam ho gae aur tez tez fingering karne lagi. Saba ko jab bahut maza aane lagta to us k mouth se sexy awazain aur aahain nikalne lagteen lakin wo apni awaz ya ahh ko apne mouth main daba k rakhtithi dar se k koi uth na jaye.

Neend main Sam ka right handSaba ki chest pe aaya pehle to Saba dar gae lakin hand nekoi movement nahi ki. Saba aram se laiti rahi aur koiharkat nahi ki phir kuch dair baad jab usay yaqeen ho gaya k Sam gehri neend main hay to us ne rahat ki sans li aur bina Sam ka hand move kiye dobara masturbating shuru kar di.

Saba ne Sam ka hath is liye nahi hilaya k kahin wo jag na jaye Saba ki sans tez chal rahi thi us ki chest ooper neeche ho rahi thi aur mazay se us ka jism finger ki movement k sathmove kar raha tha.

Sam ka right hand Saba k left boob per tha aur Saba k jism ki harkat se wo bhi move kar raha tha aur bilkul aisay lag raha tha jaisay Sam apni aunty Saba k boob pe haath phair raha ho. Saba phir dar gae aur ruk gaedobara kuch dair us ne koi harkat nahi ki aur Sam ka hand bhi still raha. Saba ki middle half finger uski pussy main thi. Saba ne apna hand jo us ki chest per tha wahan se hatta lia phir us ne apni chest ko pehle right eft phir ooper neeche move kia.

Usay acha lagne laga kiun k jab us ne aisa kia to Sam ka hand us ki chest ko rub karnelaga. Saba ne dobara apni chest move ki aur dobara usay maza aanay laga. Saba ne apne free hand ko Sam k hand pe rakh k usay apna boob pe adjest kia ab Saba ka left boob Sam k hand main tha. Saba slow slow apne hand se Sam k hand ko pakar k apni chest pe move karne lagi.

Wow apne hath se to ziyada Sam k hath se maza aa raha hay ye soch k Saba ne Sam k hath ko apne boob pe move karna shuru kia aur sath sathdaba bhi deti.

Saba ne dobara fingering shuru ker di aur sath sath Sam ka hath pakar k khoob mazay se apne boob daba rahi thi uska hath kabhi left boob pe kabhi right boob pe rakhti phir rub karti masalti dabati usay bahut maza aane laga tha Sam k hand se boobspress karwa k masalwa k dabwa k.

Kuch dair baad Saba pehle se ziyada mazay se release ho gae phir us ne Sam ka hand apni body se door ker dia aurso gae. Next day Sam us k sath nahi tha aur us raat Saba ko masturbating ka itna maza nahi aaya jitna last night aayatha with Sam's hand. Lakin us ne last night ko yaadker k maza kar lia. Next day was Saturday.

Saba was cooking alone in kitchen at evening then she called Sam. Sam went to her and ask her the reason. Sam: ji aunty? Saba: Sam tum meri side pe soya karo kiun k Komal ho Sana ho ya Zartasha wo mujhe sonay nahi dete sari raat uchalte rehte hain aur tum bilkul aram se sotay ho totum mere pass wali jag ape soya karo rozana please. Sam: okay aunty as u wish main aaj se aap k sath hi soya karoon ga aur kisi ko usjag ape nahi sonay doon ga aur kuch?

Saba: bas itna hi and thank you. Saba was so happy and she make plans for that night because tomorrow will be Sunday mean holiday and no one will wake her up early likedaily routine. That night Sam lay down near Saba and asked every one that from today he will slepp on the same place and he will not change his place to any body.

Every one replied wah ji wah bara pyar aaya hua hay apni aunty pe lagta hay tum dono ki fight nahi hui acha dekhte hain kab tak rehta hay ye pyar. Saba: nahi ji ye mera acha bhanja hay aur aaj k baad hum fight nahi karain ge kiun Sam? Sam: ji aunty bilkul hum ab ache friends hain aur fight nahi karain ge aap sab jalte raho aur dekhte rehna. After some time every one was sleeping then lights turned off but Saba was still waiting for the right time.

After an hour Saba start her daily mission she remove her elastic shalwar till her knees and she was half naked her virgin pussy and big ass was naked. Saba put her fingers in her pussy lips and start rubbing her hot pussy slowly making itwet for her finger after few seconds Saba's pussy becomewet and she push her middle finger in her tight pussy hole. Saba turns her face to see Sam and he was sleeping so close with her.

She put her hand on Sam's hand and takesit to her chest. Saba ne apne hand ki help se Sam k hand ko apne boobs pepherna shuur kia rub kia dabane lagi wo bahut hot ho gae Sam ka hand apne boobs pe feel kar k kaafi dair wo aisay hi maza karti rahi. Saba ne Sam ka hath apni chest se remove ker k side pe rakha aur apni kameez ooper kare lagi. Kameez fittingwali thi is liye ooper nahi aa rahi thi. Saba ne slowly apni pussy se finger nikali aur uth k baith gae phir Saba ne hand peecheker k apni kameez ki back pe zip ko open kia aur dobara lait gae.

Saba ne kameez ooper ki aur apne boobs kameez aur bra se bahar nikal liye jo us waqt hard the. Phir Saba ne apna hand pussy pe la ja k 2 fingers se apni pussy juice koapne left nipples pe laga dia phir apna left hand neeche le ja k dobara middle finger slowslow pussy main push ker di.

Phir Saba ne apne right hand se Sam ka hand pakar k apne left boob pe rakha jo uski pussy juice se geela tha aur slow slow Sam ki fingers apne boob aur nipple pe rub karne lagi. Pussy juice ki waja se Saba ka nipple aur Sam ki fingers slippery ho rahe the jis se Saba ko bahut acha feel ho raha tha aur wo pehle se ziyada zor se daba k masal rahi thi. Kuch dair baad Saba ne apni finger pussy se nikal k right boob aur nipple pe pussy juice laga dia aur us k sath khelne lagi usay bahut maza aa raha tha slipping ki waja se Saba ka maza kharab ho jata jab us k nipples ya Sam ki fingers rookhay ho jatay to Saba ne Sam ki fingers ko apna mouth open ker k lick kia unko geela kia aur dobara us ka hand le ja k left nipple pe rakha aur maza karne lagi phir usi tarha dobara geela ker k right boob k sath khelne lagi.

Saba bahut garam ho gae thi wo finger ko tez tez in out kerrahi thi aur sath sath boob Sam k hand se daba rahi thi masal rahi thi kabhi right boobko kabhi left boob ko lakin wo phir rookhay ho jate.

Saba ne dono boobs pe thooka aur phir maza karne lagi us k nipples bahut hard ho gaye the aur pehle se ziyada slippery ho gaye the Saba was about to cum she was fingering her pussy so hard and so fast and same time she was rubbing her tits with Sam's hand and in few seconds Saba cummed there but much more than before.

are absolutely

After some time Saba remove Sam's hand phir us ne apni shalwar pehni kameez ko neeche kia zip di aur late gae. Saba was trying to sleep but still she was thinking. Kash mera bf hota ya husbandhota to main khoob maza kartikiun k boy k sath bahut maza aata hay halan k main kab se ye kar rahi hoon lakin Sam k hand se bahut maza aata hay. Kash ye Sam hi bara hota tab bhi maza aata haye re kismet After that night she did the same thing many nights and she was really enjoying it so much and then after some days one night After playing for some time Saba remove her finger from her pussy and remove Sam's hand from her chest.

