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Stephens and Dr. Mark L. Taff wrote an article for an academic journal about one of their patients - a sober and healthy year-old found with a foreign object in his rectum.

The rest is medical history. Kama Sutr-Ow!

From exposed brains, burnt bodies, undetected illnesses, hidden bullets and sex acts gone wrong, here are the most disturbing things found in celebrities autopsy reports. David Carradine The Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill star's second autopsy report suggested that the year-old had died in Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins At least 18 women have died in an alleged sex game gone wrong in the last five years with a tenfold increase in rough sex claims in court between and Sex Sent Me to the ER TV show details when sexual acts end up in hospital. IF you thought Embarrassing Bodies was bad, wait until Sex Sent Me to the ER, with stories of a

A Russian couple in their 50s decided to spice things up at home and borrowed a book of Kama Sutra positions from a friend. Problem was, once in that position, the woman had a muscular spasm, and locked the two of them together.

An Australian court ruled Wednesday that a woman who was hit by a falling piece of glass while having sex on company time won't get any workers' compensation. Presumably a sense of humor is the From exposed brains, burnt bodies, undetected illnesses, hidden bullets and sex acts gone wrong, here are the most disturbing things found in celebrities autopsy reports. Read More Related Articles. London riots, armed robbery, drugs and kidnapping - celebs who spent time behind bars;Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Sex Gone Wrong. January 31, July 30, By R.J. Snell. On the dualism of degrading desire. In the latest issue of The Atlantic we learn that the world of online pornography reveals eternal truths about men and women. These aren't happy truths, and the needlessly prurient article

Struggling for an hour to break free, they finally had to call paramedics for help. They were successfully separated. A Pleasant Buzz According to the racy U. New TV show details couples embarrassing and awkward sexual encounters.

Picture: Supplied. IF you thought the TV show Embarrassing Bodies was bad, wait until you see Sex Sent Me to the ER detailing couples embarrassing sexual antics.

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Sex Sent Me to the ERa second series of four episodes to premiere on the TV network TLCwill reveal the real life horror stories from between the sheets or, as is often the case, elsewhere that end up in a visit to a hospital. WE-VIBE 4: The iPhone-controlled vibrator.

Alarm at the firehouse Firefighter Clayton inset, with partner Heather had a tryst that went awry.

Aka: group sex. More: 6 gadgets that change the game for long-distance relationships. 9. Menophilia. This messy act involves having oral sex with a woman on her period. Aka: earning your red wings

SEX WHEN SOBER: A rarity in Australia. In the first episode viewers meet Gregg, a year-old virgin whose girlfriend, Jen, wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

However Gregg who weighs The pain of sex Andrew, who had to have seven stitches in his chin, plus an Orange-sized scrotum, and Francine in a re-enactment for Sex Sent Me to the ER.

And Jen is dead. Fortunately for Jen she lived to tell the tale managing to pull her head out of the wall.

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But a trip to the ER revealed she has concussion. In another sexual adventure that goes badly awry, New York band mates Andrew, a year-old guitarist, and singer Francine, 29, found themselves jiggy jiggy on a drum set stool before passed out from their effort.

German serial killer Egidius Schiffer murdered five female hitchhikers between and - but he's now become his own final victim. Schiffer was found dead in his prison cell on July 23 after accidentally electrocuting himself while performing an unusual solo sex act 6 movie sex scenes where things went wrong behind the cameras. Oh, the shame Shaved-headed prostitute, 32, fled a hotel room when a sex act with a married businessman, 52, went horribly wrong and KILLED him, police allege. Brisbane businessman Anthony Brady, 52, was found

Andrew awoke, promptly fell off a sofa, splitting his chin open on a coffee table. Sex Sent Me to the ER Francine and Andrew had sexual intercourse on a drum stool that ended with Andrew in hospital with a split chin and a swollen scrotum.

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But that was not the worst of it. In another episode, year-old Heather wanted to give Denver-based firefighter Clayton a sexy surprise for his 30th birthday last March, so she showed up at the fire station where he works with a box of adult toys.

Other stories include an orgasm that went on and on for two hours. The lawyer refused to say what happened and then his mistress ran into the ward and spilt the beans.

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She then gave her cheating spouse a swift kick to the groin that landed him in the ER. Private part the size of a softball Doctor Bob Slay and a nurse try to stop Thomas' wife and mistress fighting as he "enjoys the pain". We are indebted to Metro UK for the following 10 examples, gathered froma round the world and from Sex Sent Me to the ER.

A woman in China was left deaf for two months from kissing. More embarrassing than painful, a couple got stuck together having sex in the sea when the suction caused a vacuum and the guy could not get out, so to speak.

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Hearing watermelon is an aphrodisiac, a man applied the juice to his penis. Wanting to surprise her husband, a woman turned up at his work with a box of sex toys for a naughty birthday treat.

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