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Turk however, ends up doing most of the work because Elliot can't get her act together. The situation gets worse as three of her patients request another doctor because Elliot hasn't been attending to them properly. Back home at the apartment, she sits in the dark, crying.

When J. arrives she tells him that she needs him and they have sex again, although J. is aware that she is getting more emotional. Later at the hospital, Dr. Cox tells Elliot that it was Turk who took over the care of her patients.

Turk apologizes to her and Dr. Cox tells her that she better get her life together so that it doesn't affect her work too much. confronts Turk about stealing Elliot's patients, which is when he realizes that he cares more for Elliot than he does Turk. In the apartment that night, Elliot comes home to find a candle-lit dinner prepared by J. waiting for her. Extremely touched be the gesture, she still can't ignore the fact that the longer they sleep together the more confused her life will become, so she tells J.

that they can only be friends, no more sex buddies. While he agrees with her, he can't help but feel a little sad that their relationship won't go beyond an extremely close friendship. And it's implied at the end, a spark of true love is still there. Janitor gets mad that J. won't tell him about a patient because of doctor-patient confidentiality.

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The Janitor changes J. Scrubs Wiki Explore. Main Page Discuss All Pages Community. Turk Elliot Carla Dr. Cox Dr. Kelso Janitor. More Characters. Keith Jordan Doug Laverne Ted The Todd Denise. Season One Season Two Season Three Season Four Season Five Season Six Season Seven Season Eight Season Nine. List of fantasies List of music List of Janitor's pranks List of J. walks over to the Nurses' Station Carla: [nodding at the new parents' room] Are they still going at it?

Kelso calmed 'em down. I think we're okay. Carla: We're not okay. He turns back around to be almost nose-to-nose with Dr. Hall Elliot is walking through, pulling at an annoying bra strap through her scrubs top. Turk stops her. Turk: Elliot! You said you were gonna get that CAT-scan of Mrs. Credin's abdomen. Elliot: I have been crazy-busy.

I was stuck on the phone all morning with bill collectors who, by the way, are obsessed with money! I spent an hour in my truck looking for clean bras because all I've got left is this date-night push-up one - and, to be honest, I don't like working with these things under my chin all day. Turk: Don't worry about it, I'll take care of it for you. Elliot: Thanks. Turk: Mm-hmm. Elliot: Bathroom!

She races off. Cut back to Nurses' Station Dr. Kelso is holding his badge under J. Kelso: Does this name tag say "Chief of Medicine"? Kelso: Funny. Because that couple back there thought it said, "Hi, I'm Bob, ask me about your baby's johnson! He starts off down the hallway. Carla comes out of the station, grabbing J. by the hand and pulling him along down the hall after Dr.

Carla: So, what?

  My Sex Buddy. Aired January 2, After sleeping together, J.D. and Elliot decide they're better off being sex buddies than being in a relationship. Meanwhile, Elliot continues to struggles with her workload, and Carla tries to please a patient whose son is getting married soon   Listen to every song from S2E11 - Scrubs (My Sex Buddy), with scene descriptions. List of songs from S2E11 - Scrubs (My Sex Buddy) WhatSong Home Movies Shows Discover VIP. WhatSong. Sign In Sign Up. Scrubs S2E11 Soundtrack 02 January VIEWS. K. SONGS. Scrubs The following is a transcript of the Scrubs episode "My Sex Buddy". Turk and J.D.'s Apartment - J.D.'s Bedroom - Morning J.D. and Elliot are tangled on the floor. J.D.'s Narration: Since she lost her apartment, I decided to let Elliot crash on my floor. J.D.: How did this happen? Elliot: J.D., I'm homeless; I have no money, and everything I own is outside in a truck - my life's a mess. Plus

If a patient has questions in 'your hospital,' you just ignore them? Kelso: Look: Stay away from definite answers. Leave yourself some wiggle room. Say things like, We'll do what we can, or We'll get back to you on that, or Hell, I don't know. ICU Dr. Cox comes up to Turk Dr. Cox: Hey, Chum! Whatta ya say? Listen, I just wanted to tell ya not to worry about getting that silly CAT-scan on Mrs.

Credin; because it turns out I'm just gonna rip her stitches open, jam my head in there, and have a look around for myself. Turk: Okay, Dr. Cox: Dammit! When I tell you to do something, you sure as hell better get it done! He continues chewing out Turk, but is drowned out by Especially when it's someone else's fault.