Saba uthi aram se Sam ki legs k pass aa gae aur Sam ko legs se pakar k neeche kheencha Sam thora neeche ho gaya phir Saba apni jag ape ja k lait gae. Saba ne Sam k head k neeche takkiya rakha aur Sam ka right hand pakar k usay seedha apni legs k beech pussy pe rakh dia. Sam ka hand Saba ko pussy pe touch hotay hi usay jhatka laga phir Saba ne apne hand se Sam ki finger ko apni pussy k lips main push kia wow what a lovely feeling.

about one and

Saba ko Sam ki finger apni pussy k lips main feel kar k acha feel honay laga usay maza aa raha tha. Saba ne koshish kar k Sam ki middle finger kisi tarha thori siapni pussy k hole main push ki wow bahut acha feel ho raha tha Saba ko. Saba ne slow slow Sam ki finger ko in out in out move karna shuru kar dia sath sathapne hips move kar k Sam ki finger ko ziyada ander dalne ki koshish karti rahi wo try karti rahi lakin finger half se ziyada Saba ki pussy main ne jaa rahi thi.

Saba ko itne main hi bahut maza aa raha tha aur wo aisay hi finger fuck karti rahi sath sath apne boobs k masalti rahi aur kuch hi dair main wo release ho gae. Saba ne apni legs close kar leen usay bahut maza aa rahatha jhatke lag rahe the Saba ki pussy ko wo slow slow left side pe honay lagi us ne Sam ka hand chorr dia tha jo Saba k karwat lene ki waja se ab us k hips pet ha ass cheeks pe.

Saba ki pussy abhi tak jhatke laga rahi thi jis se us ka jism bhi hil raha tha us k aisay karne se Sam ka hand us ki ass crack main aa gaya. Saba ko acha feel ho raha thaphir Saba ne apna right hand Sam k hand pe rakha aur Sam ki finger ko peeche se apni pussy main push kia wow Sam ki finger half se ziyada ander chali gae aur Saba ko maza aane laga.

Kuch dair baad Saba ne Sam kifinger ko apni pussy se nikal k apne butt tiny hole pe rakhaaur slow slow push kia. Sam ki finger Saba ki pussy juice se geeli thi to slip ho k Saba k ring min jane lagi.

Sam ki finger ass hole main jata feel kar k Saba ki ne apniass tight ker di jis se Sam ki finger slip ho k bahar aa gae. Saba ne dobara Sam ki finger push ki aur kuch apne ass hole main jane di phir us ne ass tight ki aur finger slow slow slip ho k bahar aa gae.

Kuch dair aisa karne k baad Saba ne kapre theek kiye aur so gae. Sam ko kisi cheez se problem hui jis se us k jism pe red dots ho gaye which was pianfull for him. Doctor ne usay tube di jisay us ne bath k baad full body pe lagana hota tha.

Sam ki beautiful sexy mom Lubna usay daily bath deti aurcream lagati. Kuch din baad usay kaabhi fark ho gaya. Aik din Sam ki Mom Lubna Sam ko nehla rahi thi us waqt gharmain koi nahi tha Sam apni hotmom k samne bilkul nanga baitha tha. Lubna ne Sam ko nehla k usaywashroom se bahar nikal k wahin us k jism pe cream lagane lagi.

Pehle wo Sam ko room main le ja k cream lagati theen lakin us din ghar main koi nahi tha is liye wahin kerne lageen. Kuch dair baad Sam ki aunty Saba school se wapis aa gae. Saba ghar main enter hotay hiSam ko samne nanga khare dekh k sharma gae aur bina us ki taraf dekhe room main chali gae. Sam bhi sharma gaya. Sam: mom room main chalain naaunty aa gae hain. Lubna: acha kuch nahi hota abhi tum bache ho baray sharma rahe ho aunty hi hay na koi ghair to nahi.

Sam: phir bhi mom mujhe sharam aati hay main room main jaa raha hoon aap wahin aa jain. Sam ye keh k room main jane laga. Jaisay hi wo pehle room main enter hua to samne us kiaunty Saba aa gae. Saba ne Sam ko nanga apne samne aatay dekha to hans k sharma k apni ankhain neechekerne lagi k achanak us ki nazar Sam k soft but long Lun pe gae aur wahin ruk gae. Saba ki sharam fauran gayab ho gae kiun k aaj wo pehli baar Lun dekh rahi thi wo bhi real aur apne bilkul samne itne qareeb Saba k jism main heat honay lagi Saba ki virgin pussy wet honay lagi us k jism main current daurne laga us k nipples hard honay lagay.

Saba soch rahi thi k itni choti age main Sam ka lun itna bara kaisay aur usay aaj tak pata hi nahi chala. Oh Saba you fool you have a nice and big dick in your house and you did not know about it till now you are such a fool how you miss this thing from a long time?

Us k mind main aisay kafi sawal aa rahe the Saba ka dil lalcha raha tha Saba ki tangain dheeli parne lageen us ki halat aisi ho rahi thi jaisay achanak Sam ka Lun uski pussy main chala gaya ho I mean jaisay hard chudai k baad larki ki halat hoti hay us ki same wahi halat thi.

Saba ne socha khair dair aayedurust aaye aur kuch dair baad wo khayaloon ki duniya se bahar aa gae tab tak Sam pichle room main jaa chukka tha. Sam ki mom Lubna room main gae Sam ko cream lagane aur Saba seedha washroom main chali gae.

  urdu | Kahani, Dark, True, Erotic, Fantasy, Brother, Mom, Father, Sister, Ebony, Girlfriend,Chudai Asian, XXX, Bhabi, Deep & more sex stories Posted by Real Writer July 31, July 31, Posted in Love Sex Stories, START READING Tags: NEW URDU SEX STORIES Leave a comment on ??? ????? ??? ??????? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ?????   Hot Urdu Short Story. Dec. 1. by hotpakistan. ?? ??? ?????: ????? ?????. ?? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ????? ?? ????! ????? ????? ?? ?? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ????? ???? ??? ????? ?? ?? ???. ??? ?????

Saba ne washroom main enter hotay hi apne shalwar main pehle hath daala aur washroom ka door baad main close kia. Saba us waqt real main itni garam ho chuki thi k us se apni shalwar nahi utar rahi thiisi liye us ne apna hath shalwar main daal k pussy ko touch kia jo bahut wet thi. Saba khud hairan thi k aaj pehli baar bina kuch kiye wo itni wet kaisay ho gae aur aaj tak us ki pussy itni geeli nahi hui thi jab tak wo release na ho.

Saba washroom k door se aagay nahi ja sakti thi uska haal behal tha uski legs us kasath nahi de rahi theen. Saba wahin door k pass hi ghutnoon k bal baith gae aur aram se apni shalwar mushkil se thori neeche kar li.

