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But I was still aroused. Also afraid that fucking gorilla may come back for another punt. I have mine scheduled for next Friday. My Dr. said I could have sex as soon as my wife said so! The post-op nurse said no intercourse for weeks.

My wife was trying to negotiate to get the nurse to say three weeks LOL. I had my vasectomy on Friday evening. Today is Monday evening. My wife and I got a little interested in each other, and, well at least I waited 48 hours for my first ejaculation.

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I have no pain. Not sure why all the doctors say wait one week.

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I think they want to prevent injury to the actual incision. We just kept the rubbing and yanking to a minimum, and the incision did not re-open or anything. So I say as soon as you feel good, go for it gently. I just had my vasectomy done on Tuesday, and on Friday after work, my wife and I figured we could give it a try. The doctor told us to wait 7 days, but like a lot of other people who have looked online for a timeframe to resume intercourse afterward, there were ranges from 2 days to 4 weeks.

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No pain, discomfort, bleeding. I felt back to normal for the most part. I will say though that during and after this first time after the procedure, it felt like I had been kicked in the balls. The reason the doctor tells you to wait for a few days afterward before having udublintutorialcentre.comotected sex is for a variety of reasons.

The incision site can become infected.

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The motions of intercourse can be uncomfortable with your testicles bouncing around. You still are nowhere even CLOSE to being sterile 3 to 6 months afterward, you can still have live sperm leaving in your ejaculate. The sperm that are ejaculated when you have sex is actually close to being 75 days old at that point. It takes approximately that long from the time they are created in the testicles until they make it to the storage point located in the prostate gland. THIS is the reason the doctors make you wait for 3 months before testing your semen to see if there are any sperm alive OR dead left in your ejaculate.

A vasectomy can be thought of like building a dam in a mile long river. At mile 1, the dam is built, and the water backs up behind the dam, but all of the water downstream from the dam continues to flow until it runs out, and the riverbed becomes dry. Sperm do NOT leave the testicles immediately, travel up the vas deferens to the prostate, and get ejaculated all at one moment the moment you have an ejaculation.

It is an ongoing process, and the only sperm that leave your body are the ones that have been stored in your prostate. There are still plenty of them working their way up to your vas deferens to the prostate, awaiting the NEXT ejaculation. I do not want any more children, and a surprise is the last thing we need now.

Good luck, everyone! I made LOVE less than a week after my job in my balls, what are the chances that she can become pregnant? And if she is pregnant, is there any substance that we would be missing to make a healthy baby if she is indeed pregnant?

  Will a vasectomy affect my sex drive or ejaculation? "There is no change in sex life after vasectomy. In fact, sexual frequency has reportedly increased after vasectomy," according to Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy of the University of Miami Department of Urology. Vasectomy works by preventing sperm from mixing with semen, but because it doesn't affect hormone production there should be no change in sex drive after a dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 6 mins   Well the good news is that a vasectomy will not affect your sex life. It does not decrease your sex drive because it does not affect the production of the male hormone testosterone. It also does not affect your ability to get an erection or ejaculate   Your doctor may recommend that you wait a week or so before you actually have sex so you don't injure or damage yourself. Just to be safe, talk to your doctor before you start having sex again after your vasectomy so you don't jeopardize the healing 8,3K

Gino, you better call asap! Your girl is most likely pregnant, and the child will not have any arms or legs. Only the armless and legless sperm make it through after a vasectomy.

So, all of that was still there when you had sex. Second, the reason she could still get pregnant is the possibility that you still have sperm further downstream from the last time you ejaculated before you had the vasectomy.

After the last time you ejaculated before you had your vasectomy, there was some sperm still left over in your vas deferens, prostate, and urethra. The supply of sperm has been cut off because of the vasectomy, but any that were leftover past the vasectomy can still go through with the next ejaculation.

Long story short, if your wife gets pregnant, it is from sperm that left your testicles before your vasectomy. I hope that answers your question.

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It takes anywhere up to 20 ejaculations to clear the top of the tubes, which is left to clear off any sperm if there is any that is why they say wait before intercourse. I just had mine done on December 26th and was the scalpel free technique.

