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Season: 7 Bart meets Chester J. Best Visual Gag: Eliza and Lester, the early versions of Bart and Lisa. on Monday. D in pain. He also helps prove that Springfield needs at least few adults around to keep things from going off the rails.

Season: 5 To snitch or not to snitch? Season: 16 Cooking contests. Vintage copies of Playdudes. James Caan getting gunned down in a toll booth again, this time by a hillbilly Mafia. Apu in a blond wig. Jokes about Fifties swinging-bachelor cool and Miles Davis. Season: 7 Homer blows up to over lbs so he can live the American Dream, i. get disability pay, wear a muumuu all day and work for home. Best Visual Gag: The sight of Homer in a muumuu.

Best Visual Gag: Gordie Howe! Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: You. Season: 10 Homer tries building a barbecue pit and mistakenly ends up being hailed as a talented outsider artist. For his final project, Homer gets Bart to help him flood the entire town.

Yes, that is Jr Johns who rows by in a boat. Season: 7 One of the most action-packed Simpsons episodes ever - and it revolves around Grandpa Simpson?! Fury of Springfield, leading a group of ragtag grunts called the Flying Hellfish across enemy lines to fight the Nazis.

Not only that, Abe and his platoon hid away some priceless paintings - and the death of an old Hellfish means that either Grandpa or Monty Burns get to inherit the booty. Best Visual Gag: A shoot-out between a machine gun-wielding assassin and a shotgun-toting retirement-home nurse.

Season: 3 The Halloween stories include: The family buys a monkeys paw that grants wishes; Mr. Best Visual Gag: Snowball II transformed into a fire-breathing creature with flowers for ears and an umbrella for a tail. Oh, that fellow at Radio Shack said I was mad.

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Best Visual Gag: The statue outside of the courthouse in Six Toe County Florida is a Lady Justice statue holding a dog by the ears. Together with military-antiques dealer Herman, Bart and Grandpa craft a plan to take on the bully via a water-balloon ambush.

In another rare tone-setter for the series, it ends with Bart moralizing on war before the credits, urging viewers to go to the library and parse its seriousness. Season: 6 Lisa reunites with jazz legend Bleeding Gums and rocks a school recital.

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Then Bleeding Gums dies, and Bart uses some newly won cash to buy Lisa a legendary album so the town can remember the musician via radio broadcast. Best Visual Gag: Bleeding Gums appears in the clouds, Lion King-style.

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The elder Simpson unwittingly takes a job at Roger Meyers, Jr. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge attend their reunion and learn that Homer never officially graduated because he failed science. Geese love ganders! Everybody else loves Ned Flanders! Showbiz self-righteousness and our exploitation-friendly media get caught in the crosshairs big-time here. He said, Krusty, when do you need me? I said, Thursday. I said, what about Friday? He said, Friday is worse than Thursday.

The he said, how about Saturday? I said fine. True story. Season: 9 A soccer riot causes Homer to rethink his family protection strategy, causing him to buy a gun and join the NRA. The producers made this one surprisingly neutral, balancing the benefits of gun ownership with the overzealous nature of some of its owners.

Season: 11 R. That Kovenant song about finding Jesus after a motel-room bender, by the way, is a keeper. Season: 1 Marge has lost that loving feeling; in order to bring the spark back to the marriage, Homer takes her out to a fancy restaurant and reserves a motel room.

Season: 11 A potentially eyeroll-worthy concept - Homer becomes a food critic for the local newspaper - becomes one of the funnier dumb-Homer episodes. Screw Flanders. He gave me a bad review. He ate the head and then gave it a bad review. Season: 3 Homer is reunited with his half-brother Herb voiced once more by Danny De Vito when he needs money to build a baby chatter translator.

Slowly, the estranged duo get over their differences and become a family again. I tried to fill it with family, religion, community service, but those were dead ends.

Wonder no longer. The wild, shirtless lyrics of Mark Farner? The bong-rattling bass of Mel Shacher?

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The competent drumwork of Don Brewer? Season: 7 Marge finds a discount Chanel dress at an outlet, which she wears when the family visits a country club; after Marge attracts the attention of a group of ladies who lunch, she becomes obsessed with fitting in with her new rich friends. Then her facade and her outfit literally starts to come apart at the seams. Goodbye, snooty high society. Your head stopped eighteen inches ago. Homer discovers a box of Japanese detergent at the dump, and notices that he bears a strong resemblance to the logo.

