Mandarin in Your Office

Message from the Principal of the Dublin Tutorial Centre, Dr. Paul Reade:

I am pleased to announce a new course of Chinese language and culture in your workplace. The Dublin Tutorial Centre would like to assist you with the minimum of disruption to your busy schedule by offering you Mandarin classes at three levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

Currently trade between Ireland and China stands at €8 billion and is increasing every year. While Mandarin is being gradually introduced into Post Primary schools we will offer to deliver it to you directly and at your convenience. I am therefore pleased to introduce to you our team of Ms Jennifer Lee and Mr Ken Duggan both of whom have a wealth of business and academic experience.

Jennifer LeeJennifer Lee, an honours graduate in Global Trade, Marketing and International Business Law from Liaoning University, worked in the export trade market in China before settling in Ireland in 2000. She continued to work in the export and commercial enterprise area before achieving her qualification as a Chinese Language Teacher (I.P.A) and taking her current role as Mandarin Teacher in the Dublin Tutorial Centre.

Ken DugganKen Duggan, a former Post Primary School Principal, has been doing business in China for over ten years, running a business in Suzhou, near Shanghai. He set up his own consultancy company Chinaportal Ltd in 2009 and is currently Chairman of the Ireland China Business Association. He is a member of the steering committee for a new think tank, the Ireland China Institute. Ken has recently had the honour of being appointed Senior Research Fellow at the Sino-European Research Centre for Creative Economy. He is the programme co-ordinator and will personally deliver a complimentary seminar on Doing Business in China as part of the overall Mandarin in your Office Programme.

I believe that this is an exciting and innovative development for anyone who wants to engage with China and I wish you all every success in your endeavours.

Paul Reade

For further information please contact us at 01 6612209 or
Email: info@

Classes are of 90 minutes' duration at very competitive rates.

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