Saba ki back door ki taraf thi aur uski cute big ass shalwar se bahar thi. Saba ne apna right hand apne neeche se le ja k apni wet pussy pe rakha aur slow slow apni wet pussy ko rub karne lagi zor zor se ragarne lagi. Saba sex main madhosh thi aur aagay se poori jhuk gae ab wo bilkul doggie style main thi. Saba ka left hand washroom k floor pet ha jis peus ne apna face rakha hua tha Saba ki ankhain close theen. Uske boobs wet floor ko touchho rahe the nipples hard the boobs garam the floor thanda tha finger uski pussy main slow slow in out ho rahi thi her big cute ass was in the air.

Saba was moving her finger inher pussy and moving her body slowly her chest also was moving with her body movement and she was lovingthe feeling of her finger in herpussy and her chest touch wet and cold floor with her movements while her cute pinknipples were hard. Saba was still thinking about Sam's big dick which was Fat white with pink color cap.

Oh God oh my God I am loving this I love his big Fat dick oh Sam come here and help your aunty yes yes Sam do it use me do me Sam please I really need ur dick please hear me come to me come to your hot aunty she really need you Sam aah Sam yes yes.

Saba was talking all this in hermind and heart her heart beatwas so fast she was so hot and horny she was about to cum so hard first time in her life. She wants to play for so long she wants to play more and more but she was out of control her pussy was not in her control she was cumming like she never did oh yes oh yes Sam do it ram it in your Aunty give me what you have I need it I want it oh baby make your aunty happy please be my first Sam aah Sam please aah aah aah and Saba cummed Kaafi dair Saba waisay usi position main rahi phir himmat kar k uthi she was feeling much better than before.

Saba khari hui aur apni shalwar ooper ki kuch sakoontha us ko lakin Sam ka Lun us k mind main us ki eyes main tha jo usay tadpa raha tha. Saba ne apne kapre dekhe jo geele ho gaye the ghutnoon wali jaga se aur kameez chestwali jaga se. Saba ne apna hath wash kiye aur apna duppata theek kar kwashroom se bahar aa gae. Saba ki Sister Lubna kitchen main thi aur Sam bahar ja chukka tha.

Saba room main gae aur change ker k kitchen main apni Baji k pass chali gae un ksath kaam karane. Us raat Saba bahut khush thi jab Sam us k pass ja k laita.

Sexy Urdu Story. Uploaded by. asimjaaan. 57 57found this document useful ( votes) K views 4 pages. Document Information. click to expand document information. Description: [email protected],3/5 Read more Urdu Sex Stories: Tinder se bistar takMery khandaan main koi b taleem ya kisi b silsilly main mulaq say bahar nhi gya   LUN in Gand Play Video. HI. Im Imarn Me Lahore me rehta ho or ka student ho ap ki stories me bohat shoq se parta ho or is site ka Dewana ho aj ap ke sath me apna 1st sex Experiance share karne laga ho meri Height ? ha 22 year age ha [email protected] mera idd ha ab me apni kahani ap ko sunata ho

Sab k so janay k baad Saba ne apni shalwar neeche ki aurapni pussy ko rub karne lagi sath sath apne boobs ko press karne lagi aur hard nipples ko masalne lagi. Jab Saba ki pussy kaafi wet ho gae aur Saba bahut garam ho gae to us ne Sam ko apni taraf kar k bahut qareeb kar dia. Sam ki body ki heat Saba ki already garam body ko feel horahi thi aur usay acha lag raha tha. Saba ne apna left hand apni pussy pe rakha huatha aur apna right hand slowlySam k soft Lun pe rakh dia.

Sam ka Lun apne hand main feel karte hi Saba ko jhatka laga us ki pussy achanak jhatke se ziyada wet ho gae. Saba k garam jism main aur aag lag gae boobs tight aur nipple ziyada hard ho gaye. Saba ne slow slow apna hand move karma shuru kia wo Sam k soft Lun ko masal rahi thi daba rahi thi aur Saba k aisa karne se Sam k Lun main slow slow jaan aane lagi. Saba apne aap se batain karne lagi sochne lagi. OH MY GOD Sam ka Lun to zinda ho raha hay mere hand main pehli bar aik real Lun hayjo bilkul soft tha lakin slow slow hard ho raha hay uff itnamaza aata hay real Lun ko hand main le k pata nahi pussy main le k kitna maza aata ho ga.

Array maa ye to bara hota jaaraha hay pata nahi kitna bara ho ga jab full hard ho ga.

Mainkia karoon main pagal ho jaoon gi mujhe to ye bhi nahi pata k Lun ko handle kaisay karte hain. Mujhe kaisay pata chale ga k ye full hard ho gaya hay aur kab release ho gay a ho gayato kaisay pata chale ga kia yefauran soft ho jaye ga kia ye jaldi release ho jaye gay a kuch time lage ga? Kia ye meri 3 fingers mila loon utna mota ho ga?

you tell

Nahi nahi I think k meri 2 fingers jitna ho ga. Lakin ye ander kaisay jaye ga Sam to so raha hay main ager ander daloon to kaisay daloon? Kahin kuch ghalat na ho jaye main kia karoon mujhe samajhnahi aa raha hay.

Meri phuddi keh rahi hay isay ander daal doon lakin kaisay karoon koi uth gaya to kia ho ga? Lakin main ander laina bhi chahti hoon par kaisay loon kia karoon? Sam ko utha loon? Nahi nahi usay kia kahoon gi wo bacha hay kisi ko bata na de. Shor na macha de? Same time Saba ki finger us ki phuddi main in out ho rahi thi fast fast aur us ka dusera hand Sam k lun ko slow slow masal raha tha daba raha tha Sam ka Lun kaafi hard ho gaya tha aur Saba Lun k sath khel rahi thi us ka dil kar rahatha k phuddi main daal de lakin kaisay?

Kaafi dair baad jab Saba bahut ziyada garam ho gae aur us se mazeed bardasht nahi ho raha tha to us ne himmat ker k Sam ka Lun uski shalwar se bahar nikal lia aur uski blanket main aa gae kuchdair baad Saba ne Sam ko seedha kia aur apne aik tang Sam ki right side pe rakhi phirghutnoon k ball baith gae. Saba ka head Sam ki chest per tha aur Sam ka Lun Saba ki cute belly per. Saba k dil ki dharkan bahut tez chal rahi thi ager Sam chahta to asani se Saba ki dharkan ko feel kar sakta shayad suun bhi laita.

Dark room kaafi andhera Sabahalf naked laying on Sam's naked and hard dick still thinking that what to do next? Kuch dair baad Saba ne himmat kar k apna jism move kia aur apne hips thoray aagay kiye.

Ab Sam ka Lun Saba ki Phuddi k bahut qareeb thaw o Saba kiphuddi k upper lips ko touch kar raha tha. Saba ne aur himmat ki us ne thora ooper ho k Sam ki kameez unchi ker di aur apna hand back pe le ja k apni kameez ki zip open ki.

Slowly slowly Saba ne apne boobs apni kameez aur bra sebahar nikal liye aur Sam ki naked chest pe apni garam chest rakh di. Pehli baar kisi nange jism k sath jism touch ker k Saba ko bahut maza aa raha thaw o bhi male ka jism Saba ki halat bahut kharab thi.

