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knows this. In the Marx Brothers movies Harpo played a childlike character, a kind of ethereal spirit who lived in his own world. He wore a curly blond wig, a big raincoat, a plug hat, and he went around honking a big taxi horn.

And of course, he loved to play the harp. Harpo never spoke in the Marx Brothers films, existing as a happy-go-lucky mute in a world of voices and sound.

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And while nakedness or the act of taking off one's clothes can often symbolize lasciviousness or sexuality, with Harpo, it would seem more of a childlike thing. In real life, Harpo was a childlike character too. He was a grown man, completely comfortable without clothing on much like a very young child.

This is probably why there are more Harpo Marx naked stories than any other comedian.

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The first Harpo naked story involves Harpo and his brother, Groucho. Harpo and Groucho were going to attend an all-male "stag party" in a hotel one night. That night, they entered the hotel elevator, each carrying an empty suitcase.

As a gag, they thought it would be hilarious to walk out of the elevator nude and surprise the guys. In the elevator, they pushed the button to stop it, undressed and put all their clothes in suitcases they were carrying. In their excitement, they pushed the wrong floor number and walked in, completely naked, to an all-female bridal shower.

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In the late 's, Harpo met the classic writer Somerset Maugham. As Maugham was giving Harpo a tour of his house, Harpo saw that Maugham had a swimming pool right below his bedroom window.

Thinking this was the greatest thing he had ever seen, Harpo, without hesitation, stripped off his clothes and leaped out the window into the pool.

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During this same period, Harpo was scheduled to have dinner with the famed writer George Bernard Shaw. Relaxing before the meal, Harpo was swimming in the nude down on a beach, when he heard voices up above him. He threw a towel around himself, climbed the hill above and realized it was Shaw's voice he'd heard.

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Harpo put out his hand to shake the great author's, when Shaw got a mischievious smile on his face and snatched away Harpo's towel, leaving Harpo standing au naturel. A train car attendant and a failing movie producer escape to the beautiful countryside of Hakone, hoping to find adventure We're giving you the chance to win Naruto's latest adventure on Bu-ray!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. A Shaw Bros curiosity that takes a classic French film, dips it in period drama, detours into comedy, before ending up in a Hammer Horror of the 70s. This intelligent, enjoyable documentary provides an insightful portrait of Jia and the fast-changing China his films explore.

A bruising look at the world of Korean competitive swimming and the tolls it exacts from the young.

Bizarre, inspired fight scenes and farcical fun, Corey Yuen directs Jet Li in a silly but highly enjoyable movie. Please leave this field empty Subscribe to our weekly digest and you'll never miss a review, interview or competition.

One day, when Thalberg returned to his office, he discovered all three Marx Brothers (Harpo, Groucho, and Chico) sitting naked on the floor of his office. The boys had started a bonfire in the middle of Thalberg's office and they sat roasting potatoes over the dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 5 mins Film six in our Shaw Brothers special, this time we look at a classic from starring the formidable Ti Lung,Alexander Fu Sheng and Ku Feng. This Wuxia films story may seem familiar to many avid film watchers. The reason is the story,if your a fan of the films like ''Nikita'',The Assassin or Naked Weapon your know where I'm coming from Also there is a scene where the girl is in a river bathing and he watches her from a cliff. She is definitely quite naked in the water but it does not show her private parts, but it is obvious she is naked for real. Later they have sex and Gordon Lui is all over her kissing her and all this writhing and movement but there is no nudity shown

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Title: Five Elements Ninjas ????Year: Director: Chang Cheh ??Casts: Lung Tien-hsing ???, Chen Tien-chi ???, Chen Hui-min ???The "Venoms" were no mor Here are are some more really cool Shaw Brothers movies: Mighty Peking Man Super Inframan Bewitched Ghost Story Na Cha and the 7 Devils Hex Devil Bride Haunted Tales Black Magic Ghost Lovers Come Haunt with Me Oily Maniac Hex vs Witchcraft Battle Wizard Swordman and the Enchantress Fangs of the Cobra Hex after Hex Poison Rose Revenge of the Corpse The Shaw Brothers film library is a treasure trove of Chinese genre cinema from the ss. In , Malaysian telco magnate T. Ananda Krishnan bought the Shaw Brothers library and between and nearly titles were released on DVD via the Hong Kong-based Celestial Pictures

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The best in festival coverage. Happy Halloween! Construction started in and was finished bycomprising twelve sound stages and sixteen permanent outdoor sets, including a plaster reproduction of the Great Wall of China.

It also boasted a costume department holding 80, items; the largest of its type in existence in the s.

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Run Run Shaw and his senior executives were all-powerful; careers could be made and unmade. On occasion it seemed a feudal way of life, but overall talent and creativity were certainly rewarded.

At its peak in the studio produced 43 films in a year, with a new feature going into production every 9 days. Both Shaw siblings and their executives were often seen on movie sets and they followed the progress of their films closely. Every film released by the studio was specifically aimed at a particular demographic - and Chinese audiences responded enthusiastically.

