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You will feel and cry along with them. You will hope along with them. It is amazing that anyone in these kind of circumstances could ever find any hope. Peter Mullan had done a superb job at writing and directing. He even plays a small part in the film. The script is very well structured. It builds it dramatic tension nicely. The performances all round are very strong.

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I am sure you will enjoy this outstanding drama. Utterly shameful herbiefrogg 12 September If you don't like a spade being called a spade and prefer instead to use the term "digging implement", then your sensibilities may be affronted by these comments.

I could care less. This is a very moving, insightful and powerful film that brings to light a most shameful episode in the history of the Republic of Ireland and the Catholic Church. This film will make you angry. It will make you sad. It will make you ashamed that in the so-called developed world, such institutionalised abuse can take place with the full knowledge and acquiescence of the State, the Church and the general population, although I suspect many Irish people will profess ignorance of these events in much the same way as many Germans did of the concentration camps.

If your knowledge of Ireland is confined to the glossy tourist brochure spiel of traditional pubs serving Guinness, folk music, rugged scenery and leprechauns, your illusions will be shattered, because this film strips away the veneer of "quaint" and exposes a much darker side that exists just below the surface.

You will learn of a country where great swathes of the population are unquestioningly subservient to a Catholic Church that preaches piety but practises repression, cruelty, paedophilia, avarice and self-indulgence on an industrial scale. The last "Catholic Laundry" in the Republic of Ireland closed less than ten years ago, in ! Bravo to the people who made this film and to everyone connected with it. It is only by bringing such attitudes and practices to the attention of a wider audience that we can hope they will never be repeated.

Quinoa 3 October The Magdalene Sisters is one of the better movies of the year. It holds within it such emotional girth, such a sympathy with these girls and what they go through in such a society that holds the Catholic belief system as the absolute truth, that by the time you leave the theater, like it or dis-like it, you'll feel drained. While these questions weren't as forward and evident in this film as they were in Bergman's masterpieces, often Mullan subtly brings these questions to light as the film progresses: if God is pounded over and over and over into these girl's heads, that they are here because they need to repent for their "mortal sins" such as being raped, flirting, having children out of wedlockand they are subjected to physical, sexual, and mental abuse by those who should be compassionate, life-long devotees to the faith, where is God?

This question actually comes to a big head in a scene that at first shows itself to be rather amusing when a priest gets a poison Ivy rash, and then Crispina, who got it from him in the worst way, shouts out over and over 'YOU ARE NOT A MAN OF GOD! Indeed, this is the part of the film where the question gets the most light, and it's the most harrowing scene in the movie among others and is one of the most powerful in movies this year.

Personally, I felt the film should have ended with the Bergman logic instead of the Kesey spirit, but that's neither here nor there, since the bulk of the film in and of itself is contains some passionate drama, and to those who see it will not only get an eye-opening view to the old-time if old-time is up until seven years ago Catholic ways, but also to the great dangers of control over human life.

sorcha14 17 April I saw this movie two weeks ago. Like the Irish, here in Quebec, we were manipulated by catholic religion, before the revolution tranquille. This story of the laudries is similar here, with the story of les enfants de Duplessis. They putted young infants in mental institute and maltraited them.

The movie was pretty good.

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It show well the mentaly of the era and how hypocrite the society is. The dark, horrible atmosphear in this laundrie is well show and the actress were awesome. This is not an anti religious movie and they dont put too much to make us cry. Just show the brutal facts that happened.

Its a good balanced critic of society.

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sketchfordawn 1 February The Magdalene Sisters chronicles the experiences of three young girls in the infamous Magdalene Laundries. The Laundries were Catholic clergy-run organizations in operation from the 19th century up until the late 20th century in Ireland.

Girls were sent to work in these institutions for suspicion of having sex outside of marriage, showing provocative character, or for simply being "too pretty". Mullen succeeds in exposing the outright abuse that went on in these institutions at a time when the Church was seen to be Ireland's highest moral authority. The film focuses on the stories of three "fallen" girls who have all been landed in the Laundries for sins they didn't commit.

What is most shocking about this film is the utter sadism and cruelty of the nuns who run the asylum. They force the girls to work beyond endurance in abysmal conditions, and routinely subject them to humiliation of an unthinkable nature.

In one scene, the nuns line the naked girls up and judge who is the hairiest, who has the biggest breasts, etc.