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Nurses' Station? Todd and Turk are leaning against the counter. Todd: T-Dog, that was big of you to cover for Elliot. You know, I had a good mind to spank her yesterday. Turk: What, she screw up with one of your patients, too? Todd: No. Turk: Still, Elliot seems so frazzled, she keeps making one mistake after another. I mean, I wish I could help her out. I have no idea how that woman handles the stress.

still looks completely drained.

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Elliot: Woo! See ya, bud! The Hospital - Nurses' Station Carla is talking to J. Carla: You know, Mr. Woodbury's son is getting married this weekend; he keeps asking me if he's gonna be able to go.

Let's see. Tell him we'll do the best we can. Carla: Oh, come on! Can't we just tell him that he can go? There's no wiggle! She gives him pleading eyes. Let me just tell him with you so I can enjoy it, too.

Flash to Woodbury's Room J. happens to be passing the door to see Carla standing at the man's bedside for this exchange. Woodbury: Thank you so much! He pulls her into an appreciative hug. Carla: Oh! Oh, you're so very welcome! It's my pleasure. Woodbury: This is great. Hall J. and Turk are walking through.

Elliot is up ahead, approaching from the other direction. The sex buddies nod at each other as they pass. Turk: Dude, you're totally hitting that.

  "My Sex Buddy" (season 2, episode 11; originally aired 01/02/) and "My New Old Friend" (season 2, episode 12; originally aired 01/09/)   My Sex Buddy - Scrubs [S02E11] My Sex Buddy - Scrubs [S02E11] TV Comedy Drama. J.D and Elliot agree to be 'Sex Buddies' - but J.D. may be falling into his own trap. Elliot becomes more and more frazzled and Turk has to bail her out. TV series | Top clips | Follow/Fav My Sex Buddy Too. By: iluvdimples I'd love to know how the My Diagnosis fanart is coming out! Perry dug through his pocket for his keys, scanning the doors in the narrow, poorly-lit corridor for number He had argued with JD for a while, pulling up his scrub top to reveal a bright pink rash. JD grimaced. "And severe

Turk: It's a gift. Now, you remember what happened the last time you two got together, right? We're just having fun. Turk: What are you guys, just sex buddies or something? The music plays. Turk: Okay. They give a small high five. Turk: I don't wanna get all Dr. Phil on you, but the last time I checked, women have a hard time separating sex from emotions.

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So, you may think you're just tappin' that right now, but pretty soon she's gonna be like, "J. Oh, by the way, dude right there is totally hitting that dude! He's totally hitting him! They look over at two guys exchanging a chart. Turk: I know. Turk takes off. Cox: What's up, Laverne?

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Nurse Roberts: This Friday, my church group's doing a production of 'Rent', if you want to go? Cox: Yeah What's up that doesn't make me want to shoot myself? Elliot arrives.

Elliot: How's Mr. Lawrence doing? Cox: I'm afraid that's no longer any of your business - he's not your patient as of 2 o'clock this afternoon. He asked for a new doctor. Elliot: That's the second patient to switch off of my service today, what is the deal? Cox: Maybe they were both so overwhelmed by the high quality of your care that they just couldn't stand it another second.

Elliot: You know what? I'm not gonna let you make me feel like crap today. Every doctor here - including you - has had patients switch off of them for no reason at all, and it is just some dumb little coinkydink that it happened to me twice on the same day. Now, if, uh, the two of you will excuse me, I have to go check on Mrs. Finnegan's chest x-rays. Nurse Roberts: Uh, no you don't. She switched off, too. Hall Dr. Kelso approaches Carla. Kelso: Sweetheart, Mr. Woodbury is still requiring a lot of O2, I'm afraid we're gonna have to keep him here over the weekend.

Do me a favor: Give him the skinny, will you. Elliot sits alone on the couch in the darkened room.

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What are you doing? Elliot: [teary] Sitting in the dark So, you know, the usual.

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She rushes over to him and collapses in his arms. I really need you right now. Come here. She starts kissing him and tugging at his clothes. Oh, my God, Turk was right. You have to stop kissing her, and put an end to this before she gets hurt! She pulls back to look at him. Elliot: Is there something wrong? They resume kissing. stares at the ceiling while Elliot rests her head on his chest. All right, don't panic!

