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I also think you're disrespecting your daughter by saying she is throwing herself at her boyfriend. Can't find your answer? At least she's had the common sense to start taking the pill!

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How many girls these days end up pregnant by "accident" She's been responsible and adult enough to think ahead and choose a boy she loves. Be proud of her I'd say. So you're upset that your daughter has been open, honest and taking precautions? She's not a child anymore. I didn't sleep with my first boyfriend my now husband!

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til I was 18 and I don't think my parents were too happy about that either but then I always figured that was because I was a pretty good kid otherwise. They like you could have had a promiscuous, drug taking, drunk 13 year old like some of my friends but they didn't so in all honesty they didn't know what disappointment was when it came to me!

If my own DD follows that path too, I'll be happy that I raised a sensible young lady, not fret over something so silly as growing up.

If I'm honest, I can't say I'd want to the think of my kids dtd at but then I probably won't when they're 30 either! Also, so what if they don't do anything?

  It's no secret that sex is a big deal for teenagers. They think about it, they talk about it. And usually, they do it. On average, both males and females in the US and UK first have sex at Which, if you're the parent of a teenager or young adult, can suddenly start to feel very dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 6 mins   A. picked me up from the friend's house where I told my parents I would be for a date at the ice rink. While we were gone, my mom called my friend (pre-cell phone era) looking for me and she struggled to explain why I was "in the bathroom" for so long   A year-old male house help, Chinedu Obi confessed that he had been sleeping with his employer's year-old twin girls

They're teenagers! Let them be.

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Me and DH never did much either but that's not to say I regret anything. Most of my friends were out getting ratarsed and on the pull. Oh yes, I missed out on so much!! She's 17 she has plenty of time for fun and adventures yet. I started having sex at 17 and tbh I was older than most of my friends when they started. Its over the legal age of consent, she's mature and sensible enough to take the pill and a really good thing is that she's spoken to you about it.

It shows that she must trust you and can confide in you.

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If you go off on one you may lose this trust and your daughter won't tell you things anymore and feel like she can't approach you.

I know its daunting that your daughter is growing up but please see it that she's being safe and sensible. Tweens and teens 17 year old daughter pushing away. Tweens and teens Worrying about my 17 year old daughter.

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Tweens and teens 17 year old drop out. In answer to Anonymous. I must admit I'm suprised at your reaction. I completely get that you're upset as your girl is sexually active, it's a massive thing for any parent. But look at all the positives, she told you, she didnt have to! She's sensible to go on the pill and this is a long term relationship. Also she is legally allowed to, it's not like she's underage.

I think you blaming her bf like this is very unfair. Taking advantage?

I truly believe that allowing my teens to have sex under my roof will only encourage safer, more loving and committed sex. By telling them that sex is banned in our house, I am basically inviting them to do it in some shady place where they are more likely to be unsafe. No thanks. Of course, my kids may still be stupid about sex   I started having sex at 17 and tbh I was older than most of my friends when they started. Its over the legal age of consent, she's mature and sensible enough to take the pill and a really good thing is that she's spoken to you about it. It shows that she must trust you and can confide in you   I also heard what sounded like loud sex going on in the room on the other side of my home office wall

If he was doing that he would have left her 2 years ago when she wouldn't sleep with him! They've obviously discussed it and I think have been very sensible. Your daughter is just as much to 'blame' as he is!

Sex hot teens house

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  17/05/ at am. Last night my daughter her friend and her boyfriend were in her sisters bedroom watching a DVD. Her friend left to go home and I had a call from my uncle who needed advice. I was on the phone quite some time and when the conversation ended I went to see if her boyfriend wanted a lift home   Of course, there's no reason to stab around in the dark, just guessing at whether allowing teenage sleepovers is some kind of sign of the apocalypse or just a way for families to handle teenage   Miley Cyrus shares a sultry Instagram photo of herself that appears to be promoting her upcoming performance at Woodstock's 50th anniversary this summer in New York. Miley Cyrus

The pop star's plus million Instagram followers also got a look at Cyrus' dreamcatcher inkwork on her ribcage and a few small tattoos above her elbow. Oh Hazel I really feel for you hunni:sadhug. I know it's really raw right now and everyone's obvously really angry but throwing her out is not going to help the situation at all. She's only 14 so still very much a child and that shows in her actions to have sex in your house whilst your down stairs shows someone that's very emotionally young.

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First things first I think you and your daughter need to sit down and have a proper talk together,preferably with no one else in the house. You need to find out if they used contraception if you don't allready know.

Make sure also that it was consentual. Ask your daughter about how she feels about the boyfriend and how he feels about her.

Tell her that you want her to be able to talk to you about anything,that your there for her and that just because she's older now that you still care about her and worry about her. With the other problems you've been having with your daughter have you all had any support?

Has she been refered to see someone to find out why she's being violent and abusive? I know teenagers are hard work generally and that they're hormones and changes in the body and brain can attribute alot to the problems surrounding them but when things get this bad there really should be an investigation into why she's behaving like this!

It could be a cry for help.

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I know that may sound strange but belive me young people have done some very extreme things in the past and unfortunatly probably will still in the future to be noticed to receive help with whatever's bothering them. If you have'nt received any support I would suggest that you make an appointment with your GP a.

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p and go and speak to the gp alone as they can make a refferal to CAMHS these people really know they're stuff and can be a great support to your daughter and the rest of the family. They could be the bridge between you all so it once again becomes a family instead of your daughter on one side and the rest of you on the other and you all desperatly trying to reach one another but remaining out of one anothers grasp.

Tweens and teens 16yr old daughter had sex. Tweens and teens 14 yr old daughter wants to move out. Tweens and teens Found out 15 year old daughter has had sex with 16 year old boyfriend. Hi All thanks for your posts, I should have said, this is the latest in a long line of problems we have hadwith her. It was a compromise for her to have her boyfriend and friends in the house. We have sat down and had the sex discussion, we have attemted to get help from agencies to address her behaviour.

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She has been arrested for violence recently, she has disregarded everything we have tried to helher with and now this. My husband and her sister are the ones that donot want her here because of how she is all the time and this incident is the las straw.

I am caught between a rock and a hard place here I have the welfare of my daughter to consider but also the happiness of my family and right now we are not a happy family. I can talk toher untilI am blue in the face but she has no respect for me, her sister her family or herself.

Can't find your answer? sorry hunni ment to type Joanne my teenager was talking to me at the time about someone guess what name:.

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When you've spoke to her Joanne as she ever given you any reason why? or is it allways :dunno:xx.

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you must understnad what taking her in to care involves!!!!!!!!!!! if it is such a problem dont have the boyfriend in your home you need to sit with her explaine the problems if she is having sex you need to tell her about protection we have our 14 yr old niece living with us and because of her past she has the implant in maybe thats a option.

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Tweens and teens 14 yr old son going out after school? Tweens and teens Please help! Tweens and teens I found a pregnancy test in my 14 yo Daughters room. I did suspect there may have been a catalogue of events going on. I was awful as a teenager, I did all this type of stuff, violent not overly but very aggressivearguing with everyone in the home, drinking, smoking weed, running away, staying out all night.

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I was very angry with everyone, I had no confidence, I really just felt useless.

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