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Cargo sweatpants: a sign of the apocalypse? Probably not in Walmart. I imagine these are a pretty common occurrence in the store. How about we burn them and never make them again?

Marketing needs a refresher on how eggs work. Or maybe the eggs need a refresher on how marketing works! Or maybe this is Walmart's new ploy to sell pre-mixed eggs There's never a dull moment in the Walmart lost and found bin. Something tells me this guy will be back pretty quickly for what he's forgotten. Hopefully, this doesn't turn into a Walmart Cinderella. You won't find a "sale" like this anywhere else!

But hey, this is only a mistake if people notice it, and unfortunately, I imagine most people won't. If this marketing ploy works, then we're all doomed. Everyone needs a friend during those dark times in life.

Thankfully, most of those dark times don't take place in a cow mask at Walmart. At least the horse knows he's safe for now You've got to keep those white-collar workers employed somehow!

What better way than to have them find every conceivable place to shove in a Walmart logo? Sometimes curbside pickup just isn't close enough.

And how thoughtful of the police to escort them! I'm sure this was a call they were thrilled to get. His joints may protest, but he's got a skater's soul. Unfortunately for him and his soul, the joints are winning. Skateboarding around truly knows no age until he wipes out.

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It seems like our youths might need some more educating. At the very least, whoever printed that off should have their high school diploma revoked.

It was clearly laundry day. At least, I hope it was laundry day. At least they're covered for the pandemic. We hope. I wonder who she voted for in ? Or maybe the polls closed before she could get there because she spent all her time making this bizarre dress. You know exactly what you're getting when you buy these products.

Which is why I plan on never buying these products.

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Maybe someone can try naming something other than "butt. Seems wildly impractical, but okay. Let's just hope she doesn't poke a hole in any of the produce!

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She's even painted them Walmart colors. Does that mean it fits the dress code? Something tells me grandma won't be pleased with this. Or who knows? Maybe she's as big a thot as her grandkids keep saying. Ignoring the fact this won't age well, most people have no clue what a thot is.

I bet Walmart just had a ton of pickle juice they needed to unload. Guess this is something for all those people on Keto. Pool noodles are clearly the hottest item of the summer. That, or Walmart has magically turned into a fancy, upscale establishment. Maybe we should get into selling pool noodles Your t-shirt might not add up, but those Walmart savings sure will! And who needs accurate clothes, anyways? Maybe it's a statement that math is relative.

Halloween at Walmart. Fashion Sense. The Devil is in the Details. True Dedication. Bathroom Antics. Wait for It Parent of the Year. Gotta Catch Em All. Instant Regret. Spell Check is a Must. No Subtlety. Don't Ask Questions. Therapy Pets Have Gotten Ridiculous. I'm Ready for My Closeup. Don't Make Eye Contact.

Air is Optional. Cosplay Gone Wrong. Warning: Student Driver.

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Worlds Collide. Optical Illusion. Paging Tinkerbell.

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Seems Legit. What Hath God Wrought? Placement: You're Doing it Wrong. Sir, I Think You Dropped Something. Math is Hard.

The Dirty Truth.

10 INAPPROPRIATE People At Walmart!Subscribe to Top 10s from Top 10s counts down the top 10 INAPPROPRIATE People A 50 Photos That Could Happen Only At Walmart From the outrageous attire to uh, a woman gluing her own butt to a toilet - shopping at Walmart has become an experience in itself. But what's more American than going to Walmart and basking in the bizarreness of what is the human race 15 Women Caught Being Savages At Walmart Ah, Walmart. Home of the rollback prices, blue vested greeters, and the longest checkout lines in existence. Although not known to be a bastion of fashion, it still provides us with ermm, distinguis. By Heather Johnson Published Jan 26, dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 8 mins

It's Everywhere. Tony Hawk You Don't Look So Good.

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Thanks Public School! Just Another Day at Walmart. Political Fashion. Truth in Advertising. Walmart Chic. Clearly You Failed Your Child and Grandma Failed You. What is this even called? So confused about all of this! Look at all these questions it generated! She's got some explaining to do!

In all honesty, the timing of this photo is really required here to gain complete understanding of this ensemble. Maybe this photo was taken during Halloween, or maybe her school's mascot is the lion and she's just showing her school spirit.

Maybe she was in a play or something? Like the Wizard of Oz starring this woman as the Cowardly Lion? Have we exhausted all options yet?

Then I guess it's settled - she's just plain crazy. Or is she crazy fierce? We can't decide what the best part about this outfit is - huge fan of the tail of course, but even the furry boots make a real statement. And who could miss that fuzzy wuzzy hoodie?

Absolute perfection, bringing pride to the pride. It's hard to say which part is best - now someone take her back to the zoo. Now THIS is a hairstyle. The - The poise. What statement this is trying to make well we don't know. But it's something, that's for sure! We're almost positive.

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We're also almost positive that she's shopping at Walmart so she can afford all that hairspray and hair product she must surely have to use to keep her hair standing perfectly up. Like what even is this supposed to be? What was the inspiration for this?