Sisters naked girls

Mullen wanted the girls to appear natural, and insisted that the they not shave themselves or pluck their eyebrows prior to and during filming. No one is wearing make-up and all the girls wear the same unflattering garb. This adds to the realism of the film and brings his asylum closer to the real Laundries. The clever polarization of character personalities made for some interesting clashes.

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There is Bernadette, who is fiery and headstrong; Margaret, a responsible girl with a strong sense of morality. Rose, whose good nature endeared me quickly to her.

And Crispina, who is just plain bonkers. I found the development of Margaret's character to be particularly interesting: The more oppression she is subjected to, the more she comes to value her independence. This all culminates until her brother finally comes to collect her after four years. Upon realising her newfound freedom, she wont even have her brother tell her to hurry so they can get going: "Don't you dare tell me what to do!

Don't you ever dare tell me what to do! Her portrayal of the simple but eccentric inmate Crispina certainly added a lot of colour to the film. Despite the obviously bleak theme, there are some humorous moments in the film and these usually involve Crispina.

This was a very difficult role to take on, as Crispina's theatrical and over-dramatic personality required Walsh to portray such a wide array of emotions.

So convincing was Walsh's performance that I found myself feeling real compassion for the girl.

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She's not all there and is virtually clueless about the world, which makes her fate all the more poignant. Walsh sacrificed vanity more than any of the other girls for this role, which is also to be admired. Her performance stood out for me as one of the highlights of the film. This film should appeal to the secular-minded and those who are critical of religion in general.

I don't know if Mullen himself holds any biases in this area, but he certainly succeeds in highlighting just how detrimental an effect fundamentalism can have on a society. It has torn the girls' families apart, stripped them of their independence and, for some of them, has resulted is the considerable deterioration of their mental health. The girls enter the asylum as strong, healthy individuals who, over time, come to forget how to interact properly with other people and find it difficult to distinguish what is real and what isn't.

One of the prevailing themes in The Magdalene Sisters is the hypocrisy of devout Christians, who claim to model themselves off of Christ, yet are so un Christ-like in their treatment of the "fallen" in society.

This is especially true of the nuns, who are supposed to serve as women of Christ, yet fail to follow in his example of forgiveness and love. One ct of this movie I found particularly interesting was its depiction how society viewed women in the era. The treatment of the Magdalene girls raises questions about the injustices and double-standards which existed in the early 20th century. Even though the girls of Magdalene are not at fault for being raped, getting pregnant or simply being attractive, it is the women who are punished and ostracised.

The crew did a great job of recreating the atmosphere of the old Irish Laundries. Most of the film is shot in dimly lit conditions, to emphasize the bleak and gloomy feel of the place. We get a brief glimpse of the beautiful Irish countryside when Margaret steps outside the grounds of Magdalene and becomes disorientated as she surveys the outside world.

She is startled by the light and beauty of freedom, which is in stark contrast to her confinement in the Laundries. Sound is also manipulated to great effect. I really got the feel of an old, spacious dank church as every sound is clearly heard resonating off the stone walls.

I think the echo was supposed to simulate that constant feeling of being alone which pervaded the asylum. The shocking nature of this film may prompt the viewer who has had no prior knowledge of the Magdalene asylums to question how accurate a representation it is of the actual Laundries. Indeed, I myself found it hard to accept that the asylums could be this bad until I watched Steve Humphries' documentary "Sex in a Cold Climate", on which this film is based, and found the reality to be just as harrowing as the adaptation.

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In fact, one of the inmates told Mullen that the reality of the Laundry was much worse than what is depicted in the film. I really can't recommend this film enough. It was moving, entertaining, and shocking enough to hold my attention until the final credits rolled. Expect to have a seething hatred of Irish nuns instilled in you. protek22 26 February This is an excellent historical drama about abuses in an Irish Catholic Convent of the Magdalene order.

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Whistleblowers have been coming out with tales of abuse in Catholic facilities, for well over a century! While largely ignored, such tales have unfortunately been confirmed, in the massive scandals of recent years.

This film essentially chronicles the incredible abuse, and sadism, which took place, behind the pious facade of one such Catholic institution. The screenplay here is noteworthy, in how it masterfully brings this true-life historical drama to the screen, building the drama to an unforgettable climax!

