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Length bill tip to tail tip: 8 inches. Voice: Often heard in flight is a clee-ip call and a whistled peweither clear or buzzy. If one of the above 3 species weren't the bird you saw, then we have more work to do! There are several female tanagers and orioles that have yellow and black feathers and may appear in your shade or fruit trees during spring migration and summer.

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Most of these birds follow the general pattern of being yellow with black wings. If you live in the West you may wake one morning in May to your trees dripping with colorful tanagers that arrived overnight! Otherwise these birds tend to spend their time in pairs hidden high in tallest conifer trees. Bright yellow body with black wings and red head. Western Tanagers have white wing bar. Black tail. Males have red-orange heads, lacking on first year males and winter plumage.

Females are yellowish or grayish with olive-green wings and tail. The bill of both genders is pale yellowish and swollen. But the female is dull yellowish, or greenish, with blackish or olive wings. In fall the male becomes blotchy green and red and then molts into a yellowish plumage similar to the females coloration.

The bill is pale. Length bill tip to tail tip: 7 inches. Males are dark-deep chestnut and black. They have a black hood, back, wings and tail.

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This contrasts with the chestnut underparts. Females are olive on the wings and upper parts, yellowish below. The immature male is yellowish below with an extensive black chin and throat see photo above. Voice: Song is a rapid burst of whistled notes downslurred at the end reminiscent of House Finch.

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Call a soft chuck. Scott's Oriole is a bird of desert mountains and yucca in the southwest deserts. The male is black above, including head, breast, back, wings and tail. It has white wing patches. Females and first spring males have a variable amount of black on the face and upper breast, but are more olive above, rather than black.

Length bill tip to tail tip: 9 inches.

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Voice: The song is flute-like whistles similar to the song of Western Meadowlark. Harsh chuck call.

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Similar species not shown: In southern Texas is Audubon's Oriole. It is similar to Scott's Oriole but the back is yellow. Hooded Orioles in California are a bit more yellowish than the orange birds of Texas. The males have black throat, back, wings and tail. Females are yellow below and greenish above with dark wings. First year males are similar to females but with more yellowish under parts with black throat.

Meadowlarks are birds of short grasslands and deserts.

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From above they are camouflaged black, brown and white. From the front, though, they have brilliant yellow under parts with a black band across the chest. This open country songster of fields and meadows is found in the eastern United States and southwest.

Eastern Meadowlarks are speckled and streaked above in browns and blacks, darker than Western Meadowlarks. The underparts are bright yellow. A black band goes across the chest. The yellow throat is narrower than on Western Meadowlark. The malar feathers down from the lower mandible of the beak are white.

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Western Meadowlarks are speckled and streaked above in browns, blacks, and grays, paler than Eastern Meadowlarks. The yellow throat is wider than on Eastern Meadowlark. The malar feathers down from the lower mandible of the beak are yellow. Voice: The variable song consists to many flute-like notes.

Gives a chuck call and rattle. There are many warblers with yellow and black feathers. Most also include white and green plumage. I present 3 here that are primarily yellow and black. These insect gleaners are primarily found in summer, migrating south of the border in winter. An exception is the Townsend's Warbler below.

Wilson's Warblers nest across Canada, Alaska, and south in western mountains. But they may be found in migration across the United States, but tend to be more common in the West in stream tangles.

This is a small bright yellow bird with beady black eye. Only the male has the small black cap. Voice: Song a long trill on one pitch, ending with a couple lower flat notes, chi chi chi chi chi chet chet.

Call note a flat chimpsimilar to the Pacific Wren. Bright yellow below with a black cowl over the head, encircling the yellow face. Upper parts and tail green. White tail spots show when tail fanned, or from below. Female has greenish hint of male's cowl over face, but not throat. Voice: Loud whistled song weeta wee-tee-o.

Call is a sharp chink. Townsend's Warblers are breeding birds of conifers in western mountains from Alaska to Oregon. They winter along the West Coast.

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Many warblers show a pattern of black throat, yellow and black face and streaked sides. This species has the most yellow, so that overall it appears as a yellow and black bird. Females lack the black throat; the black crown and face of the male is replaced by olive.

Voice: Song starts buzzy and ends with clear notes weazy weazy seesee. Call is high pitched tip. I present two common species here that do have black and yellow feathers, but are patterned differently from the birds above. This marsh-dweller often appears more olive brown with bright yellow throat and under tail.

The black domino mask across the face is an obvious mark on the male that is lacking on the female. This noisy blackbird is found in marshes from central Canada, the Great Plains and the Great Basin of the United States. The female is darker on the face and neck with a blob of yellow on the chest. Both genders have white wing patches visible in flight.

Little brown birds at your feeder. What kind of birds have red heads? What kind of birds have red eyes?

Thank you so much for building such a good website. I am new to bird watching and now having a home in a rural area on Vancouver Island, Canada I often see birds I do not recognise. This morning April 2nd I saw a an Evening Grosbeak at our bird bath. What a beauty.

  Photos of 15 kinds. In the United States and Canada there are many birds colored primarily yellow and black. This is a common color pattern of several species of finches, tanagers, orioles, meadowlarks and warblers. There are even far more kinds of birds that are colored greenish above, yellow below, with black feathers in the plumage Jul 29, - Explore Cameron Newman's board "Misadventures of intx" on Pinterest. See more ideas about intp personality, intj intp, intj personality pins 52 Followers, 93 Following, 1 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ?????????????? ?????????? (

I will add to my list. I just love the smoky black and golden yellow plumage of Evening Grosbeaks. Thanks for sharing! Another open-field bird is the fabulous BOBOLINK. The stunning male is black and yellow and white. It has a beautiful, bubbly song. Bobolinks migrate about 12, miles roundtrip each year, from northern U.

and southern Canada, all the way to southern South America! It's one of the longest songbird migrations in the world. ex-Pullman Transport Leasing Co. Pullman Standard PSButler, PA. INTX 3-BAY COVERED HOPPER EX-ILLINOIS CENTRAL GULF FOSTORIA,OHIO SUNDAY by penn central INTX by D Collin Reinhart. INTX by Jonathan Lee.

Traces of the Rock Island in a CP manifest at Plankinton Ave, Milwaukee. Jordan, NY by Dave Curtis. soak by obstacle language. INTX by Mark Herren. MID IOWA CORP by Dave Curtis. MFK by obstacle language. INTX - Covered Hopper Car at Kansas City, MO by Zach Pumphery. Rolling Stock: INTX Kansas City, MO. me-lee-wa-kay by Dave Curtis. INTX 3-BAY COVERED HOPPER ILLINOIS CENTRAL GULF FOSTORIA,OHIO SATURDAY by penn central Illinois Central Gulf by Your Favorite Bencher's Favorite Bencher.

Pillsbury by Joe the Photog. INTX 11 North Judson, IN Photo by John Eagan 1 by John Eagan. Interlake GE 95tonner 11 is in charge of the Hoosier Valley RR Museum excursion train. Milwaukee Billboard by Matthew Schimmel. INTX Ex-MILW Former Chessie System hopper headed for the hump at UP Neff Yard.

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