Saba ne apni chest ko Sam ki chest pe dabaya aur apne hips ko uncha kia phir side seapna right hand dono bodies kdarmiyan se le ja k Sam ka Hard Lun pakar k usay seedha khara kia aur slow slow darted arte apne hips koneeche karma shuru kia. Sam k Lun aur Saba ki phuddi k beech sirf 1" ka fasla reh gaya tha Saba asani se Sam kLun ko apni phuddi k pass feelkar rahi thi lakin dar rahi thi ab thori si himmat aur chahiye thi jo us main nahi thi lakin us ne haar nahi maani aur apne lips ko teeth main daba k us ne wo fasla bhi khatam kar dia.

He is a young and handsome guy. His name is Samee but every one calls him Sam. Let me tell you about the family and Sam. Sam is 22 years old and studying. Sam has 2 sisters one is one minute older than him and other is 2 years younger thanhim. Elder sister   Urdu Sexy Stories. Mera name irfan hai aur mein sahiwal mein rehta story aj se 2 sal pehly ki hai. Meri aik dost thi jis ka name nabeela tha. Os ka husband mulk se bahar gia hua tha is liye hum din aur rat aik dusry se phone per bat kerty thy aur 4 se 5 ghanty din ko aur itna he rat ko bat kia kerty thy aur hum aik dusry k bohat aadi ho URDU SEXY STORIES Pages. Home; Contact Us; Wednesday, 13 November School Girls (By Sajida) Uss ki dabi huyi sex bhawna sulagney lagi thi. Aisey shandaar mard ko daikhkar woh apni maryada bhool gayi thi. Phir uss ke liye to woh eik anjan mard hi tha

Saba ki wet pussy Sam k hardLun ko lips main feel kar rahi thi Saba ki halat bahut kharabthi usay paseena bhi aa raha tha lakin ab dair ho chuki thi. Saba ne Sam k Lun ko phuddi k hole pe rakha aur hips thoray neeche kiye jis se Samka Lun Saba ki Phuddi k hole ko open ker k thora sa ander slip ho gaya. Saba ne aik hand apne mouth pe rakha aur darted arte slowslow apne hips ko down karnelagi Sam ka Lun Saba ki tight Virgin Phuddi main enter honay laga wo aram se slip hok ander jaa raha tha.

Saba ko bahut maza aa raha tha lakin dar ki waja se us ka wo maza usay ziyada feel nahi ho raha tha khair Saba apne hips very slowly neeche karti gae aur Sam ka Lun slow slow Saba ki phuddi main slip hota gaya.

Kaafi dair k baad aur bahut koshish k baad Saba ne akhir Sam ka half lun apni phuddi main daal lia lakin aagay nahi jaa raha tha aur Saba ki dar se halat bhi kharab thi is liye Saba ne Sam ka Lun dobara slow slow apni phuddi se bahar nikal lia jab Lun bahar nikala to Saba ko maza aaya us ne Lun ko dobara phuddi main daala aur phir nikal lia abusay maza aa raha tha aur woslow slow apni phuddi main Sam k Lun ko in out in out kar rahi thi.

Kuch dair main hi Saba Sam k Lun pe hi release ho gae us kiphuddi jhatke laga rahi thi Saba ko bahut maza aa raha tha lakin dar abhi tak us k sath tha abhi wo poori releasenahi hui thi k us ne aram se Sam ka lun apni phuddi se bahar nikal lia aur wahan se uth k apni jaga pe lait gae. Saba was so happy because she takes real penis first timein her pussy she was talking with herself. Main bhi kitni bewakoof hoon itna acha Lun mere itne qareeb tha aur mainrozana apni finger use karti rahi kash mujhe pehle pata hota.

Ab to kisi tarha Sam ko apna bana loon kisi tarha usay agree karoon aur wo kisi se kuch na kahe uff kitna maza aaye ga. Saba ne Sam ka Lun clean kia jo us ki pussy juice se bhara hua tha phir uski shalwar theek ki aur apne kapre theekkar k so gae. After one hour there was ring on the phone Saba's mom pick up the phone and after some time she start waking every one because her elder sister was died.

Sab uth gaye aur un k ghar jane ki tayari karne lage. Saba ki mom ne kaha sab na chalain ghar main koi to reh jaye to Saba ne kaha mom main subha jaoon gi aur Saba k bhai ne kaha okay main sathchalta hoon lakin kuch time baad wapis aa jaoon ga.

Sam abhi tak so raha tha to baki sab ne kaha Saba akeli na rahe is liye Sam ko nahi uthaya aur Saba k bhai neb hikuch time baad wapis aa jana tha to sab chale gaye aur ghar main Saba with Sam akelethay. Saba ko apni aunty ki death ka dukh to tha lakin us se ziyada wo Sam k sath akele rehne main ziyada khush thi. Abhi ghar wale main door se bahar bhi nahi gaye hoon ge kSaba ka hand uski shalwar main tha wo apni pussy ko masalne lagi kiun k us ki pussy dobara wet ho gae thi Sam k sath akeli thi ye soch k aur wo janti thi k us ka bhai jitni bhi jaldi kare kam se kam 2 hour tak nahi wapis aa sakta aik to us ki aunty ka ghar wahan se kaafi door tha dusera wo kam se kam wahan 1 hour to rukay ga.

Main door close then lock honay ki awaz sunte hi Saba ne apni elastic wali shalwar utar di aur kaeez ki zip open kar k kameez and bra bhi utardia. Saba was sitting naked with one hand on her wet pussy and other hand on her tight boobs and hard nipples. Saba starts rubbing her fingeron her pussy in her pussy lips and with other hand start pressing rubbing her both boobs. Saba apni jag ape lait gae andturn her side to Sam.

Sam wassleeping soundly and his mouth was lil open and the room light was on. Saba slowly get closer to Sam and start moving her cute pink rosie lips to his lips and slowly she put her lips on Sam's and start kissing and licking. Saba was licking his both lips with her one hand on his dick which was half erect that time.

Saba kuch dair sam k lips ko suck karti rahi phir us ne aram se Sam ki shalwar neeche ki aur us ka hard Lun bahar nikal lia aur usay dekhne lagi. Sam ka Lun full hard tha aur Saba k hand main tha Saba kobahut maza aa raha tha Sam klun ko hand main le k khelne main. After few minute Saba ki almost jaan nikal gae jab us ne suna. Kia kar rahi hain Aunty? Oh shit Sam uth gaya tha aur Saba ko is liye pata nahi chalakiun k wo Sam k Lun ko dekh rahi thi aur apne khayaloon main gayab thi aur achanak Sam k uthe aur poochne par Saba ki dar k maray jaan nikalgae.