Viva Mr. Best Visual Gag: That strange, David Lynch-esque commercial for Mr. Season: 4 Another Halloween episode: Zombies attack Springfield, Burt gets an evil talking Krusty doll and Mr. Burns captures the mighty giant ape known as King Homer. Of course the whole story grosses out their kids.

Who needs that? Season: 4 Bart is forbidden from seeing an Itchy and Scratchy movie after getting in trouble at school. What great men [Bart] would join. Season: 2 Bart and Lisa attend a comic convention. Bart, Milhouse, and Martin pool their money to buy Radioactive Man No.

Best Visual Gag: A soldier in World War I holding onto a grenade a smidge too long. Season: 1 The first proper episode - not counting the Christmas pilot - inserts underachieving Bart into a school for the gifted and talented. These tests will have no effect on your grades.

They merely determine your future social status and financial success if any. Conversely: Ralph Wiggum gets friendzoned.

Best Visual Gag: The Krusty Home Pregnancy Test. Season: 2 Eight-year-old Lisa struggles with her identity after substitute teacher Mr. Bergstrom played by Dustin Hoffman proves to be a more desirable role model than her father.

The climactic scene where he leaves Springfield by train was the most heart-tugging moment in animated television history up to that point. Season: 2 Marge goes full Tipper after Maggie brains Homer with a mallet.

Best Visual Gag: The second tribute to the Psycho shower scene. Are cartoons too violent for children? I mean, take me.

If my plant pollutes the water and poisons the town, by your logic, that would make me a criminal. Season: Never mind J. His next move: destroy the sun. Was it Principal Skinner? Grandpa Simpson? Best Visual Gag: The credits to Speedway Squad, the fictional Sixties drag-racing undercover cop show starring Burns and Smithers.

He was then transferred to a better hospital where doctors upgraded his condition to alive.

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Season: 6 Mayor Quimby releases Sideshow Bob from prison, and how does the shrub-haired clown sidekick repay him? He runs against him for mayor - and wins by a particularly sizable landslide percent of the vote for Bob and 1 percent for Quimby, with a one percent margin of error.

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Best Visual Gag: Voter records showing Sideshow Bob votes from Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper. Look for the Babysitter Bandit and Jay Sherman cameos. Best Visual Gag: The lone appearance of The Happiest Man in Springfield. Season: 3 Otto is fired as the school bus driver after getting into an accident.

Completely broke, he moves in with the Simpsons.

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Season: 5 Flanders becomes the new principal of Springfield Elementary after Skinner is fired. Season: 4 Homer suffers a near-fatal heart attack after getting in trouble at work.

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He needs major surgery to recover, and the family is forced to turn to Dr. McGreg, with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg. But then I thought, if Homer wants to be a woman, so be it!

Season: 11 Apu and Manjula try to conceive a child; they succeed beyond their wildest dreams, and end up with octuplets. This is the only episode to end with Homer and Butch Patrick fighting off cobras on a stageto date, that is. in the U. You can teach them to hate the things you hate, and they practically raise themselves, what with the Internet and all. Season: 3 Never underestimate the power of a humiliated husband or a country-and-western siren.

Fame and an appearance on Ya-Hoo! a pitch-perfect parody of Hee Haw are in the cards, though Lumpkin wants to take things to a more romantic level. Luckily, Homer stands by his Marge. Season: 9 Homer joins a cult called the Movementarians, which brainwashes Springfield to join together with the hopes of boarding a spaceship bound for the planet Blisstonia. Everybody wears white shirts. Season: 5 After a wet sponge nearly drowns him.

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The lad eventually experiences Richie Rich syndrome and gets lonely, so Mr. Burns lets him fire power plant employees until Bart refuses to fire Homer, leading him back to the Simpsons. Best Visual Gag: The teeth-breaking, glasses-shattering, head-exploding sound event known as the THX demonstration before the show. The lesson is, never try. Season: 7 A Radioactive Man movie is shot in Springfield, starring Rainier Wolfcastle - and Millhouse is cast as as Fallout Boy, causing a rift between him and Bart.

Production is shut down when he quits the movie and producers realize that the town is gauging them at every opportunity. Best Visual Gag: An adolescent Moe kills the original Alfalfa during his brief stint as a cast member of the Little Rascals.

Smitten at first glance, he tries to avoid talking to her, and then they both get sent on a business trip. Will he remain faithful to his ever-loving wife? Can he stave off his lust? Can we ever get the sight of Barney in a bikini, dancing to the I Dream of Jeannie theme, out of our head?!? Bart and Lisa conspire to bring peace between the pair.

