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Storyline Edit. Barry: he slacks off at work, savors one-nights stands, and is getting older young people call him "sir". Then, he loses his testicles in an assault and gets a letter saying he's to become a father.

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He can't remember the woman and asks if she'll meet with him: she's Ginger, a solitary waspish woman about his age. He acknowledges paternity and wants to be a part of the pregnancy and parenthood. With reluctance and lots of put-downs, Ginger introduces him to her family, including the favored younger sister, and allows him to come with her to her doctor's.

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With his own father issues, a canny boss, brittle Ginger, and her vampy sister, can Barry hang in there? watching a pornographic video instructional video brassiere pinup watching television more. Rated R for sexual content and language. Did you know Edit.

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Goofs When Barry and Ginger are having sex, Barry points out a smiley face tattoo that Ginger has on her left leg, which Ginger said she got in college. But in a previous scene, before Ginger was to give birth, there is a clear shot of her left leg and no sign of any tattoo. Quotes Ginger Farley : Are you afraid of my family? Connections Featured in Maltin on Movies: The Social Network Soundtracks Charlie Says by Jude.

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User reviews 22 Review. Top review. In this comedy directed by Chris D'Arienzo based on the novel Life is a Strange Place by Frank Turner Hollon, Patrick Wilson plays Barry Munday, a suburban wanna-be ladies man, who makes up in the hospital with both of his testicles gone after being attacked in a movie theater for hitting on the wrong girl.

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To make matters worse, a paternity lawsuit is filed by a woman he can't remember having sex with. Realizing this being his last chance to ever be a father, Barry decides to take on the responsibility on being a good father.

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My initial impression of the concept of this film was that this film could either be a feminist revenge fantasy or a raunchy comedy. Thankfully, this film was neither of those, but turned out to be a surprisingly poignant little comedy, with a honest, introspective look at what being a man entails beyond having the body parts, if you will.

Given it's a comedy, there were many predictable directions this film could have taken at the expense of Patrick Wilson's character, Barry. Surprisingly, the film avoids the obvious and portrays Barry in a sympathetic and real way. Barry starts off as an irresponsible loafer, whose main interest involve bedding women, who soon after loses his most prized asset and what he feels makes him a man.

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He goes through a slump until he finds out that someone may actually be carrying his child from a previous fling he had no recollection of. In a sense, he realizes being a father may be the only thing left that connects him to his manhood.

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Barry meets the mother of the child, Ginger Farley Judy Greerwho isn't particularly a looker, to put it nicely. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Farley, as played by Cybill Shepherd and Malcolm McDowell, seem to agree that Ginger hadn't quite lived up to their expectations, in beauty and otherwise, unlike their model daughter, Jennifer Chloe Sevigny.

  Rege-Jean Page Hilariously Revealed How "Overwhelmed" His Family Were By His Sex Scenes In "Bridgerton" "My family doesn't want to be overwhelmed by my backside, specifically, too often." By Ben Henry. Ben Henry BuzzFeed Staff. Posted on June 17, , at a.m. ET Tweet Share Copy Star of   Family: I caught my year-old daughter looking at porn. "She is at a developmental age when many kids start to be curious about sex," says panelist Denise Continenza   Family Travel She was introduced to the world of online child sex abuse by a neighbour and would perform three acts a day for online predators before she was rescued by the police

There's noticeably a bit of a sibling rivalry between Ginger and Jennifer. As we get to know the characters, we see personal baggage behind both Ginger and Barry which perhaps contributed much in how they viewed themselves and their lifestyle. With Ginger full of bitterness and resentment toward Barry, the relationship between Barry and Ginger is often awkward and comic as Barry is honestly trying to know her better for the first time.

Advertisement Patrick Wilson Watchmen is close to perfect in the role of Barry, where he deftly milks the comic cts of his shallow character as well as his eventual change to a deeper, sympathetic, and more serious side. Judy Greer plays the awkward Ginger Farley with caustic wit and consistency.

Cybill Shepherd and Malcolm McDowell in their supporting roles as Ginger's parents, the Farleys, turn in expectedly seasoned performances.

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Bill Dee Williams do I even have to mention Empire Strikes Back? is his usual charming self as Barry's Delorean-driving boss, who happens to be close to the Farleys. Jean Smart is great as the blunt, yet sharp-minded, Carol Munday, Barry's mother. This independent film marks Chris D' Arienzo's directorial debut and it is a strong one.

@GF_Selfshot @selfshotgallery Barry Munday: Directed by Chris D'Arienzo. With Patrick Wilson, Judy Greer, Chloe Sevigny, Jean Smart. Barry Munday wakes up after being attacked to realize that he's missing his family jewels. To make matters worse, he learns he's facing a paternity lawsuit filed by a woman he can't remember having sex

The comedy feels natural because it's fairly close to life for the most part. The emotions of the characters feel genuine. It is unexpectedly touching.

Patrick Wilson does great work in his role as the titular character. It's not what I would call a laugh-a-minute comedy, but a deeper, thoughtful film that happens to have much comedy-usually the type of films I gravitate toward.

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This film left me with some thoughts long afterwards, which says a lot about a comedy, let alone any film. Details Edit.

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Release date March 13, United States. United States. Family Jewels. Los Angeles, California, USA. Stick 'N' Stone Productions Corner Store Entertainment Far Hills Pictures. Technical specs Edit. You need to sit down with her and explain that pornography is something that isn't for children, Wallace says. She may be looking for answers to questions she has but will be directed in an inappropriate way, Daniels says.

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She also recommends you keep the computer in a public place so you can see what sites she is going on. This is one of the hardest parts of raising adolescents. Don't judge or condemn her. If you feel you can't talk to her about these issues, find someone else who can talk to her," Wallace says. You do know what to do, Daniels says. Pornography has been around for a long time, although it was not as accessible in the past as it is now," he says.

She has obviously internalized your family's values and from a religious standpoint she's right. Pam Wallaceprogram coordinator for Project Child, a program of Valley Youth House.

Denise Continenzafamily living specialist for Penn State's Lehigh County Cooperative Extension, South Whitehall Township.

Help for Families is a collaboration between The Morning Call and parenting professionals brought together by Valley Youth House's Project Child. Skip to content.

@FamilyScrew opposite-sex and same-sex partners) among persons aged (Tables 5 and 6, and Figure 1). + Types of sexual behavior (including opposite-sex and same-sex partners) among persons aged (Tables 7 and 8, and Figure 2). + Numbers of sexual partners (opposite-sex and same-sex) in the past year among persons aged (Table 9).Cited by: , , ,

What should you do if you catch a year-old looking at porn on the Internet? Talk to her to find out what she may be curious about, says panelist Rhoda Stoudt. But many say protecting others should be the most important thing.

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She is showing she knows it's not the best thing to do, agrees Wallace. Keep the communication open with her, Daniels says.

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