Chachi Ki Kahani l Urdu Hot Story l THE TRUE STORIES

Saba ne himmat kar k Sam ki taraf dekha aur kaha kuch nahi wo bas main wo kuch nahi bas aisay hi. Saba ko samajh nahi aa rahi thi k wo kia kare kia kahe kia jawab de. Wo Sam aunty ki death ho gae to sab wahan gaye hain phir main so rahi thi to tum meri taraf huay aur phir main ne dekha to tumhari shalwar neeche ho gae thi main ne socha shayad tumhain garmi lag rahi ho kiun k mujhe bhi us waqt bahut garmi lag rahi thi to main ne socha k ghar main to koi nahi hay aur apne kapre utar diye aur phir wo us din main ne tumhain nanga dekha tha is liye socha ab tum so rahe ho ager uth bhi jao ge to its okay Sam.

Sam ne poocha par Aunty aap ne isay kiun pakar rakha hay aur wahan kiun dekh rahi theen? Aur aap ki aunty kab aur kaisay mujhe kiun nahi uthaya? Sam wo asal main us din main ne jab dekha to ye soft tha aur aaj jab main ne dekha to ye hard tha is liye main dekh rahi thi k aisa kiun hay kia tum jante ho k ye hard kiun hay?

Aunty ki tabiyat kharab thin a to is liye aur tum so rahe the phir sab ne kaha main akeli narahoon is liye tumhain nahi uthaya. Aunty pata nahi akser jab main subha uthta hoon to ye aisay hi hard hota hay baki sara time soft hi rehta hay baki main nahi janta k aisa kiun hota hay.

Saba ne kaha acha koi waja ho gi lakin ye batao jab main isay hath laga rahi thi to tumhain kaisa feel ho raha thakia tumhain pain ho raha tha ya acha feel kar rahe the? Aunty mujhe acha feel ho rahatha kiun k jab subha ye hard hota hay aur main is ko touch karoon pee karne k liye to mujhe acha feel hota hay aur aap k touch karne se mujhe pehle se ziyada acha feel ho raha tha.

Sam sharma bhi raha tha lakinus ne seedha jawab de hi dia. Sam ager tum mujh se promisekaro k ye sab kisi se nahi kaho ge to main tumhain aur bhi ziyada maza de sakti hoonlakin pehle tumhain promise karma ho ga aur main bhi promise karti hoon k aaj k baad main kabhi tum se fight nahi karoon gi aur tum job hi kaho ge koi kaam batao ge main kar doon gi aur tumhain bahut maza bhi doon gi lakin pehle promise karo. Sach Aunty aap fight nahi karain gi aur jo kaam kahoon ga kar dia karain gi?

Okay Aunty I promise God promise I will not tell any thing to any body trust me Aunty. Saba become so happy and she standup infront of Sam and asked him how is she looking naked and how is her body?

Aunty aap ka jism bahut pyarahay mujhe to aap bahut pyari lagti hain aap khubsoorat haingori hain smart hain sach mainI love you so much aur Aunty sach kahoon to main aap se shadi karoon ga. Sam shadi ko to abhi bahut dair hay lakin main tum se shadi kar chuki hoon wo bhi kuch dair pehle.

Mere jism main kia ziyada acha laga tumhain? Saba Sam k samne nangi kharithi aur apne jism k baray mainpooch k wo Sam ko apne boobs dikhane lagi phir ghoomgae apni ass dikha k phir ghoom gae aur apni pussy dikhane k baad tangain open ker k qareeb se dikhane lagi.

Aunty aap ne mujh se shadi ker bhi li lakin mujhe to pata nahi hay mujhe to kisi ne nahi bataya to kaisay? Aunty aap poori bahut pyari hain waisay mujhe sab se ziyada aap ka cute face acha lagta hay phir aap ki chest aur phir aap ki kamar aur us se neeche wo bhi bahut ache hain. Saba ne apni finger apni pussy k lips pe rakh k Sam sepoocha Sam tumhain ye achi nahi lagi kia?

Shadi k baad yahi to hoti hay jo husband aur wife dono ko khoob maza deti hay. Sach main shadi ho chuki hay lakin tumhain yaqeen nahi hayto main dobara karti hoon shadi tumhare sath okay? Aunty ye bhi pyari hay main ne kaha na aap poori mujhe bahut pyari lagti hain aap ki har cheez mujhe achi lagti hayaur aunty mind na karma main ne aap ko pehle bhi nanga dekha hay jab aap naha rahi hoti theen to main chatt Roof pe ja k wahan se dekha kartatha aap bahut pyari lagti hain jab naha rahi hoti hain.

You naughty I don't mind lakin mujhe kabhi pata nahi chala k tum mujhe dekhte the. Saba jab washroom main jati to usay apne jism k sath khelne k siwa kuch pata nahi hota thaw o nahate huay bhi khoob maza karti thi is liye kabhi dhiyan nahi dia aur washroom k door se ooper kafi jaga hay jahan se sab dikhta hay ager aap ki height lambi hay ya aap door k pass hoon ya chatt Roof se dekhain. Acha utho aur meri tarha apnebhi kapre utar do hum shadi karte hain.

Aunty shadi to kapre pehn k karte hain to hum nange ho k kiun kar rahe hain? Sam ye kehte huay uth k kapre utarne laga aur Saba k samnenanga khara tha. Sam shadi kapre pehn k kartehain jo hum ne pehne huay the aur shadi k baad husban daur wife aisay hi nange ho jate hain jis se real shadi hoti hay.

Saba aagay ho k Sam k qareeb aa gae aur us k jism pe kiss karne lagi slow slow kiss karte huay us ne Sam ko lita dia aur khud bhi us k sathlait gae. Phir Saba ne Sam ka hard Lun apne hath main pakar lia aur uski chest pe kiss karne lagi. Sam meri chest ko apne mouthmain le k suck karo tumhain maza aaye ga.

Sam ne apna mouth open kia aur Saba ka right boob apne mouth main le k usay suck karne laga saba ko bahut maza aa raha tha us se control bhi nahi ho raha tha. Saba aram se Sam k ooper aa gae aur us ka lun pakar k apni wet pussy k lips main rakh k aram se us per baithnelagi. Sam ka Lun pyar se slip ho k Saba ki pussy main jane laga aur kuch hi dair main Sam ka half Lun Saba ki pussy main tha jitna us ne pehle daala tha.

Aunty aap ne usay ander daaldia mujhe bahut maza aa rahahay bahut hot hay ander aap k aap sahi keh rahi theen aapko sach main garmi lag rahi hay main feel kar raha hoon aap ka jism aap ki sans aur aap ander se bahut garam hain. Sam mujhe bhi bahut maza aa raha hay lakin main neeche lait jati hoon aur tum mere ooper aa jao us tarha theek se ho ga aur humari garmi bhi nikal jaye gi aur shadi bhi ho jaye gi. Saba ye keh k aram se Lun bahar nikal k lait gae aur apnitangain open ker k Sam ko darmiyan main kar lia phir Saba ne Sam k Lun ko pakar kapni pussy k lips main rakha aur usay kaha k Sam ab aram se usay mere ander daal do jitna jata hay aram se slow slow daal do aur sath sath meri chest ko suck karo kiss karo.