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May stain furniture. Prolonged use may cause chemical burns. Having turned a holiday-themed idea into an annual season highlight, the writers had refined the TOH format down to a science by this point. This is The Simpsons in free-riff mode and firing on all pistons. Season: 11 The new Mel Gibson movie - a remake of Mr.

Watch out for that dog with the shifty eyes! While in space, Homer jeopardizes everything by opening up a bag of potato chips, which could clog the instruments; thankfully, he proceeds to float into them, eating them and saving the day.

The year-old actress made a 'Big Bang' on the app on Wednesday

In the end, the credit for saving the journey goes not to Homer or fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin, but an inanimate carbon rod. Wait a minute. Statue of Libertythat was our planet. You maniacs, you blew it up. Damn you! Damn you all to hell!

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Season: 5 Homer and Ned Flanders form an unlikely friendship after attending a football game together. After spending too much time together, however, Flanders comes to the rather un-Christian realization that he hates his neighbor.

No mercury dumping without permit. They built a mini-mall, so we built a bigger mini-mall. The English Patient Un ete inoubliable Bitter Moon Le bal du gouverneur Agent trouble Actress Bitter Moon. Emmanuelle Seigner is the daughter of a well known photographer and her mother is a journalist. She was born in Paris, France on June 22, Her grandfather was Louis Seignerchairman of the Comedie Francaise and who also appeared in several movies. Emmanuelle was raised at a convent school.

Corps a corps Laguna RPM La divine poursuite Le sourire Bitter Moon Actress We Are Who We Are. Chloe Sevigny is an Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress and director who is known for her groundbreaking work across film, television and theatre. Sevigny has spent her career working with innovative and revolutionary filmmakers and artists including Lars von Trier, Jim Actress La vie d'Adele.

French actress Lea Seydoux was born in in Paris, France, to Valerie Schlumbergera philanthropist, and Henri Seydouxa businessman. Her grandfather, Jerome Seydouxis chairman of Pathe, and her father is a great-grandson of businessman and inventor Marcel Schlumberger her mother also Actress Basic Instinct.

That includes Kim Kardashian's now infamous nude selfie, posted earlier this month, which became the subject of much debate. Selma Blair as Kris Kardashian in The People V OJ Simpson and Kris Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins Selma Bouvier "Then call me Mrs. Scum." -Black Widower (Season 3, Episode 21), after Bart warns her against marrying Sideshow Bob, who Bart calls "scum." Selma's Choice: Directed by Carlos Baeza. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. Selma starts to feel broody, but after taking Bart and Lisa to

Sharon Stone was born and raised in Meadville, a small town in Pennsylvania. Her strict father was a factory worker, and her mother was a homemaker. She was the second of four children. At the age of 15, she studied in Saegertown High School, Pennsylvania, and at that same age, entered Edinboro Actress Wreck-It Ralph. Sarah Silverman was most recently the host of the two-time Emmy-nominated weekly topical series, I Love You America, which streamed on Hulu and also received a Writers Guild Awards nomination.

Silverman is currently working on a musical adaptation of her memoir and New York Times Bestseller Actress In the Bedroom. As a kid, Sissy Spacek climbed trees, rode horses, swam, and played in the woods.

She was born Mary Elizabeth Spacek on December 25,in Quitman, Texas, to Virginia Frances Spilman and Edwin Arnold Spacek, Sr. Her father's family was of Czech and German origin. Actress We Need to Talk About Kevin. The iconoclastic gifts of the highly striking and ferociously talented actress Tilda Swinton have been appreciated by art house crowds and international audiences alike. After her stunning Oscar-winning turn as a high-powered corporate attorney in the George Clooney starring and critically-lauded Actress Atonement.

Juno Violet Temple was born in London, England, into a showbiz family, the daughter of producer Amanda Temple and film director Julien Temple.

While Selma has starred in a host of box office hits, she was stunned by the reaction to her portraying Kris on the small screen. "People went nuts when they heard I was playing Kris Jenner Kate Hudson Poses Completely Naked in Epic Throwback Photo - See the Cheeky Pic! This is The Simpsons in free-riff mode and firing on all pistons. Best Visual Gag: The Simpson-ized paintings in the "night gallery" intro sequences, from Dali to dogs playing poker

She was named 'Juno' after her parents took a visit to the Grand Canyon during pregnancy, and found they were standing on a butte of Cape Final known as Producer Monster. Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, a city in the greater Johannesburg area, in South Africa, the only child of Gerda Theron nee Maritz and Charles Theron.