  Having sex after a vasectomy you may notice the following changes: Uncomfortable or painful ejaculation Blood in the semen Khosla says the first few ejaculations after

I was nervous during the procedure because the doctor had to inject more novocaine because I kept feeling it. I did resume sex 4 days ago and, except for a slight tenderness on the right testicle, had no problems. Recently had a vasectomy 3 days ago. had given instructions no intercourse for one week.

During my sleep, I had premature ejaculation, obviously very concerned based on the new surgery and not the full week as intended - what signs should I be looking for? Could I have damaged anything with the early encounter?

I had my operation 3 weeks ago yesterday. The doctor told me I could resume sex 2 weeks afterward. I waited for the 2 weeks, and when I went to ejaculate, I had serious pain in my left testicle.

I have tried 3 other times this week, and each time I get the same pain. My doctor wants me to come in to talk about it. I feel like he just wants me to charge me an office visit. There is no swelling or anything. Has anyone else had this issue?

Do I just need more time? Drew, What was your issue? I had my surgery on a Thursday morning. Like many, I was already thinking about having intercourse the very next day. After researching this topic online, I have seen some suggestions to wait for 4 weeks!

Are you kidding me? Lol But on the other hand, I have seen two days! I had mine on Wednesday afternoon and wanted to have sex 10 minutes after it.

I was able to resume sexual intercourse right after my vasectomy and penis reduction surgery.

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I had to be careful and not move around a lot, but it was possible. My husband had a vasectomy on Monday, and we had a sexual experience on Tuesday.

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Sex after vasectomy

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Sex after a vasectomy

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  Vasectomies do not affect sexual functioning or reduce sex drive. After a vasectomy, it will still be possible to get an erection and ejaculate as dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 5 mins   A vasectomy shouldn't have any impact on your sexual performance, sex drive, ejaculation, or erectile function. You'll be able to have protected sex after Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins   Will sex hurt after a vasectomy? Once the surgery site has completely healed, you shouldn't experience any pain during intercourse. However, the first couple of ejaculations after your vasectomy might feel uncomfortable. Post-vasectomy discomfort during an orgasm doesn't necessarily mean something's wrong-it just means you're still sore

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A vasectomy is a common and popular choice for anyone looking for long-term and permanent contraception. But does having a vasectomy affect your sex life? Can the surgery impact your sex drive?

And how soon after having a vasectomy can you masturbate and have sex again?

A vasectomy is a common surgical procedure and is performed under local anaesthetic. Khosla adds that recovery time is fast, usually between seven and 10 days.

Once the vasectomy wounds heal and the pain and swelling subside, it is safe to masturbate and have sex again, according to Khosla. This can be after a few days, but normally within a week, he adds.

While the procedure is low-risk, Mr Tet Yap, a consultant urologist at The Princess Grace Hospitalpart of HCA Healthcare UKsays it may be possible to get infection and pain, which can affect sexual function.

  After a vasectomy, a person should wait a few days before having sex or masturbating. People who can get an erection and ejaculate before the vasectomy will still be able to do so after the   sex after a vasectomy. By Guest | 21 posts, last post over a year ago. Robert Rister answered this How Long Does It Take to Recover From A Vasectomy? Read more. New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a year ago. In reply to patel on - click to   Most doctors recommend waiting at least a week before resuming protected intercourse. Having sex too soon after your vasectomy can delay your recovery and cause unnecessary pain or even an infection

Khosla says the first few ejaculations after the procedure may feel uncomfortable, but that any discomfort should not last for too long. He says about per cent of people who have a vasectomy will experience post-vasectomy pain syndrome a chronic pain in the testicles that lasts for at least three months.

As the procedure does not affect the production of the hormone testosterone, having a vasectomy should not affect your libido, sex driveor ability to get an erection, according to Yap. This is simply because being in pain can temporarily put people off having sex or masturbating. Again, if you are experiencing issues with getting and maintaining an erection after having a vasectomy, seek advice from your doctor.

This could be due to an underlying condition that existing pre-surgery.

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