Sab bahut hot thi bahut mazaymain thi aaj wo bahut khush thi apni life main pehli baar chudwa rahi thi. Sam ne slow slow push kia to us ka lun Saba ki tight phussi main enter honay laga Sam ka Lun slip ho k ander chala gayalakin half Lun ja k ruk gaya sam k mouth main Saba ka leftboob tha aur wo usay mazay se suck kar raha tha. Sam ne boob mouth se nikal k Saba se kaha k Aunty aur ander nahi jaa raha kia main rok loon ya push karoon? Saba mazay main madhosh thi us ne kaha Sam thora bahar nikal k jhatke se andar push karo lakin zor ka jhatka nahi lagana bas isay poora mere ander daal do aur kar lo mujh se shadi aur apna bana lo mujhe.

Sam ne apne hips move kiye aur thora sa Lun bahar nikal kpush kia lakin aram se.

charming question

sam ka lun Saba ki pussy ki seal pe ja atka to Sam ne thora zor de k push kia jis se Saba ki seal toot gae aur Sam ka Lun slip hota hua tight phuddi main chala gaya usi waqt Sabaki cheekh nikal gae lakin us kicheekh ziyada nahi thi.

Aunty kia hua aap theek to hain na kia main bahar nikal loon ager aap ko pain ho rahahay to? Nahi Sam rehne do ander hi mujhe pain nahi ho raha bas achanak jhatka laga main to khush hoon pata hay tum aur main husband and wife ban gaye hain humari shadi ho gaekiun k yahi sab hota hay shadi k baad. Sam mujhe bahut maza do main bahut tarpi hoon is lamhek liye please Sam ab slow slowmove karo in out in out pehle thora thora slow slow in out karo phir apni speed tez karte jana mujhe aaj khoob maza do Sam meri jaan.

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Aunty jaisay aap kahain aur aunty mujhe bhi bahut acha feel ho raha hay aap bahut slippery hain abhut garam hain mujhe bahut maza aa raha hay aur main aap ko bhi bahut maza doon ga jitna aap kahain gi. Sam start moving his penis very slowly her start fucking his sexy Aunty and Saba was loving this she was feeling much much better than before she was enjoying that movement she was moaning with each strok from Sam she was feeling his penis full hard and tight in her pussy.

Sam do it yes yes mujhe bahutmaza aa raha hay slow slow move karo haan aah Sam aram se in out karo yes yes do it Sam kaafi sara bahar nikal k phir ander daal do haan yes yes do it like this aah Sam there you go aah I am cumming my dear main gae aah Sam tez karo aur tez karo haan haan jhatke lagao Sam main gae aaahhhhhh and Saba cummed on Sam's hard dick she was out of this world this was her biggest and hottest dream come true she was cumming like mad bitch.

Sam did not stop fucking her because he too was enjoying her aunty's sexy hot and wet pussy Sam was sucking her tits both one by one he was so hard he was loving that thing. Sam aah sam plz do it slow aah maza aa gaya Sam bahut maza aaya mujhe tumhain maza aa raha hay na batao aunty tumhain bhi aunty ki tarha maza aa raha hay aah yes yes Sam u r so hot I love you do it slow slow but do it don't stop I am getting horny again aah Sam yes Sam in out in out please lil fast now do it fast my boy I am loving this yes yes fuck me do me use meaah Sam u have got a great penis and my pussy is loving it oh my oh yes yes Aunty aah aunty mujhe bahut maza aa raha hay aunty aah aunty mere us main se kuch nikalne wala hay aunty main kia karoon aah batain jaldi aah aunty kia main nikal do Sam start cumming in her aunty pussy he push his penis full inside and start giving her aunty pussy his hot cum.

Aah Sam you did it I am cumming too aah sam u make me women u make me happy I can feel your hot cum in my pussy. Meri pussy bhar raha hay tumhara Lun mujhe bahut maza aa raha hay aah Sam main bhi hui farigh aaaahahhhhhhhaaaahhhh Samyes yes I love it stop now please just suck my boobs and don't move let it be there deep in my pussy don't take itout don't move baby yes yes bahut maza aaya mujhe bahut acha feel kar rahi hoon main aah Sam u r wonderful ur Lun is wonderful u r so so sexy man I really love you I am yours from now I am only yours u r my dear husband I am ur sexy wife Sam you doneit you done it my boy yes yes my pussy feels ur hot cum my pussy is full of ur cum yes yes yes yes yes u r the man I was searching.

Aunty aap bhi bahut achi hain mujhe bahut maza aaya sach aunty main nahi janta tha k life main ye sab bhi hota hay aur is se itna maza aata hay aah aunty aap bahut achi hainme too love you and you are my super aunty u r so sweet u r so much to me aunty. After some time Saba asked Sam to take his penis slowly out from her pussy. Sam aram se apna Lun Saba kiphuddi se nikalne laga jo us waqt soft ho gaya tha aur slipho k aram se bahar aa gaya. Sam ka lun bahar nikalte hi Saba ki phuddi se Sam aur Saba ki mix cum bahar nikal k Saba k hips se beh k neeche girne lagi.

Sam was watching at Saba's dripping pussy which was taking their cum outwith some blood drops and her pussy was red because ofhard fuck and was looking so cute that time. Saba aram se uth k baith gae aur us ki phuddi se mazeed cum bhi bahar nikalne lagi Saba apna hand phuddi pe le gae aur phuddi k lips main touch kia phir hand apne samne ker k dono ki cum ko apni fingers pe dekhne lagi uspe kuch blood bhi laga hua tha.

Sam tumhari cum bahut garhi hay aur jab mere ander gir rahi thi mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha aur ye blood mere aurat ban jane ka sabot hay aur tum bhi aik strong mard ho warna meri pussy se bloodnahi nikalta I love you Sam. Aunty aap ki pussy se blood nikala kia aap ko pain nahi hua aur blood dekh k main dargaya tha par aap to khush ho rahi hain.

Sam bata to rahi hoon jab aik larki aurat banti hay ya shadi karti hay to aisa hota hay matlab jab aik hard penis kisi larki ki pussy main enter hota hay to ander seal hoti hay jisay penis break kar k anderchala jata hay aur wo larki larki se aurat ban jati hay aurye sirf pehli baar hota hay har baar nahi. Phir dono washroom gaye aik dusere ko clean kia aur room main aa k kapre pehne aur batain karte karte so gaye.

Next day Saba wake up early then she take bath and get ready to go to her aunt house.

congratulate, your idea

Saba ne Sam ko uthaya phir breakfast ker k Sab k bhai k sath aunty k ghar gaye. Sham ko Sam his sisters and Saba ghar wapis aa gaye bakisab wahin rukay. Saba was feeling hot but there were Sam's sisters and she was very upset but still she was trying to search the way to have fun with Sam.

Ghar k kaam khatam kar k Saba sab k liye khana bana rahi thi wo kitchen main akeli baithi thi kiun k us ne Sam ki sisters se kaha k wo study karain aur wo akeli kaam kar le gi kuch din baad un k paperthe. Sam bahar gaya hua tha aur jab wapis aaya to kitchen mainSaba k sath baith k batain karne laga.

Sam tumhari sisters na hoteento hum raat ki tarha phir mazakarte mera bahut dil kar raha hay lakin kia karoon majboori hay kash ye na hoteen to hummazay se pyar karte raat se bhi ziyada. Aunty dil to mera bhi kar raha hay aur ye mera Lun kab se hard hay aap k liye lakin ab kia kiya jaye.