She was raised on a farm outside the city. Theron is of Afrikaner Dutch, with some French Huguenot and German descent, and Afrikaner Actress Lucia y el sexo. Actress Paz Campos Trigo was born in Seville, Spain, to a bullfighter father. She has been based in Los Angeles since She has starred in dozens of films in Europe and North America. After six successful seasons as Laura in "Seven Lives" Telecinco, one of Spain's longest running sitcoms, the Actress Ex Machina.

Alicia Vikander is a Swedish actress, dancer and producer. She was born and raised in Gothenburg, Vastra Gotalands lan, Sweden, to Maria Fahl-Vikanderan actress of stage and screen, and Svante Vikander, a psychiatrist. Through her mother, she is one quarter Finnish, and had a maternal great aunt Actress Inherent Vice.

Katherine Waterston is an American actress. She is best known for Inherent ViceFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themand Alien: Covenant Waterston made her feature film debut in Michael Clayton Actress Mulholland Dr.

Her maternal grandfather was Welsh. Her father died when Naomi was seven and Actress The Constant Gardener. Rachel Hannah Weisz was born on 7 March,in London, U. Her parents both came to England around Her father is a Hungarian Jewish immigrant, and her mother, from Vienna, was of Italian and Austrian Jewish heritage. Actress Bridesmaids. Kristen Carroll Wiig was born on August 22, in Canandaigua, New York, to Laurie J.

Johnstonan artist, and Jon J. Wiig, a lake marina manager. She is of Norwegian from her paternal grandfatherIrish, English, and Scottish descent. The family moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, before Actress Tron.

Actress and activist Olivia Wilde is a modern day renaissance woman, starring in many acclaimed film productions, while simultaneously giving back to the community. She was born on March 10, in New York City.

Her parents are Leslie Cockburn nee Leslie Corkill Redlich and Andrew Cockburn. Actress My Week with Marilyn. A small-town girl born and raised in rural Kalispell, Montana, Michelle Ingrid Williams is the daughter of Carla Ingrid Swensona homemaker, and Larry Richard Williams, a commodity trader and author. Her ancestry is Norwegian, as well as German, British Isles, and other Scandinavian. She was Actress Titanic. Ask Kate Winslet what she likes about any of her characters, and the word "ballsy" is bound to pop up at least once.

The British actress has made a point of eschewing straightforward pretty-girl parts in favor of more devilish damsels; as a result, she's built an eclectic resume that runs the gamut Actress Blade Runner. Mary Sean Young was born on November 20, in Louisville, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Lee Guthrie nee Mary Lee Kanean Emmy-nominated producer, screenwriter, public relations executive, and journalist, and Donald Young, Jr. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search.

Sign In. Copy from this list Export Report this list. Sort by: List Order Date Added. Jenny Agutter Actress An American Werewolf in London Jenny Agutter was born on December 20,in Taunton, Somerset, England, UK.

Monica Bellucci Actress Malena Monica Anna Maria Bellucci was born on September 30, in the Italian village of Citta di Castello, Umbria, the only child of Brunella Briganti and Pasquale Bellucci. Irreversible Malena L'ultimo capodanno Briganti: Amore e liberta Elizabeth Berkley Actress Showgirls Elizabeth Berkley was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan, to Jere, a gift basket business owner and Fred Berkley, a lawyer.

Julie Christie Actress Doctor Zhivago Julie Christie, the British movie legend whom Al Pacino called "the most poetic of all actresses," was born in Chabua, Assam, India, on April 14,the daughter of a tea planter and his Welsh wife Rosemary, who was a painter. Jennifer Connelly Actress A Beautiful Mind Jennifer Connelly was born in the Catskill Mountains, New York, to Ilene Schumana dealer of antiques, and Gerard Connelly, a clothing manufacturer. American Pastoral Shelter Requiem for a Dream The Hot Spot Marion Cotillard Actress La Mome Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard was born on September 30, in Paris.

Alexandra Daddario Actress Baywatch Alexandra Anna Daddario was born on March 16, in New York City, New York, to Christina, a lawyer, and Richard Daddario, a prosecutor. Rosario Dawson Actress Rent This stunning and resourceful actress has been primarily a film player thus far. Matilda De Angelis Actress L'incredibile storia dell'Isola delle Rose Matilda De Angelis was born on September 11, in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Dana Delany Actress China Beach Dana Welles Delany was born on March 13,in New York City and raised in Stamford, Connecticut. Julie Delpy Actress Trois couleurs: Blanc Julie Delpy was born in Paris, France, in to Albert Delpy and Marie Pilletboth actors. Bo Derek Actress Bolero Bo Derek was born on November 20, in Long Beach, California, USA as Mary Cathleen Collins.

