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  Drinks: Always have water and soda. Ginger ale is always good to get, but to cover your bases, consider getting a variety such as cola, orange, root beer as well. Fruit juice is good, too. {"smallUrl":"https:\/\/\/images\/thumb\/0\/0d\/\/ K

Sleepover {} by Rainbow PixieFarts. Sleepover by Jinny. Even when parents insist that they will make sure kids actually get to sleep, it's not like they have a baby monitor on the situation.

The key here, too, is quality sleep.

The combination of sleeping somewhere new coupled with young people who distract one another typically means the morning and day after can become an emotional disaster. Terrible ideas become brighter to bored children in the middle of the night. I have more than a few stories of children who decided to do something relatively dumb in the middle of the night that they probably wouldn't have considered with the same enthusiasm in broad daylight.

Groupthink coupled with exhaustion-induced delusion and maybe sugar-ladden giddiness causes some to make really impulsive and potentially dangerous decisions.

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A few years ago, three girls who live near my office decided to sneak out and try to get to a male classmate's home, even though getting there involved walking along the highway. Fortunately, highway patrol officers found the girls walking barefoot along the side of the road around a. and called their parents.

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It's a. Walking barefoot along the highway to some eighth grade boy's house they deemed to be "super cute. If I encourage one major sleepover rule, it's that there should be no access to social media. If kids are coming together to hang out, they should focus on interacting with one another rather than trying to tweet, text, post pictures of themselves on Instagramsend Snapchatswatch YouTube videos or start Rumrs.

When social media gets involved, I often find that some type of meanness - either intentional or unintentional - ensues. Kids can post all about the sleepover while it is going on can make others who are not there feel excluded. Worse, kids - and yes, it's mostly girls we are talking about here - can turn on one of the sleepover guests and isolate her with maneuvering that would make the Mean Girls blush. The morning after is generally not pretty. Kids are exhausted from sleeping in a strange place or not sleeping at alland people have different morning habits.

If you are planning to send your child to a sleepover, make sure he or she has ample time the next day to rest and recover - perhaps take a nap, have an easy afternoon, etc.

Post-prom co-ed sleepovers set up unnecessary expectations. More and more parents host post-prom, co-ed sleepovers in attempts to thwart late night driving and other potential issues.

But the flurry around prom, which in this day of group dates and online communication is some teens' first formal in-person date, can set up overwhelming wedding-day type expectations.

Popcorn, chips, ice cream, soda, and maybe even pizza rolls work well. If anyone has any allergies, try not to include those foods. Dance to fun music. If you have a computer and an iPod or iPhone, download some songs you can dance to. Get out the nail polish, and if you have a make-up kit, get that out, too.

Rent a couple movies and try to mix it up. Get a couple comedies, some scary movies, and dramas.

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That way, everyone's happy. Reserve a large place.

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On the day of the sleepover, find a large place with a Television, like your living room. Think of other situations. When your guests get there, if it's still light out, go play outside. Some fun games are: Blob tag. It starts out with one person as the blob, and they tag people. The people they tag connect arms with them and go to tag other players.

When the blob has six people, they can split into two groups of three. Hide-And-Seek tag. The person who's It counts to thirty with eyes closed and the others go and hide. The first one to be tagged is the new It. Or the last person can be It.

Volleyball, kick ball, baseball, etc. You get it. Have your parents start a fire, and you can tell spooky stories, roast s'mores, and sing songs together.

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Do it if you can attend to it till its burning. Plan activities for when it gets dark. When it gets dark, play games in the dark or go inside and watch a movie.

If you have a trampoline, you can sneak out at like, 3 am and jump on it. If it's cold out, stay inside and Play truth or dare.

Tell scary stories. Do make-overs. Practice gymnastics. Think about the breakfast. The next day, make a nice breakfast with your friends. Mess around for a few more hours, or until they get picked up. After everyone leaves or there's only your really close friend left, cleanup. Part 3 of Pick your favourite. Here are a few simple and fast activities to add to your party. Do just one or a few of these. You don't need much, and you can still have fun inside or outside.