Array Aunty aik idea hay agerkahain to? Tell me Sam kia idea hay jaldi batao. Aunty khana kitni dair main ready ho jaye ga? Yahin koi 20 minute main kiun? Aunty aap aag slow ker dain aur hum chupke se ooper chalet hain wahan andhera bhihay koi dekhe gab hi nahi aur hum pyar bhi kar lain ge kiun kaisa laga idea?

Wow sam you are so clever bilkul theek chalo abhi chalet hain tum jao main aa rahi hoonunahin dekh loon pehle. Saba uthi aur room main jaa k Sam ki sisters se kaha k wo study karain aur wo ooper kapre uthane ja rahi hay abhi aa jaye gi aur kaha k ager Sam aa jaye to usay bhi bithana wo bhi study kare ga.

Saba jaldi se ooper gae jahanSam us ka wait kar raha tha. Wahan laitne k liye koi jaga nahi thi lakin Saba k dimagh main sex sawar tha us ne jaldi se apni shalwar neeche ki jo us k ghutne taka a gae aur side wali deewar pe apne hand rakh k jhuk gae. Aunty aisay karma hay kia? Raat ki tarha neeche lait k kiun nahi?

Sam kahan hay jaga kaisay lait jain aisay theek hay tum shalwar neeche karo aur apnaLun bahar nikal k mere peecheaa jao. Sam ne bina time waste kiye apni shalwar neeche ki aur apna Lun Saba k hips pe touchkia. Aunty aap ki ass to thandihay lakin bahut soft hay mujhe acha lag raha hay. Aah Sam jaldi se apne Lun ko hard karo aur daal do mere ander dekho main kitni geeli ho rahi hoon bilkul tayar hoon.

Sam ne apna hand aunty ki legs main daal k pussy ko touch kia wow she was so wetslippry and ready for his penis. Sam ne apne Lun ko pakar k Saba ki phuddi k lips main rakha aur slow slow move karne laga usay maza aa rahatha aur us ka Lun jaldi se hard honay laga. Sam do it I am loving this rub it in my pussy lips please rub it hard rub it more yes yes I can feel u become much hard do it slip it in my pussy lips aah yes yes now do it push it in my wet hot pussy I cant waitany more my love.

Okay aunty and Sam move back a lil and set his penis on her Aunty entrance and start moving it in her wet pussy. Saba ki phuddi bahut geeli aurhot thi Sam ka Luna ram se slip ho k ander jaa raha tha aur kuch hi seconds main Sam ka poora Lun us ki aunty ki phuddi main tha.

Phir Sam ne in out karma shuru kia pehle slow slow phirus ne speed barha di ab donobahut maza kar rahe the Saba ki phuddi ne Sam k Lun ko tight pakra hua tha dono aah ooh ki awazain nikal rahe the both were enjoying their fucking.

Sam aah sam yes yes do it more hard more fast give me long strokes yes yes take it out full then push it in my pussy do it do me use me as ulike please do it fast more more I need more I want more hard fucking Sam please do it faster more harder and faster.

Aah Sam bahut maza aa raha hay phaar do meri phuddi ko apne Lun se please chodo mujhe aur chodo apni aunty ko Sam fuck me please fuck me hard. Sam start fucking his aunty sohard wo apna poora lun baharnikalta phir jhatke se Saba ki phuddi main daal deta wo aisay tez tez kar raha tha poora lun bahar phir jhatke se poora lun ander wow both were enjoying so much.

Oui maa main mar gae meri gand aah Sam ye kia kiya tum ne meri Gand main daal dia aah main mar gae amiii aaah Whats this Sam dar gaya oopps jaldi main Sam ka Lun slip ho k Saba k hips main laga aur geela honay ki waja se slip ho k Saba k ass hole pe gaya aur hard push ki waja se oh my God Sam puts his penis in his Aunty ass shitshit but she was too much tight than her pussy.

Sam ghabra gaya aur apna half se ziyada Lun Saba ki gand main daal k wahin ruk gaya. Saba was crying she was weeping she was in pain uski Gand main jalan ho rahi thi dard ho raha thaw o abhi tak chila rahi thi lakin wo waisay hi khari rahi us ne Lunbahar nikalne ki koshish nahi ki bas dard se ro rahi thi chilarahi thi aur Sam dar se wahin apna Lun Saba ki gand main daal k still khara tha. Dar ki waja se Sam ka Lun soft honay laga jis se Saba ki gand ko kuch sakoon milne laga.

Apologise, sex stories in urdu talk this

Sam move it slowly please very slow just move it back and forth but slowly I am in pain. Saba was really a sexy bitch she feel Sam getting soft so she forget her pain and ask him to continue but very slowly kiun k wo nahi chahti thi k Sam ka Lun soft ho abhi uski garmi jo nahi nikali thi. Sam slow slow move karne laga us ka Lun Saba ki gand ne bahut tight pakar rakha tha.

Sam ko Saba ki tight gand main Lun move karne main bahut mushkil ho rahi thi lakin usay maza bhi bahut aa raha tha.

Think, that sex stories in urdu opposite. Yes, with

Sam ka Lun dobara hard ho gaya aur Saba ki gand main slow slow move karne laga Saba ki gand shit se bhari hui thi jo bahut garam thi jis ki waja se Sam ka Lun bahut hot feel kar raha thaw o bahut mazay main tha. Sam bilkul slow move kar rahatha aur her move pe Saba k mouth se dard wali aah nikalti lakin saba ne feel kia k Sam enjoy kar raha hay is liye wo ab dard ko bardasht kar k gand main chudwa rahi thi.

Sam mere hips ko pakar lo dono hands se aur meri hips ko open ker k apne Lun pet hook daal k slow slow move karo in out lakin plz aram se bahut slow. Sam ne apne dono hand Saba k naram hips pe rakhe unhain side pe kia aur mouth open ker k thook daala aur slow slow move karne laga wow he was enjoying his penis was slipping in her ass but still Saba was so tight from her ass.

Aunty mujhe bahut maza aa raha hay main ab tez tez karma chahta hoon please let me do it fast I love ur tight ass my penis loves ur tight and hot ass your ass hole is much hotter than ur pussy from inside. Sam please do as you like but please don't give me much pain try to slow slow increase ur speed. Okay aunty and Sam start moving his penis first very slowly he take his dick out till his dick head and then start pushing it in his aunty ass slowly.

Kuch dair baad sam ki speed tez hoti gae pehle to saba ko bahut pain ho raha tha aur Saba ne bahut mushkil se apna mouth shut kia hua tha lakin kuch dair baad pain kuchkam ho gaya aur us ne Sam ko us ki marzi se apni gand chodne di Saba dard se aah ooh to kar rahi thi lakin us ne Sam ko kuch nahi kaha na slow karne ka na rukne ka wobardasht kiye hui thi aur Sam apni Aunty ki tight gand ko mazay se aur kaafi tez chod raha tha.