The film also forcefully illustrates some key truths: 1. Power corrupts, absolute power, corrupts absolutely! The horrendous evil of blind faith, especially when exploited by powerful organizations. How many of those who consider themselves "good" are willing, or unwilling, accomplices of this evil. How easy it is, for the greatest evil, to masquerade as the greatest good. At the end of the day however, the film reaffirms one of the most important eternal truths of all: Blind faith enslaves, while critical thinking, sets us free!

daughteroftheforest 23 October Though this film is horrific, and portrays Catholics to be cruel and sadistic, I would just like to sayplease don't think all Catholics are like that.

I am Catholic, and proud to be one, yet I still believe everything that happened in this film was wrong. This film is of tremendous quality and I recommend it to everyone, even those who may be disgusted by what they see. It is the kind of film that goes straight to the heart, and yes it made me ashamed to be a Catholic for a period of time, I hope that anyone who sees this film will not despise the Catholic Church. Each character, each scene was done so realistically, it will make all who see it fill with empathy for those girls, I even think that the nuns who ran these asylums would be shocked at what they actually did, if they were living in these times.

It reminds me, in a way of the film Schindlers List, the way the nuns inspected the girls bodies and laughed about them, both the Holocaust and these asylums were apparently doing what was right yet causing great pain and suffering at the same time. Watch this film, it is definitely worth it. arachneaj 1 February What upset me the most about this film was the note at the end that the last Magdalene laundry wasn't closed until The thought that young women in Ireland were used, essentially, as slave labor until the threshold of the new millennium was sickening.

The film was moving and inspired. I heard an interview with the director which made me aware of the film about the number of women who approached him during the filming process to tell him that they had been in Magdalene Asylums and I was so moved by his description of their gratitude for this film that I had to see it.

It did not disappoint. Especially moving is the documentary included in the special features of the original women that the movie is based on. To see them and hear their stories is incredibly difficult. I highly recommend this film as a learning experience and a window on the cost of letting religion rule society. wondernat 31 March Because I don't rate movies based on my personal convictions, I have to begrudgingly admit this is a very good movie.

This was the first and only time I had ever wanted to walk out of a movie because it's directed, acted, and written so painfully well that you can't help but feel yourself drawn into the lives of these women. This movie does absolute justice to the women who had to endure life at the mercy of the Magdalene sisters.

It's not a campy story of the human spirit. It's an actual invitation to experience how wretched "fallen women's" lives once were in s Ireland.

To clarify, I wanted to leave the theater because I was so convinced by the picture, I almost felt as though I was IN the convent.

I don't recommend this movie for those sensitive about women's issues like mebut if you really want to see how "drama" can border on "horror," by all means, rent it. Gerrard-Sables 21 September I got this film out of my local library. As I was working in Poland at the time of the original release this was the first I had even heard about it.

Of course It had the misfortune to come out in the middle of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This film was based on fact. There are nuns and priests, bishops and cardinals who ought now to be serving prison sentences for what they did.

It seems they have got away with this. I feel it is the responsibility of those who have seen and been affected by this film to see that justice is done, that the women who suffered from this slavery be compensated by the church that allowed nay facilitated their abuse, and that the Irish government apologise and those involved in this slavery serve prison sentences. Otherwise it's just a good film.

amazing tragic brilliant johnpatrickmc 18 September it's hard to believe that the country we're all so proud of today is the hell hole depicted in this movie. this is such a shocking film. maybe we are used to hearing about priests preying on young children but to see Nuns do it is very disturbing. isn't it crazy that having children was treated as a mortal sin and that this legacy was only finished 9 years ago.

i only saw this movie last night and i'm too disturbed to write much more. the performances are incredible. absolutely gripping. nerve wracking and heart rendering. Eileen Walsh is better than Nell. She should have got an Oscar.

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They were all brilliant. i wonder how many other secrets lurk in the Irish closet of shame. vip-danii 14 July Instead, I'm going to share my impressions of it, speaking as a casual observer: The first thing that comes to mind is No, really - WTF?

It seems utterly ridiculous and inconceivable. What about your family disowning you and selling you into slavery if some bastard molested you? I was quite bothered by the fact that Margaret's family chose to send her off to that awful place after she was brutally raped by her cousininstead of calling the rapist to justice and helping their daughter cope with the crime she fell victim to.

A teenage girl is taken advantage of, yet SHE is the one being punished and getting disowned by her family, while the perpetrator the rapist just gets away with it and goes on as if nothing had happened. Where is the logic behind this, and what holy book preaches such "morals"? And Bernadette? She is confined to the asylum merely for the fact that she is moderately attractive and extroverted. This is just totally out of order, seriously. Speaking of Bernadette she was, obviously, the highlight of the movie.