Maybe she didn't enjoy it Oh, come on, who're you kidding? Elliot: I just don't get it. I mean, why are so many of my patients switching off on me?

Scrubs my sex buddy

She rests her hand on his chest. He is visibly stricken by the temperature. Elliot: You didn't tell anyone that I'm Republican, did you? Elliot: [sighs] God, this can't be happening! I'm a doctor!

Scrubs - Sex Buddy

What the hell use is being a doctor if nobody lets you treat them? What is going on with my life? To take her mind off her panic, Elliot begins kissing and licking J. So you just need to get out of the situation without making her suspicious. The phone rings. sits up and answers. Oh, hi, Mom! I miss you, too! I haven't spoken to you in so long. Elliot quietly collects herself and sneaks out of the room.

  Directed by Will Mackenzie. With Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn. J.D and Elliot agree to be 'Sex Buddies' - but J.D. may be falling into his own trap. Elliot becomes more and more frazzled and Turk has to bail her out.8,2/10

No, Chris isn't here. No, sir, I didn't say "Mom," I said N-no, sir, I don't think all black people are Jamaican. Elliot sticks her head in the door to grab a forgotten item. She leaves again. Chris will be home. Hospital Locker Area J. is attempting to unlock his locker.

He's failing. Janitor: Yeah, there's been some break-ins, I had to change all the locks on these lockers. You should have gotten your new combination in the mail.

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Do you know what it is? Janitor: Yeah. Janitor: Can't. Janitor-locker confidentiality. He leaves. begins tugging on the locker once more. Doctors' Lounge Elliot is on one of the couches, watching TV. Turk enters. Turk: Are you watching 'Sesame Street'? Elliot: You know, when I was a kid, I had my first sex dream about Mr.

Least I think it was a sex dream - he was trying to choke me.

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Turk: Yeah, that-that's sweet. Um, what, are you on a break or something? Elliot: Well, I have nothing else to do, because none of my patients want to see me. Turk: But that's a good thing, right? Because, now, you have time to take care of your life!

Elliot: Why are you being so weird? Cox is revealed to have been sitting in one of the chairs on the other side of the room. Cox: Well, of course, that could be because he's shaving his dome so much lately that the hair is actually starting to grow inward - it's an affliction commonly known as the "infro.

he's the one who's been steering your patients away from you. He sits back in his chair, propping his feet on the table. He whips out a bag of chips. Cox: [gleeful] Discuss. and Carla are at the door of Mr. Woodbury, watching him sing the praises of Carla to the room full of his family. Woodbury the bad news. Woodbury: I love this nurse She's wonderful! Carla: How bad could it be? In the room, the man sees Carla at the door.

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Woodbury: Oh, look, here she is! Come on in! I want you to meet my family! A few of Mr. Woodbury's family members grab Carla. She shrieks and hollers. Woodbury: Take her! Out the window! Throw her out the window! They raise her above their heads and throw her at the pane of glass. She bounces off and hits the floor with a thud. She begins to head in. stops her. Come on Woodbury's doing well enough to be discharged. I don't mind standing up to Kelso on this one.

Time to take the "G-R" off my gratitude and give that old bastard some attitude, J. He starts off down the hall. Carla points in the other direction. Carla: His office is that way. Carla: Oh Doctors' Lounge Dr. Cox watches Elliot and Turk face off. Elliot: What the hell, Turk! Cox: Ohhh, good, Barbie! Now really access the anger! Elliot: How could you do that to me?

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Cox: Yeah, honestly. How could you? Turk: Okay, I just wanted to protect you - give you a little break. Cox: The old "I'm trying to help you" gambit? Barbie, see through that. Yo' kick him! Yo' kick him right now! She turns and leaves. Turk: Elliot Cox: "I'm sorry! ICU A Patient's Cubicle Elliot is tending sleeping man.

spies her from outside.

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You're at work, so she won't get emotional. Walk in there, and tell her things are getting too serious. butter her up first. He goes in. I don't see Mr. Ellis, here, complaining. Elliot: He's in a coma. Elliot: I found out that Turk was telling my patients to switch off of my service. Elliot: Yeah, he said he was trying to protect me. He starts to leave, then stops. looks like it's infiltrating.

Nurse must've screwed up. He goes. Elliot: [to self] Um. I did that. Hall Carla exits Mr. Woodbury's room with a smile.

Kelso approaches her. Kelso: Well, what's with the mouthful of Chicklets, sweetheart?

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