Woman of Desire Ghosts Can't Do It Bolero Kirsten Dunst Actress Spider-Man Kirsten Caroline Dunst is an American actress, who also holds German citizenship.

Sherilyn Fenn Actress Wild at Heart The sultry, versatile, petite 5' 4" beauty Sherilyn Fenn was born Sheryl Ann Fenn in Detroit, Michigan, into a family of musicians.

Gina Gershon Actress Killer Joe Since making her uncredited debut as a dancer in BeatlemaniaGina Gershon has established herself as a character actress and one of the leading icons of American camp.

Heather Graham Actress Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Heather Joan Graham was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Joan Bransfiel a schoolteacher and children's book author, and James Graham, an FBI agent. Eva Green Actress Casino Royale French actress and model Eva Gaelle Green was born on July 6,in Paris, France.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Actress Secretary Academy Award-nominated actress Maggie Gyllenhaal was born on November 16,on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Sally Hawkins Actress The Shape of Water Sally Cecilia Hawkins was born in in Lewisham hospital, London, England, to Jacqui and Colin Hawkins, authors and illustrators of children's books. Salma Hayek Actress Frida Salma Hayek was born on September 2, in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. Gaby Hoffmann Actress Field of Dreams Gabrielle Mary Hoffmann was born in New York City, New York, to actors Anthony Herrera and Viva nee Janet Susan Mary Hoffmannwho was a Warhol superstar.

Bryce Dallas Howard Actress Jurassic World Bryce Dallas Howard was born on March 2,in Los Angeles, California. Paz de la Huerta Actress Enter the Void Paz de la Huerta was born and raised in New York City, to a Spanish-born father and a Minneapolis, Minnesota-born mother. Helen Hunt Actress As Good as It Gets Helen Hunt began studying acting at the age of eight with her father, respected director and acting coach Gordon Hunt.

Isabelle Huppert Actress Elle Isabelle Huppert was born March 16,in Paris, France, but spent her childhood in Ville d'Avray. Sandra Huller Actress Toni Erdmann Sandra Huller was born in Suhl. Toni Erdmann Uber uns das All Brownian Movement Der Architekt Scarlett Johansson Actress Her Scarlett Ingrid Johansson was born on November 22, in Manhattan, New York City, New York.

Dakota Johnson Actress Fifty Shades of Grey Dakota Mayi Johnson is an American actress and fashion model. Angelina Jolie Actress Maleficent Angelina Jolie is an Academy Award-winning actress who rose to fame after her role in Girl, Interrupte playing the title role in the "Lara Croft" blockbuster movies, as well as Mr.

Diane Keaton Actress Annie Hall Diane Keaton was born Diane Hall in Los Angeles, California, to Dorothy Deanne Keatonan amateur photographer, and John Newton Ignatius "Jack" Hall, a civil engineer and real estate broker.

Nicole Kidman Actress Moulin Rouge! Olga Kurylenko Actress Quantum of Solace Olga Kurylenko, a Ukrainian-born actress and model, went from sharing a cramped flat with her aunt, uncle, grandparents and cousin to starring as a Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig. Sara Malakul Lane Actress King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Sara Malakul Lane is a successful Thai model and actress. Jessica Lange Actress Tootsie Jessica Lange was born inin Cloquet, Minnesota, USA, where her father worked as a traveling salesman.

Jennifer Jason Leigh Actress The Hateful Eight Jennifer Jason Leigh was born Jennifer Lee Morrow in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of writer Barbara Turner and actor Vic Morrow.

Juliette Lewis Actress Natural Born Killers Juliette Lewis has been recognized as one of Hollywood's most talented and versatile actors of her generation since she first stunned audiences and critics alike with her Oscar-nominated performance as "Danielle Bowden" in Cape Fear Riki Lindhome Actress The Last House on the Left Riki Lindhome was born in Coudersport, Pennsylvania but grew up primarily in Portville, New York about 80 miles south of Buffalo.

Laura Linney Actress The Big C Laura Leggett Linney was born in New York City on February 5,into a theatre family. Rooney Mara Actress Carol Actress and philanthropist Rooney Mara was born on April 17, in Bedford, New York.