I only wish she would've hit one of the despicable nuns as she and Rose Patricia were escaping. I also liked Anne-Marie Duff - the actress has a certain je ne sais quoi.

The most tragic of all was certainly Crispina. It was clear from the start that she's not like the other girls - she's already broken beyond repair and her mental health issues are irreversible.

It's no surprise that she perished at and of anorexia! How sad indeed The Magdalene Sisters asylum seemed like a devilish concentration camp rather than a religious organization. I don't think there was ever anything remotely "Godly" about an institution like that.

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Moreover, real-life survivors have reported that the conditions were actually much worse compared to those portrayed in the movie. Oh, the horror! It's an excellent movie, though. They couldn't have picked a better cast. I can't imagine anyone else playing Bernadette well, anyone except for Sherilyn Fenn, who has exactly the same dark, sultry look. Anyway, I was impressed with the movie, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone interested in the subject matter.

The Magdalene Asylums and the treatment an estimated 30, 'fallen' women is one of the great shames on the Irish nation and the Catholic Church, which the Irish government only apologised for in The British-Irish co-production of The Magdalene Sisters set out to tell the true story of a group of young women who suffered at the hands of the Church and their families.

Starting inThe Magdalene Sisters focuses on three women, Margaret Anne-Marie Duff who is raped by her cousin during a wedding, Rose Dorothy Duffy who had a child out of wedlock and was forced to give him up for adoption and Bernadette Nora Jane No onea teenage orphan who has the audacity to flirt with boys and is sent to the asylum, even though she is a virgin. At the asylum, each the woman all have to atone for their 'sins', through hard labour in the laundries, participating in prayer and can only be freed on the grace of the Mother Superior Sister Bridget Geraldine McEwan.

The Magdalene Sisters has a rape scene within the first five minutes sets the tone that this is going to be a bleak, hard-hitting drama about a truly appalling institution.

Writer-director Peter Mullan felt this was a story that he needed to tell.

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Mullan does showcase the physical and mental abuse that these women went through, who were humiliated, dehumanised and used as slave labour. The nuns of this institution are made out to be sadists who use Catholic beliefs as a justification and a method of control on the women, while Mullan shows the hypocrisy of the church in its various forms. The Magdalene Sisters is mostly set in a small, claustrophobic environment and Mullan uses this microcosm to explore some wider psychological and sociological.

The character of Katy Britta Smitha woman who had been in the asylum for 40 years, is so institutionalised, that she acts as an extra enforcer for the nuns, under the hope she can complete a pendant.

All of the other women are completely rejected by their families and have to join the order because they have nowhere else to turn. When Mullan does take us outside of the asylum he portrays the conservative nature of Irish society at the time.

The public look down the women when they are allowed out, seen as the lowest of the low, the state offering some complicity, as police occasionally help the nuns. On the other side of the coin, young men see the women of the asylum as easy because of their reputation for being 'whores' and 'sluts'. Each of the actors give their all for the film and they had given the heavy material.

The film is blessed with a talented cast and for many of the actresses, The Magdalene Sisters is their biggest credit.

The tragedy is played to the fullest, as these women suffer inside and outside the asylum, yet Rose and Margaret keep their kind cts of their characters and Bernadette reminds a fiery woman who does not crack to the punishment she has received. In comparison the naive and kind-hearted Crispina Eileen Walsha young woman with properly learning disabilities, who is abused in various forms and is the character who suffers the most.

Mullan made an incredibly important film, looking at tragic historic story where many women suffered. This is a film that is furious towards the Catholic Church and Mullan does portray many hard scenes in physical and emotional abuse, filled with violence and nudity. It is a tough yet rewarding watch. But if you think the treatment the women suffered in this dreadful Mary-Jo McDonagh, a former Magdalene inmate said that the reality was even worst.

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Please visit www. SeriousMovieCritic 2 April I just happened to see this film by accident. I could not turn away or the TV off because I was compelled by what I saw about the perverse the Nuns and the Priests and the way they conducted their abusive, perverse and degrading business by humiliating young girls. I was made aware, that the Vatiocan condemned this film upon its release and first showing at the Venice Film Festival.

Typical Vatican: There are no "gay" Priests, all "Nuns" are good by nature, there was never any such atrocity in any such "prison", etc.

