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But their page written response to the massage board tells her version of the incident. Woodward said the client told her in an early cuddle session that the woman was "starved" for maternal, nurturing touch.

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She said the woman suggested they cuddle without clothing. Woodward responded by telling the woman she would consider the request but it would not be part of her cuddling services and would have to be non-sexual.

In a later cuddle session, Woodward said the woman initiated contact with Woodward's breast and the conduct was consensual. Afterward, she said the woman smiled, said she was feeling "so good" and thanked Woodward. She scheduled another cuddle session for the next week.

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The woman contacted Tempe police, who told her they could find nothing illegal had occurred. Guinazzo, the co-founder of Cuddlist, said a "fair amount" of massage therapists also work as cuddlists. In Arizona, the state massage board oversees about 11, therapists and has the authority to discipline those who break state laws or board rules.

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Woodward, who has been a licensed massage therapist sincehas had no discipline before the board. In July, the woman's cuddling complaint against her came before the massage board for review.

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Emotional support: Alligator offers comfort - paired with razor-sharp teeth. Woodward's attorney asked the board to dismiss the cuddle complaint for lack of jurisdiction because the woman was a cuddle therapy client, not a massage therapy client.

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Board member John Ortega agreed. He likened the cuddle complaint to a licensed massage therapist who also teaches karate.

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If a student busted his lip in karate and complained to the massage board, the board would have no authority to act on the massage license, he said. But other board members had concerns that advertising massage therapy and cuddle services on the same spa website could lead to confusion and cause clients to misconstrue the services offered.

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The board voted to send Woodward a nondisciplinary letter, ordering her to separate her massage therapy business from her cuddling business and maintain separate websites.

The letter becomes part of her state licensing file and, while nondisciplinary, could be factored into future board discussions if she were to receive another complaint.

Other states, like Arizona, don't regulate cuddle therapy, said Guinazzo, the co-founder of Cuddlist.

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The cuddle industry "is really where massage therapy was 30 years ago," in terms of regulation, she said. Now You Know.

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RELATED: Vacation Sex Could Help You Ramp Up Your Sex Life This Summer. Practicing tantric sex means throwing expectations of sex out the window.

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