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It's an internal family matter but these gooses should be taught a listen.

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The only thing she asking her right. All three must be pml n supporters. Their kind of act. What shall we blame now - Western culture or values? Or the fact that beards without moustache represent a particular mindset that, shall we say, dehumanizes women by treating them as stupid, sin-provoking and weak?

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Will you start quoting domestic violence statistics from multiple countries to show that other women have it worse?

Or do we need to say that we are an abuse-free society because a crime is not a crime in Pakistan until its video goes viral.

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Salaria, Aamir Ahmad, Very good description. It happens in Pakhtoon too? I thought it is with Punjabis only. Imran khan Mardan KPK. These beasts need to be meted out an exemplary punishment.

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The heads and beards of these monsters should be shaved. Punjabis Chronicles.

PESHAWAR: The city police have arrested three brothers for torturing their mother and sister. An official of Bhanamra police station told Dawn that two accused were arrested on Saturday night and Unfortunately I saw my sister who is 19 totally naked at the shower because I had to pee when she was having shower and so she saw my penis therefore she shuted at me. Is it a big problem? ates: +1 y. Girls, Have you ever seen your dad or brother's penis? 10/08/  Thats strange because its like invading your siblings personal privacy and i definitely would be suspicious if my boyfriend's sister asked like its none of her business and thats her brother for fuck

Shame, shame and shame. Mansur Ul Haque. What they have to say? Why were they beating their sister and mother,? Some one should ask them? Jul 06, am. but who made the video?

Not sure if you too are close or not. I think it is near impossible that children will go through there childhood and never see a naked person, whether it be a sibling or parent. A lot of girls end up taking care of there younger brothers or sisters at times and imagine they have seen them naked lots of times when they were young I recently read a "true" story online about a teen brother and sister getting dared to take a shower together while friends watch during Truth or Dare at a friend's house. Many stories like this are out there, but I question if they are true, or someone just wanted to write something juicy for an A PAIR of identical twin sisters have defied the odds to find love with another pair of identical twin brothers - and the close-knit foursome are now living together. Sisters Venessa and Kerissa

A Shah. Pursuing, what are you on about?

congratulate, magnificent idea

seriously how can any govt prevent this these people are mentally disturbed animals who need to be locked up ever see domestic abuse cases in US they are far worse My brother penis is so cute I love it. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! What Girls Said 2.

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crAsh Xper 1. Wakingup 80 opinions shared on Sexuality topic.


What are you 2 delete this stupid question. Related myTakes. Show All. It's kinda impossible though. You know, because all women are the same No, all women are not the same.

Long Lost Family - Brother and Sister Maureen and Keith Meet for the First Time - ITV

I could say that all men are the same, but that isn't true either. If they were, I would stay single for the rest of my life. And that other post you referenced, that girl even said she didn't end up asking the room mate to have the threesome because it felt too dirty and she definitely doesn't like the room mate like that.

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She didn't? I couldn't quite understand her.

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Hence my question. You don't find it at all odd that she thinks of him as a brother, and yet when it was suggested to her to invite him to a threesome she sorta went along with it?

Since she didn't do it then no and I think you're really missing the point of them saying that to you. She doesn't literally mean like look at him or in your case you, as an actual biological brother.

We don't want to "fuck our brothers". But it is true that if your father is a very good person, respectful or women, etc. you will be attracted by the same kind of men, while it's not unusual for girls who have been through a lot of problems with their dads to be stuck in unhealthy romantic relationships. Same goes for guys and their mother

You're a complete non sexual entity in her life, a very good friend they trust. Not gonna lie it kinda seems you're the one with the incest fascination.

Sister fuck borther

Oh fuck off with your accusation of "incest fascination". I suppose I could understand taking it as a compliment as being a very good friend that she could trust. Except that we weren't good friends. In my opinion it's impossible to be friends with a female.

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So what in the fuck could being a brother even mean? It's nonsense. But thanks for projecting onto me.

Can't get enough accusations of being a bitter rejected loser from random strangers on the internet. Lol why does her saying 'like a brother' get under your skin lol it's just weird that you're so strangely against it.

Don't project yourself as a bitter rejected loser and maybe people won't think that pal : when you start off with 'do girls want to fuck their brothers' it's a little strange lol.

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You need to relax dude lol. Have a great day. Not any more so than people using "literally" when they mean figuratively.

So yeah everything everybody gets under my skin. Piss off.

yes I was that in general but the fact that you're chiming in on one specific thing that I said and this girl's clearly saying that she wears underwear and bra to bed with her brother and you have a problem with me saying I'd freak out if I saw my sister in a swimsuit laying next to me in bed. thedarknight +1 y I am 21 year old boy and my sister is 19 years old. We both love each other and enjoy each other's company. I dont know when it had been started but We also sometimes flirt with each other. She is very open mind girl and sometimes changes cloths in front of me. Our parents are doing government job Our 17 year old brother would stay home to "baby-sit" me and my younger sister. He normally had friends over and they would be in the barn shooting pool and drinking beer and probably smoking pot. This left me and my sister alone in the house watching TV. At the time, I was 11 and my sister was 9

Lol oh no we're gonna go with homophobic slurs? Well the girl I'm seeing would beg to differ with that and my cousins who are gay are definitely more of a man than the whiny little creep you come off as lol.

You got issues buddy go see someone. I care because you're like a brother to me Lol and hey again relax dude haha.

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I don't go around telling fat girls I'm not attracted to them. I just don't hit on them. Dude she said you're like a brother that isn't hitting on you. I love how a 16 year old understands women more than a 32 year old. Not knocking you man, I'm talking about this jabroni who posted this question in the first place. A day later and my mind is still blown at how he totally missed the point n never heard the 'you're like a brother to me' thing before lol.

haha thanks dude.

Have sister fuck borther hope

tho its pretty out there when girls say "ur like a brother to me". I don't know why he can't bloody understand that, obviously a whining knob who makes up false accusations about girls cause he just can't accept being in the bro zone. i can't count how many times my sister and I got intimate with each other, no regrets.

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