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Shop at Sex Doll America. Possible Canada Customs CBSA Strike Looming August 03, Read More. Showroom Re-opening! June 10, Read More.

Our Trusted Real Sex Doll Suppliers. Final Quality Check in Toronto. Photos of Dolls after Manufacturing. Sex Doll Canada on Instagram. Their attractive dolls have won the hearts of many new doll owners.

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Irontech Doll is a brand that started gaining traction in They are known for their artistic style, with beautiful Western faces, realistic bodies, and quality material. Their new Silicone dolls feature more realistic faces.

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Made in the same factory as Piper Dolls, Doll Forever and DH series dolls offer attractive Asian and anime-inspired dolls. They are basically Piper Dolls with a removable head. Doll House focuses on Asian and anime faces, while Doll Forever specializes in Western faces. JY Doll is a popular, more affordable doll brand.

The adult dolls that are provided by silicone sexy dolls are hand-crafted and hand-picked from the detail R&D and going through various customer reviews we come up with all the gaps and maintain the quality of our silicone sex experience you the realistic feel,touch,sensation like an actual sexual companion with its premium quality build and material   XY Doll is a sex doll manufacturer that specializes in Silicone heads and TPE bodies. All their dolls use this combination (ie. no TPE heads, and no silicone bodies). This results in very realistic Silicone faces and soft TPE bodies. Their prices are better than other brands with this hybrid-type of doll Buy Realistic Silicone Sex Doll Life Size for Men. Welcome to the Uloversdoll silicone sex dolls shop, where you can purchase a variety of high end luxury silicone adult sex silicone realistic sex doll is a brand new silicon adult sex dolls made of advanced silicone guarantees a very realistic and authentic look, and it is also a very natural feeling when making love

They make very attractive dolls as featured by their exquisite photography, including realistic silicone heads on TPE bodies. They had quality control issues in the past, but still have many happy customers. Made in the same factory as JY Doll, AF and AS Doll are slightly more affordable, medium-tier dolls. With attractive Western faces and busty bodies, they are a good choice for new doll owners and veterans alike.

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SE Doll is an up-and-coming sex doll brand made in the same factory as WM Doll. They have very pretty heads, and also specialize in Elves.

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If you like Elves, SE Doll is your best option. They an incredible makeup team, and offers distinct makeup options that no other brand offers. They have also started making dolls in silicone material. SM Doll has been around for a long time.

We stock a wide variety of dolls including full Silicone Dolls like those on offer from Future Doll, SINO, and Starpery. We also offer popular hybrid versions from WM Doll, AF Doll, and JY Doll to name a few. Next Level Loves are very careful with the vendors we choose to work with we guarantee only genuine high-grade Silicone Sex Doll products Silicone is often praised for its high resistance to heat, flexibility, and overall high quality. Soft, pleasant to touch, and resistant to micro growth, silicone is a great fit for a sex doll. Although silicone is often associated with kitchen cookware and the likes, it has many uses. Real Shipping to Canada, USA and more! Top supplier of realistic sexy lifelike sex love dolls and adult silicone & TPE sex dolls. Private, discreet &a

They were once super popular, but that popularity has declined as of late. They make both TPE and Silicone dolls.

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Aotume is one of the only manufacturers that make life-sized, anime dolls. Jarliet is a medium-range sex doll brand.

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Their dolls are generally more affordable, with all kinds of faces including Caucasian, Black, and Asian. SiliDoll is a US brand that makes high quality, affordable sex dolls. Their life-sized dolls are no longer made in the US but they still retained their high quality and service.

Sexye Silicone Head Body Sex Doll cm cm cm cm cm cm cm Implanted Human Hair Love Doll Adult Doll Sex Dolls High-End Adult Sex Toys Shandong Beauty Care Group Go., Ltd. Diamond Member Audited Supplier If you need to buy love dolls, DollsFamily is your best choice. YL Doll cm (5ft5) Small Chest TPE Curvy Real Sexy Doll B Cup. Regular price. $2, Sale price. $2, Sanhui Doll cm (5ft4) Silicone Huge Chest Love Dolls #7. Regular price. $3, Silicone sex dolls cost more, but they also dry faster and are easier to maintain. As a result, they're less susceptible to damage and, in the end, might turn more cost-effective for you. Clothing & Avoiding Stains. One of the biggest problems we've heard from customers is staining

They also offer masturbators that are available to ship from the US. XY Doll is a sex doll manufacturer that specializes in Silicone heads and TPE bodies. All their dolls use this combination ie.

no TPE heads, and no silicone bodies. This results in very realistic Silicone faces and soft TPE bodies.

