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It struck me as funny that the toughest part of her - the soles of her feet - were protected, while the tenderest parts of her were exposed. Because I'm adopted I have no map for aging, but looking at her body I could see myself, as the generic old woman we all become, regardless of size or shape.

Seeing my mom naked

It is fortunate, however, that we appear similar - short with dark hair. I tell her she's lucky she didn't get some tall blond girl.

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Prior to this, I had last seen my mother naked 30 years ago and further back, walking in on her while she prepared for work or for bed, in pale flashes as she darted toward the laundry room in search of undergarments.

I've seen my daughter in flashes too, but not full-on since adolescence, when her body became one of the secrets she kept from me.

I've seen most of my close girlfriends naked as well. Ellen and Mary Tom in high school, after gym class.

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Sue five years ago when she had surgery to cure her Meniere's disease, getting her into her hospital gown, dressing her to leave. Tracy when she had her boob job. Before the augmentation, in an attempt to convince us of its necessity, she pulled her top down to show us the horror of her breasts.

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After surgery, she unwrapped the bandage to show us the horror of the new ones, healing. They looked as hard as armor, which, I suppose, was the purpose all along.

I was helping Tracy and Kendra in their painting business at the time, and upon seeing the much-inflated chest, Kendra exclaimed, "Oh my Lord! You know you're going to have to haul those things up a ladder! I saw Aunt Lois naked only a month after her visit.

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Following additional back surgery, she caught an infection and suffered a massive stroke. In the hospital, her body was treated like a large baby doll, initially cooed over, and then, when the novelty wore off, tossed into a corner.

Once the medical profession determines your condition is depressingly ordinary and inglorious, that recovery or death will be slow and boring, without redemptive arc, they quickly lose interest in you.

As we rolled my aunt, and adjusted her position to keep her comfortable, her loosely fastened gown often slipped, exposing her fully.

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I was struck by how quickly somebody becomes a mere body. Ignobly asexual.

Everyone pretending to be cavalier and professional about the medical nudity, when, really, we're all mortified and terrified by the evidence of human decay. It brought back painful memories of my Nannie's stroke and year decline.

Her beloved skin gradually slipping from her muscles, puddling on the bed, moving toward the ground, as if flesh understands the gravity of graves, and, when it is tired, it longs to return to the dirt. That's as much grace as I'll allow the process of dying; there is no cruelty in it, just homesickness, a weariness of travel.

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I told my husband about the morning, the shock of seeing my mother's body, and we laughed together. Details here!

/08/01  About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features /09/17  Seeing my mother's naked body She opened the door holding nothing but a hand towel. Would I ever see her again like this, sturdy and unashamed? I saw my mother naked five months ago. My Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins /12/29  My mom has seen me naked several time before this, but I've always been successful at covering my penis. Though she's seen everything else (there isn't that much she hasn't seen when I'm in my swimming suit), my penis has

My mom saw me nude yesterday Discussion in ' Archive: Your Jedi Council Community ' started by PhilosopherDec 29, Registered: Apr 23, I'm liberal about my nudity around my dad and cousin, but it's a taboo for the female members of my family. That's what made the encounter with my mom a little awkward.

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Actually, this isn't the first time she has walked in on me. She isn't very good about knocking. My mom has seen me naked several time before this, but I've always been successful at covering my penis.

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Though she's seen everything else there isn't that much she hasn't seen when I'm in my swimming suitmy penis has always been off-limits. Yesterday, however, she saw everything.


When she opened the door, I was completely caught off guard. I looked at her, she looked at me, and I saw her look down at my penis. She looked at it for a few seconds, looked up at my face, giggled and said sorry, then closed the door.

I guess the reason why I wasn't embarrassed about her seeing the rest of my body is because she has seen it several times. But like I've said, she hadn't seen my penis, the most vital part. I have to admit, I think it's a little unfair that she's always walking in on me and seeing me naked, and yet she completely hides herself from me.

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But then again, I don't think I want to see her naked. As for the George Costanza jokes, I'm very proud to say that it hadn't been affected by the cold water.

PhilosopherDec 29, Registered: Sep 25, She deliberately looked down at your penis!? And your family should really learn how to use locks Registered: Aug 16, Darth GuyDec 29, Registered: May 28, lexuDec 29, Registered: Mar 28, true I don't know I'm still awkward about being in my bathrobe around my rents or being shirtless around them mostly cause i was beaten but nuns in grammar school.

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