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On occasion, the Shaw Brothers would hire Korean and Japanese film-makers to work for them, with sometimes surprising results. Korean director Jeng Cheong Woh made the martial arts pic The King Boxer a. Five Fingers of Death which became the highest grossing ever Shaws Brothers release in the USA. Japanese film-maker Inoue Umetsugu turned out to be an excellent director of contemporary Chinese musicals and created the famous s hits Hong Kong Nocturne and Hong Kong Rhapsody.

Both film-makers were prolific directors in their own countries, who, at times, brought a fresh perspective to the Hong Kong studio films. The mids saw the studio begin to produce more martial arts-kung fu movies with the rise of film-makers like Chang Cheh and King Hu.

Chang was determined to change the status quo by making films for a younger, male audience. As it happened, the latter was the fastest growing demographic in Hong Kong. King Hu also reveled in this new found environment for martial arts cinema and his pic Come Drink With Mestarring Cheng Pei Pei and Yueh Hua, became the screen model for women warriors in the wuxia genre.

Cheng Pei Pei in Come Drink With Me King Hu left the Shaw Brothers after Come Drink With Me and went on to make his greatest martial arts films in the late s and early 70s in Taiwan, which included his three hour masterpiece A Touch of Zen.

In later years, the director would say his films from the s would not have been possible without the skills and experience he had acquired whilst working at the Shaw Brothers studio: a comment that would be echoed by fellow directors Li Han Hsiang and Chang Cheh, who both departed the Shaw Brothers at different times during their careers.

This was a commercial strategy to establish the studio internationally, including the occasional co-productions with European and American film companies. The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires As we all know, hindsight is a wonderful sense to indulge - as it is never wrong - and will always show the correct way of doing something. This brings me now to the early s, where the Shaw Brothers film business was being buffeted by the winds of change.

Hex is a Shaw Brothers take on the French classic Les Diaboliques; or at least it is for the first thirty minutes or so - but then the film has plenty more tricks up its sleeve from there! This one is much more restrained than the later Shaw Brothers efforts but it generally works well for the most part The director responsible for the Shaw Brothers' craziest and most extreme horror films was undoubtedly Kuei Chih Hung, who had initially made a name for himself in the early s with the violent crime films The Teahouse and its sequel Big Brother Cheng, as well as the unbelievably seedy women-in-prison film Bamboo House of's first horror film came with Ghost Eyes in Title: Kiss Of Death ??Year: Director: Ho Meng-hua ???Casts: Chen Ping ??, Lo Lieh ??Suzie Wong, move over and make room for Chu Ling. A rape victim infe

Two outsiders and their direct involvement with Run Run Shaw were to have long-term ramifications for the studio. They were: the refusal of Run Run Shaw to employ the Hong Kong born, American TV actor Bruce Lee, and the rapid promotion in the organisation of nightclub singer Mona Fong, who became a close personal and business confidant of Run Run Shaw. In frustration he left the Shaw Brothers and set up his own film company, Golden Harvest, and promptly signed Lee up to a multi-picture deal.

Bruce Lee who else? in The Big Boss Personally, I think the Shaw brothers made the right decision by not employing Lee. On a local level the action pictures were still doing good business, with films from star directors like Chang Cheh The AssassinChu Yuan The Magic Blade and rising star Lau Kar-Leung The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.

Chu Yuan had a big hit in Hong Kong and Europe with Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesanan extra-spicy mix of sex and violence which tells the lurid tale of a young virgin, Ai Nu, sold as a sex slave to a Ming dynasty brothel.

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It takes ten years, but eventually she has her revenge in the most graphic, limb-lopping fashion. What shocked audiences in was the way Ai Nu ruthlessly exploits her sexuality to bring about her retribution.

Lily Ho and Betty Pei Ti in Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan Intimate Confessions contained particularly powerful performances from Lily Ho as the courtesan and Betty Pei Ti as the lesbian madam of the Four Seasons Brothel. The movie looks an absolute treat, as shown in a Goya-inspired moment with snowflakes drifting through filtered light, gently landing on a bloodstained body.

Incredible Kung Fu Mission (Full Movie)

Magnificent sets masked a dangerous, doppelganger jianghu, where beauty often led to treachery and loyalty was a commodity readily traded. Death could be as sudden as a poison dart or a blade in the dark.

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The series is at its most accessible and entertaining with Killer Clans and The Roving Swordsman. Fight choreographer turned director Lau Kar-Leung had been trained as a traditional martial artist and his ability to put these training and fighting sequences on screen was second-to-none, as seen in films like Challenge of the Masters and Executioners from Shaolin.

The early 80's were when Shaw Brothers pulled out all the stops. They had to show audiences something they couldn't get on TV, leading to a glut of softcore porn, gory horror and brutal action Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

The latter features the murderous monk Pai Mei, made famous by Hollywood Shaw Brothers buff Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill 2. He had an intuitive understanding of film genres, visually and emotionally, and he was a bankable film-maker. Ho Meng Hua began his career as an assistant director at the Shaw Brothers studio in He cut his teeth on genre films, beginning in with a Huangmei opera, Red Lantern. Ho had made nineteen films before he was offered the plum job in of directing The Monkey Goes West : a little gem of a movie which tracks the misadventures of the Monkey trickster from Sino mythology Journey to the West.

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It saw three sequels all made by Ho and each as good as the original. The movies are highlighted by beautiful set design and clever animation.

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