Make some snacks. Or, make Chex mix to have for movies. You can also roast marshmallows when it's starting to get dark out.

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Get outside! Play flashlight tag! It's the same as tag, but with flashlights in the dark. In the summer, run through a sprinkler if a nearby pool is not available.

  My Bedtime Routine: Billy Porter on Sleeping Nude, Being a Secret Minimalist, and Adding 'Self-Care' to His Lexicon Plus, the skin-care products he swears by. By Hannah Dylan Pasterna k   Max Mendoza was hosting friends for a sleepover at his family home in the San Diego suburb of Chula Vista when he accidentally shot himself on Saturday morning. He later died in hospital Cid And Susy by Cherie Langer. View all All Photos Tagged sleepover. Sleepover by Roxi Richez. d d Sleepover d d. See the hot Peachy version here: [email protected]//in/datepo Sleepover

Go for a walk if it's still lights out. You could also work on your gymnastics make sure everyone knows how to at least cartwheel first, and if not, teach them how. Have fun indoors.

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Don't worry if it's raining, just go to the movies. You can put on makeup with your eyes closed make sure you clean up, though. Play hair salon. Braid the hair, or give each other ponytails or buns with cool hair clips, barrettes, and scrunchies.

If you are bored, play Charades. Make your own videos or take a lot of pictures of each other.

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Or, play Wii. Some good games are Mario Kart, Wii Sports, and Just Dance 2, but anything works. Hide and seek is also a great game, and you don't need anything. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Have the sleeping arrangements planned ahead of time.

Know where to place all the sleeping bags. That way, you'll save time and not suddenly realize that someone's bag doesn't fit. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Get some glow sticks and blackout the room. Make a tent out of blankets, chairs, sheets etc. and put some weird, funny music on. Then give each person a glow stick while the light is on. Turn the light off then try to guess who is holding what glowstick. You'll end up laughing your head off, if you add your own twist to it.

Make lots of videos and pictures to see later. They make great memories.

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You could even make a movie! Before the sleepover, ask everyone what songs they want to listen to, and then put them all on a playlist. Another fun thing to do is set up a fun background, then do a little photo booth!

Have fun!

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Anyone can pose or be the photographer! Don't be bossy.

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Say "I have an idea. If someone doesn't want to do something, ask them what they would like to do. If they want to call their parents, you should really let them. Make sure none of your friends are allergic to your pets or any of the foods you are serving.

They may not be able to come! If people are getting tired, play music and dance. If people are already asleep, do it in another room! You can ask friends to bring a movie if you have no good ones. Or, you can rent them. Go outside and play. Play volleyball, tag, or just kick a ball around. You could also go for a walk and chat.

If you have no good movies, just watch TV. Make sure that everyone likes the show. You may like to watch iCarly, Shake It Up, SpongeBob, or Victorious. If it's a nice day you could go to the pool. Just make sure to tell your friends to bring the right things, then. Get noodles, rings, and water balls to play with in the pool. Try not to play on the computer too much. Watching a YouTube video or two is fine, but staying on for at least an hour is excessive.

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Anyway, it won't be very fun and not everyone can be on the computer at the same time! For invitations, type them on the computer, make them by hand, or just buy some at a store and fill in the details.

You can always have a spa party! Get face masks and makeup, and send home gift bags with beauty supplies. Have some balloons? Fill them up with water and have a fight!

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Or, with regular balloons, play volleyball! Prank calls are fun. Call a boy, an annoying girl, and if your friends want to call the pizza guy, don't do it.

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They work very hard and spend money on gas. You don't want to ruin their night!

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You can make picture frames to hold a photo you took during the sleepover. Make up some Mad-Libs and give them to each other. You could either use the premade mad-libs packets or make your own.

Some people like to watch Barbie movies to make fun of them they also make a great laugh. If you have no good movies, but have spare Barbie ones, watch those.

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