Sam ne Saba k hips ko tight pakar rakha tha aur apni her move k sath wo saba ko hips se peeche karta jab Lun ander dalta aur saba k soft hips ko aagay karta jab Lun bahar nikalta. Wahan andhera tha is liye kuch saaf dikhai nahi de raha tha lakin Sam bina dekhe kafi maza kar raha tha. Kuch dair baad Sam full speed se Saba ki gand maar raha tha ab wo apna poora lun bahar nikal laita phir jhatke se Saba ki gand main ghusa deta ab Saba bhi us ka sath de rahi thi wo apne hips us k jhtkoon k sath move kar rahi thi aur usay ab kuch maza bhiaanay laga tha.

Sam aah Sam chodo apni auntyko maar do uski gand bahut zalim ho pehle dard dete ho aur phir maza dete ho ab mujhe bhi acha lag raha hay chodo mujhe maro apni aunty ki gand aah Sam yes yes do itmore more push some but take all out aah yes yes hmmm feels good Sam I love you. Sam josh main aa gaya wo apna poora to nahi lakin kaafi lun saba ki gand main dalta phir poora bahar nikal laita.

Kuch dair baad Sam ne apna Lun bahar nikal lia aur fauran saba ki wet phuddi main daal dia aur apni aunty ko phuddi main chodne laga Sam take it out from my pussyand put it in my ass I want it inmy ass please aah aah Sam please.

Sam ne dobara apna lun phuddi se nikal k Saba ki gandmain daal dia aur chodne laga. Sam was fukcing his aunty in her ass so fast and hard he was about to cum that's why I was so hot and full hard. Saba ko maza aa raha thaw o dard bhula chuki thi Saba ne aik hand phuddi pe le ja k apni fingers phuddi main daal deen aur in out karne lagi udher Sam uski Gand ko mazay se chod raha tha kuch hi seconds baad Sam k Lun nesaba ki gand main pani chor dia aur Saba apni gand main sam ki cum nikalte feel karne lagi usay bahut maza aa raha tha us ne fingering tez ki aur wahin release ho gae dono tez sans le rahe the sam ne abhi tak saba k soft hips ko zor se pakara hua tha aur us ka lun saba ki gand main tha.

Kuch dair baad Sam ne aram se apna Lun Saba ki gand se bahar nikal lia aur baith k Saba k hips ko kiss karne laga. Kuch dair baad Saba k jism main jaan aa gae aur wo aramse uthi apni shalwar ooper ki Sam ne bhi apni shalwar pehni aur wo dono galay lag k aik dusere ko kiss karne lagay.

Sam please next time mujhe phuddi main chodna mujhe wahan bahut maza aata hay.

Tumhara jab bhi dil kare meri gand main bhi chod laina main tumhain nahi roka karoon gi lakin pehle tum mujhe phuddi main choda karo aur meri phuddi main hi farigh hua karous k baad be shak tum mujhe meri gand main chod lia karo main mana nahi karoon gi. Aunty trust me main ne jaan k apna Lun aap ki gand main nahi dala wo to achanak slip ho k aap ki gand main chala gaya lakin phir mujhe aap ki gand main maza aanay laga aap ki gand bahut tight hay aap k hips bahut soft hain aurander se bahut hi garam thi aur mujhe maza aanay laga is liye main ne wahin chodna shuru ker dial akin aainda main pehle aap ko phuddi mainchodoon ga phir mauka ho ga to gand main bhi karoon ga.

Sam main janti hoon k wo achanak hua pehle dard hua lakin baad main mujhe bhi maza aaya par meri phuddi ki pyas nahi bujhi jo tumhare lunk garam pani se bujhati hay. Tum ne beeche main dobara meri phuddi main daala tha lakin tumhain itne mazay se meri gand marte dekh k mujh se raha nahi gaya is liye main ne kaha k dobara meri gand main daal do kiun k main tumhain bhi utna maza dena chahti hoon jitna tum mujhe dete ho ab raat ko mauka milato meri phuddi main chodna aur apna garam pani usay pilak us ki pyas bujha dena please.

Aunty raat kis ne dekhi hay ye keh k Sam ne Saba ko apne se alag kia usay ghuma k uski shalwar neeche ker di aur apna Lun nikal k Saba ki phuddi k lips main ragarne laga jo abhi tak geeli thi aur kuch hi dair main Sam hard ho gaya aura ram se apna Lun Saba ki phuddi main daal k usay chodne laga. Oh Sam main ne aah ye to aahSam aah yes yes do it more faster more more harder please abhi karne ka aah aah to nahi aaaaah kaha tha hmmmmaza aa raha hay Sam I love you chodo mujhe aah aah Samchodo mujhe aur zor se apna lun meri phuddi main dalo aur tez haan chodo apni aunty ko aah Sam.

Aunty main aap ko jab bhi kahin ge chodoon ga aisay hi mazay se chodoon ga mujhe aap ko chod k bahut maza aata hay aah Aunty aap ki phuddi aap k boobs aap ki gand sab bahut ache hain main inhain khoob pyar karoon ga bahut maza doon ga aah aunty u r so hot from inside from ur both holes I love you aunty.

Sam mujhe bhi aah bahut mazaaata hay tum se chudwane main tumhara lun apne ander le k mujhe sakoon milta hay mere jazbat barhne lagte hainmere jism main garami barhne lagti hay mujhe bas aisay hi choda karo zor se jhatke mara karo aur tez chodo aah Sam bahut maza aa raha hay Sam main thak gae hoon kuch leti aati to neeche bicha k lait k maza karte aah Sam yes yes fuck me fuck your aunty so hard more hard more fast move ur penis in ur aunty pussy fast jaan I love you I love your penis I love your hot and hard Lun.

Sam and Saba both were shocked when a blanket with avoice come to them.

Sex stories in urdu

Take the blanket aunty oh shit it was Sam's elder sister Komal's voice she throw the blanket on them and ran downstairs. Sam stopped fucking his auntyand they both was amazed butboth did not care about what happened and sam slowly takehis penis out from his aunty pussy. Saba ne blanket utha k neeche bicha di aur us pe lait k apni legs open kar leen.

Samcome to me put your penis in my pussy and fuck me so hardnow please do it I cant wait. Sam ne apna lun apni aunty ki phuddi main daal k dobara chudai shuru kar di he was fucking her like mad so hard so fast.

Saba ko bahut maza aa raha thaw o release honay wali thi kiun k Sam sach main bahut tez aur zor k jhatke laga k apni aunty ko chod raha tha aah Sam fuck me do it more harder yes yes I am there I am cumming Sam do it cum withme cum inside me please aaahhhhh. Saba release ho gae us k fauran baad Sam bhi Saba ki phuddi main release honay laga Sam ki cum jhatke se Saba ki phuddi main gir rahi thi Saba ko Sam ki cum phuddi main nikalte asani se feel ho rahi thi dono waisay hi laitay rahe phir kuch dair baad Sam ne aram se apna Lun Saba ki phuddi se bahar nikala.

Sam aor saba apne kapre theek ker k neecheaa gaye.

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Sam washroom chala gaya aurSaba kitchen main khana dekhne lagi. Sam entered in kitchen where Saba was cooking.

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