Is this another possible Halloween costume? Or a trend we're unaware of? What is going on at Walmart that so many people come together with so many unique styles? Another funny thing about this is that usually Walmart shoppers are known for not putting effort into their looks and well, this definitely took effort. Like hours of effort. For what purpose has yet to be decided.

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A lot of people think that, when you age, you should just retire to a nursing home facility or stay at home with a nurse. That you should fade into obscurity wearing outdated fashions and having short, curly hair done weekly at the hairdresser's.

Walmart Grandma here is living proof that this doesn't have to happen - that you can wear whatever you want for as long as you want. If you want to wear a purple wig with purple boots and an all purple outfit, GoGo Grandma will totally support that!

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She'll even throw in a few tattoos to complete the look! That's the kind of grandma we'd like to become in our twilight years.

Fearless, freakin' awesome, and head to toe purple. Maybe the prune juice is the cause behind it? Who knows - it's still totally amazing. Ahoy there, matey!

Looking to moor in the waters of Walmart? Wanting to come ashore for those rollback prices? Searching for booty in aisle thirteen? Again, context is key here, but you gotta wonder. Like first of all, is this a Halloween costume? If not, what's the occasion for the outfit? Is she a pirate enthusiast? A sexy naval officer? Maybe a little bit of both? Was there a sexy navy convention next door and she's just running to Walmart for some last minute necessities?

And why is this woman knowingly posing for a photo? Most of these photos end up being hurried shots that the subject doesn't know about.

BBW Women in Walmart Making love to all the Vegetables.

Does she know this person taking it? Or did they ask nicely and she just couldn't help but acquiesce? Oh, to be a fly on the Wal mart for that surely interesting conversation! This is the fashion fail from our nightmares!

28 Shocking Pics Taken at Walmart. 1. That time when you're shopping at walmart before hitting the club. 2. Looks like someone was watching a bit too much anime. 3. God no, some women should NOT be wearing tight yoga pants. 4. What is going on in here 15 Shocking Pictures Taken At Walmart. Walmart is where everyone from every walk of life seems to come together to shop for some really unique items. This makes for some really crazy stuff. All you have to do is stop at your local Walmart store on any given day to find things that will definitely make you shake your head in amazement You'll never even think of going to Disneyland again after you check out the 15 most disturbing pictures taken of people at Walmart. All Jeans Half Off. If you are looking for some of the latest and trendiest fashion ideas then you can always take a trip down Walmart's ever-popular fresh produce dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 10 mins

It's not about what she's wearing, it's more like she doesn't even look human! You know how those wax statues of celebrities at Madame Tussauds don't look real and can sometimes seem downright creepy?


28 Shocking Pics Taken at Walmart. 28 Shocking Pics Taken at Walmart. Gotta show off those sexy tats. Wearing those short shorts was probably the wrong decision. What is this. Mr Mullet Suspenders. Prev 6 of 7 Next. SHARES. Share on Facebook. Don't Miss Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins 40 Craziest Photos From Walmart Walmart seems to be a magnet for some seriously insane things in this world. Today, we're taking a look at the weirdest of the weird that Walmart has to dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 7 mins 20 Not So PG Pics Of Shoppers Revealing Too Much At Walmart. We'll take a look at those that decided on some revealing outfit choices, in some cases the outfits are way too hot for dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 7 mins

What's with that stare? It penetrates the soul and sends chills down the spine.

And that outfit? Not even Lady Gaga would be seen in something like that!

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That's like if she and a luchador had an ugly baby and it had a baby with itself. And if that sentence makes no sense, then this entire getup makes even less sense than that.

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Now, if you'll excuse us Of all the looks on this list, this one certainly took the most time to put together. Sure, she looks certifiably insane and we have to question well, everything about her and her upbringing, but at the same time, we see that this look probably took like three or four hours to finalize.

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Dying the hair aside, the makeup, horns, hooves, hairstyle, outfit all of it took a lot of effort and coordination. And this was just to go shop at Walmart, where the common uniform is pajama pants and yesterday's makeup. That's what we have to call dedication! She may be a Satanist, but she's committed to the look.

For that, we'll have to give her a pass at least, when it comes to trying. We're still not feeling the whole hooves and horns thing though. We might need to talk about those. While it's obvious that a lot of these outfits and ensembles are confusing, it's this one that perhaps takes the cake - surely that's up for debate, but we have our reasons.

But what's with the Christmas socks? And horribly mismatched at that? And just one shoe? But not two? Red and purple is really clashing in this instance, but the fact that she's not even wearing two shoes is definitely weirding us out.

Sex pics at walmart

Like what happens if she steps on a piece of glass or something? Is she not even concerned for her foot's welfare?

Or did she give her shoe and one of each sock to her friend behind her so they could strangely coordinate? So bizarre. Born at a very young age; self-made thousandaire.

Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things. Covered in cat hair. Probably the best sleeper in the world. Still haven't completed the civil war quest in Skyrim but I'm kind of okay with that. Too rad to be sad.

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