  The Magdalene Sisters: Directed by Peter Mullan. With Geraldine McEwan, Anne-Marie Duff, Nora-Jane Noone, Dorothy Duffy. Three young Irish women struggle to maintain their spirits while they endure dehumanizing abuse as inmates of a Magdalene Sisters Asylum.7,7/10(26,5K) @NakedGirls_01   The sisters were in Bermuda for a friend's wedding. Later Haylie, 31, goofed off with her younger sis, sporting Snapchat's duck face filter from their hotel dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 4 mins

Shame on you all in Rome for tolerating and participating in this abuse for over 40 years. These sort of Institutions existed all over the world and the Vatican took for over years a perverse pleasure by fostering rape, humiliation, incest, lesbian and gay sex, abortion, murder and mayhem. As a Catholic I am truly ashamed and shocked about this true story. The film itself reminded me of "SALO" by Pasolini and I was often reminded of similar scenes - the fact that this was a "true story" made it even more repelling and nauseating.

Unmistakebly European SCHADE-1 14 December No soundtrack, no unnecessary emotional bullshit; a nice break from the usual Hollywood fast food. I liked it thoroughly. I have been an altar boy myself in the 60's and 70's and I know how unhappy and miserable nuns and priests of the catholic church can be. We were beaten and verbally abused as well and discovered that they were not saints at all! It reflects well the hypocrisy and double-standards of the catholic church. Sean Colgan Seamus as Seamus.

Daniel Costello Father Fitzroy as Father Fitzroy. Kate Christie Dormitory Girls as Dormitory Girls. Alison Goldie Dormitory Girls as Dormitory Girls. Jemma Heath Dormitory Girls as Dormitory Girls.

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More like this. Storyline Edit. A thoroughly mind-provoking film about 3 young women who, under tragic circumstances, see themselves cast away to a Magdalene Asylum for young women in One of many like institutions, the asylums are run like prisons and young girls are forced to do workhouse laundry and hard labor.

The asylum, one of many that existed in theocratic Catholic Ireland, is for supposedly 'fallen' women.

The Magdelene Sisters is a good portrayal of the very real behaviour of nuns. I am English and emigrated to Canada with my family. I attended a catholic school which was run by these social misfits, and from my very first day, I was persecuted for the following crimes: I had a short hair cut, my hand writing was not neat, I did not know the words to the Canadian national anthem, I had an   He was the older brother, the one his two sisters should have looked up to. But he turned out to be a twisted, perverted youth. The year-old was yesterday convicted of three charges related to molesting and outraging the modesty of his two sisters, aged 15 and To protect the identity of his sisters, who are both students, he cannot be dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 3 mins Browse 9, sisters eat each other out stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. smiling adult sisters hanging out in kitchen eating lunch - sisters eat each other out stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. christmas isn't complete without a fun movie marathon - sisters eat each

Here, young girls are imprisoned indefinitely and endure agonizing punishments and a long, harsh working system which leaves them physically drained and mentally damaged. As the girls bond together, it soon becomes clear that the only way out of the Magdalene convent is to escape, but with twisted Sister Bridget running the wing, any chances seem limited irish ireland unwed pregnancy unwed mother female nudity more.

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In a place that defied belief their only hope was each other. Did you know Edit. Trivia Peter Mullan has said that the film was initially made because victims of Magdalene Asylums had no closure. They hadn't received any recognition, compensation, or apology. Many remained lifelong devout Catholics. Goofs In the beginning, a man plays a Taylor acoustic guitar.

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Taylor Guitars was established in Quotes Katy : [talking about leprosy] Anything that sticks out falls off! Crazy credits Thanks to Andy and Marco at Edit-Hire Post Production Services all at the Glasgow Film Theatre Lee at Lynx all the gardeners the people of Dumfries and all at VFG. Soundtracks The Well Below the Valley uncredited Traditional Irish folksong Sung by the priest at the wedding.

User reviews Review. Top review. amazing tragic brilliant. it's hard to believe that the country we're all so proud of today is the hell hole depicted in this movie. this is such a shocking film. maybe we are used to hearing about priests preying on young children but to see Nuns do it is very disturbing.

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isn't it crazy that having children was treated as a mortal sin and that this legacy was only finished 9 years ago. i only saw this movie last night and i'm too disturbed to write much more. the performances are incredible. absolutely gripping. nerve wracking and heart rendering. Eileen Walsh is better than Nell. She should have got an Oscar. They were all brilliant. i wonder how many other secrets lurk in the Irish closet of shame.

johnpatrickmc Sep 18, Details Edit.

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Release date August 29, United States. Ireland United Kingdom. Miramax United States Official site.

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