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The student and the teacher began texting one another which led to Zehnder sending the student a naked photo of herself from the smartphone application SnapChat.

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According to the student, he began circulating the picture among his friends which led to Zehnder becoming angry at the student. Zehnder resigned from the school in mid October and was arrested by police. ONE THING I NOTICE IS THEY ARE HIREING 23 YEAR OLD TEACHERS FOR HIGH SCHOOL KIDS.

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RELATED: How Sexting Someone Impacts Your Relationship And Improves Intimacy, According To Science. When you think "apps designed to help you have sexy sexts," you don't necessarily think FaceTime, right? Time to change that.

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FaceTime makes it easier than ever to connect for some face-to-face time, even when you're both far apart. This is great for those that are long-distance, just watch out for poor internet connection.

Standout feature : There are products designed to use with FaceTime, like a selfie-stick that live streams images from inside you straight to your lover's eyeballs. Sounds pretty scary, but whatever floats your boat. Confide touts confidentiality for your information using encryption, meaning only the person you're sending messages and pictures to will see.

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And once private messages are read, they are gone forever. How's that for security? Standout feature : This app is "screenshot-proof" and blocks out any screenshot attempts using screenshot protection ScreenShield.

Even better, if someone does take screenshots of your images or messages, they are kicked off the app. It's really a genius protocol.

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According to Dustthey are the world's most secure messenger, where messages disappear right after being viewed, eliminating all evidence. Claiming to "protect your assets," users have truly private communication and protection from identity theft. Standout feature : This app is basically encrypted messages without your name ever appearing, so you'll never have to wonder if someone took a screenshot of your messages.

Nobody will be able to hold it against you later, and that's a win in our book.

  Weiner caught sending dirty messages and photos a year after his sexting scandal. The other shoe dropped yesterday for Anthony Weiner, who was forced to admit he engaged in a months-long sexting   Teen sexting is very common, and in many states it's also a crime. When a teen sends a sexually explicit photo of themselves, is that child both the   Sexting boy's naked selfie recorded as crime by police. A boy who sent a naked photograph of himself to a girl at school has had the crime of

Not only does the app itself not intrude on your personal messages and video callsnothing is stored on the Viber servers. This app has options to control if others can see when you're online, disappearing messages that "self-destruct," and the ability to never disclose your phone number.

Standout feature : Viber color codes your chats depending on their security. For example, red indicates an authentication problem with the user, while green means you can trust whomever you're contacting.

Take your video chats and messages to a safer level using Signalwhich encrypts your conversations. This means only you can view messages without worry.

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Plus, the app itself doesn't store your information, and can't read or see anything you put out there. Standout feature : Group chats make it easier to stay connected to more people. Which, for polyamorous couples or couples with open relationships, it means even more fun with group texting.

Using this free app is just the tip of the iceberg - WhatsApp also lets you use its calling feature without paying.

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Since you can sext internationally with this app, encryption is the name of the game, so not even the app itself can spy on your information. Standout feature : Their "end-to-end" encryption secures your messages with a lock, which means only you and your intended recipient can read and unlock them.

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It offers one-on-one coaching with a professional sex and relationship coach and provides customized tips just for you. The app is inclusive and offers features for all genders and sexualities, and even has avenues for people using the app outside of the U. The best part?

It's all anonymous, so you won't have to worry about people knowing what you're up to. Standout feature : Juicebox has a private virtual chatbot where you can literally practice your sexting skills.

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She said the school police officer said the incident could be flagged up in a DBS check formerly CRB if her son ever wanted to get a certain jobs - including one working with children. She told the Today programme her son had been "humiliated", saying he was "at best naive" and at worst was just being "a teenager".

Many children at the school now take part in so-called "sexting" as a form of "flirting", she said. The boy, who has asked to remain anonymous, said he felt "embarrassed and a bit intimidated" by the way the incident had been dealt with by police and his school. He said he knew some people at the school still had the image.

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Asked about the consequences of the incident, he added: "It is just annoying really. The key issue at the heart of this case is police discretion.

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Should police have discretion to deal informally with sexual experimentation, naivety and foolishness, rather than having to log the details on a central database? The consequences that flow from that process may be far-reaching.

A report of a crime stays on file for years. The names of those allegedly involved - even though not arrested let alone charged or convicted - are stored on an intelligence system, the Police National Database, for at least 10 years for sex offences.

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And the details of what happened may be disclosed to future employers. At present, it seems police have little discretion. Once a school has informed officers about an incident like this the guidelines say it must be recorded.

  Photos: Teacher Larisa Oringdulph broke no laws when sexting student nude selfie, cops say Michael Roberts November 21, AMEstimated Reading Time: 5 mins   You know what they say: a nude selfie a day keeps the breakups at bay Share. I'm just going to say it; I'm a sucker for a good nude pic. Whether Sexting is an extension of foreplay and builds the sexy tension of what's to come when the two of you see each other again   News2 Teacher sends nude selfie to student. Teacher sends nude selfie to student By Mo Barnes | October 22, She was caught because she sent her schoolboy lover a nude Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

No-one would question the need to do that in a case where children are in need of protection or at risk of sexual exploitation.

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