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Sophie Marceau Actress La boum Sophie Marceau was born Sophie Daniele Sylvie Maupu in Paris, France, to Simone Morisseta shop assistant, and Benoit Maupu, a truck driver. Pollyanna McIntosh Actress Exam Pollyanna McIntosh grew up in Portugal and Colombia before returning to her birthplace of Scotland, where she first began performing, on stage, at The Edinburgh Festival.

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Ivana Milicevic Actress Running Scared Ivana Milicevic pronounced Ee-vah-nah Mee-lee-cheh-veech was born on April 26,in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina part of Yugoslavia at the timeinto a Croat family. Sienna Miller Actress G. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Sienna Rose Diana Miller was born in New York City, but was raised in London, United Kingdom.

Helen Mirren Actress RED Dame Helen Mirren was born in Queen Charlotte's Hospital in West London. Radha Mitchell Actress Pitch Black Radha Mitchell born 12 November is an Australian actress. Demi Moore Actress G. Jane Demi Moore was born in Roswell, New Mexico. Julianne Moore Actress Far from Heaven Julianne Moore was born Julie Anne Smith in Fort Bragg, North Carolina on December 3,the daughter of Anne Lovea social worker, and Peter Moore Smith, a paratrooper, colonel, and later military judge.

Emily Mortimer Actress Mary Poppins Returns English actress Emily Kathleen Anne Mortimer was born in Hammersmith, London, England, to writer and barrister Sir John Mortimer and his second wife, Penelope nee Gollop. Carey Mulligan Actress Never Let Me Go Carey Hannah Mulligan is a British actress.

Thandiwe Newton Actress Crash Thandiwe Newton was born in London. Julie Ordon Actress Henry's Crime Julie Ordon was born on June 27, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mary-Louise Parker Actress RED Southern-bred Mary-Louise Parker was born on August 2, in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, the youngest of four children of Judge John Morgan Parker, and the former Caroline Louise Morell. Kelly Preston Actress Battlefield Earth Kelly Preston was born on October 13, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Margaret Qualley Actress Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Sarah Margaret Qualley, known as Margaret Qualley, is an American actress.

Christina Ricci Actress Cr Precocious, outspoken child-teen starlet of the s, Christina Ricci was born on February 12, in Santa Monica, California, the youngest of four children of Sarah Murdocha realtor, and Ralph Ricci, a lawyer and therapist. Margot Robbie Actress Suicide Squad Margot Elise Robbie was born on July 2, in Dalby, Queensland, Australia to Scottish parents. Mimi Rogers Actress Ginger Snaps It's fair to say that after 20 years and over 50 film appearances, Mimi Rogers should be praised for her variety of roles and acting capabilities, not for a brief marriage to a Hollywood star.

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If a cow ever got the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you care about! I'm not supposed to get pudding in it! Dignity Season 12, Episode 5as pudding is hurled at his eye.

I mean aw, nuts.

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The government calls it the Army, but a more alarmist name would be the Killbot Factory. Thanks to his job on the show, Kent is one of the best sources of one-liners]. It's a perfectly cromulent word. The low test scores, class after class of ugly, ugly children! It is shaped like Mary Worth. I even wrote theme music, listen! Professor Frink, Professor Frink, he'll make you laugh, he'll make you think, he likes to run, and then the thing, with the Oh boy, that monkey is going to pay" - 22 Short Films About Springfield Season 7, Episode 21missing his chance at debuting his spinoff "The Tomfoolery of Professor John Frink.

Gotta nuke somethin'.

Simpsons selma nude

And to show you we're serious you have 12 hours. Get the ugly kid a platter of the red crap-a! Burns, Part Two Season 7, Episode 1as Smithers approaches him drunkenly. I've been living in there! I only had two payments left! Remember his rusty Colecovisions].

Pick me, Teacher! I'm ever so smart!

From Miley Cyrus to Rihanna, countless celebrities have showed their support for the Free The Nipple movement on social media. See the photos here King Arthur's Excalibur, the only existing nude photo of Mark Twain and that rare first draft of the Constitution with the word 'suckers' in it." - Smithers 15 French actress and model Eva Gaelle Green was born on July 6, , in Paris, France. Her father, Walter Green, is a dentist who appeared in the film Au Hasard Balthazar . Her mother, Marlene Jobert, is an actress turned children's book writer. Eva's mother was born in Algeria, of French

I'm full of chocolate! No, that's too big.

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