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Their prices are better than other brands with this hybrid-type of doll. Because Kimber Dolls are mass-produced and shipped in only one style with no customization options, they are the only company that can offer such an affordable and high quality doll. Sino Doll is a highly innovative Silicone doll brand. They are very customer-oriented and have been growing quickly thanks their interactions with the doll community.

They have very unique faces and bodies, including their hyper-realistic Top-Sino line, which has some of the best-looking heads to date.

SANHUI is a popular silicone doll brand best known for their distinctive anime-inspired faces. They have started making more seamless neck and TPE dolls lately.

DS Doll Doll Sweetalso known as EXDOLL, is the most popular Silicone doll brand. They make incredibly realistic faces and have been in the business for almost 10 years.

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They specialize mainly in Asian faces and are one of the most realistic face designers out there. GYNOID Tech also known as RZR is a new and highly innovative silicone doll brand.

Silicone Dolls. The best products are made with realistic silicone that's ideal for both gentle and rough fucking. This material also makes the girls more realistic. Enjoy silicone sex doll porn videos here! Male Dolls. Male sex doll porn is a niche for men that are open to fantasies about both genders

They have the most realistic-looking faces and bodies on the market, almost indistinguishable from a real woman. With natural skin texture and revolutionary doll hands, they are making a statement in the silicone doll world.

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Starpery is a relatively new sex doll brand with beautiful-looking dolls. They offer super realistic silicone heads with silicone or TPE bodies.

Their dolls are very detailed, and look almost the same in-person compared to the promo photos. TAYU, also known as Art Doll, is a relatively new realistic silicone brand. They are most known for their innovative, lightweight dolls with quality comparable to Gynoid Tech. They have all the bells and whistles of high-end dolls such as textured skin, implanted hair options, and articulated fingers.

RealDoll is one of the very few sex doll brands made in the USA. They are most known for their realistic, high quality silicone dolls, and their AI Harmony robot. They have been featured many times in the media, and have higher standards than many other brands. JM Doll is a lesser-known brand that makes excellent silicone dolls.

They specialize in smaller sized dolls are are most known for their mini dolls ranging from cm.

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They do make taller dolls as well. Previously, they were hard to find and order from, but now many vendors started carrying their brand. Elsa Babe is a growing brand that specializes in artistic, anime-inspired silicone dolls.

They have beautiful dolls that are meant to look more like dolls than humans. With large eyes and a pointy head, their dolls have a certain charm no other brand has. Future Doll is a relatively new brand founded in They specialize in affordable silicone sex dolls and offer most of the same features as the more expensive brands.

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Because they are very new, there is very little information about them at the moment, but the few reviews seem positive. Siliko Doll is a relatively new Silicone sex doll brand. Small Breasts Medium Breasts Large Breasts Huge Breasts. Hair Color. Blonde Hair Brown Hair Red Hair Black Hair. Shop by Brand. WM Dolls YL Dolls IronTech Dolls Future Doll AF Dolls JY Dolls SinoDoll HR Dolls 6Ye Dolls AiTech Dolls. Doll Heads.

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WM Doll Heads YL Doll Heads IronTech Doll Heads Future Doll Heads AF Doll Heads JY Doll Heads HR Doll Heads Sino Doll Heads 6YE Doll Heads. Other Dolls. Sex Dolls For Men Sex Dolls For Women Japanese Sex Dolls Transsexual Sex Dolls Custom Sex Dolls Sex Robots Popular Sex Dolls New Sex Dolls Accessories.

Shop by Size.

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WM Dolls. YL Dolls.

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IronTech Dolls. Future Doll. AF Dolls.

JY Dolls. HR Dolls. AI-Tech Dolls. Log in. Close cart.

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