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Still, we get many common questions, so we thought we would break them down for you now. Our research has found two important numbers to answer this question.

Wet your razor blade with cold water and begin shaving the hair on your buttocks. If you're using a body groomer, then just begin shaving. If you want a close shave, then shave against the grain; if you tend to be more prone to skin irritation, then you may want to shave with the dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 9 mins Use your bathroom mirror and your handheld mirror to carefully shave the nether regions of your ass. This is a sensitive area so do so with extreme care. Remember, the greatest challenge when removing your hair down there is the hair betwixt the cheeks. Do so with dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 9 mins 2. Prepare for your shave by trimming with an electric razor. Begin your butt shaving adventure with electric clippers. There are clippers designed specifically for shaving your crotch area that are small, waterproof, and nic-proof. These clippers don't require a guard. If you're using standard clippers, never ever ever trim your buttcrack with no dublintutorialcentre.comted Reading Time: 7 mins

First, 80 percent of men groom their butts in some way or another. Of those, 53 percent prefer trimming. That means that roughly half of all guys in the U. trim the hair on their butts.

In general, you can see that the vast majority of guys are removing butt hair, and trimming is by far the most common way to do it. This question is more complicated than it seems. Without any grooming, the common length of butt hair will vary wildly from person to person. It turns out that every part of your body has a terminal hair length, and your genetics determines that length.

This is why some guys have furry arms while others have barely noticeable arm hair.

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The same is true for your butt. On average, that terminal length on the but ranges from less than an inch to several inches. When you include grooming, the normal butt hair length is basically zero. Most forms of hair removal leave you completely smooth. Most guys trim as low as possible with no guard on the trimmer if you stick with trimming. This is a great question. Every guy makes this decision for himself, but we found some trends.

Most guys start removing butt hair before they turn Only 33 percent of the guys in our survey started grooming after the age of More than half of all men start grooming at some point in their 20s. This makes sense. Not everyone has a significant amount of butt hair in their teens. As guys mature in their 20s, the motivations for grooming start to kick in.

Twelve percent of the guys in our survey started grooming before the age of This is actually the most important question we get asked. If you shave your butt, you run two risks. The first is that you will get razor burn, and it itches like crazy. The best way to help avoid this is with skincare. Moisturize after you shave and wear loose clothing and boxers.

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It also helps to shave gently and go with the grain to help avoid the problem. The other source of itching occurs when the hair grows back. Butt stubble is miserable, and there are very few things you can do about it. You can still have short, groomed hair with this method. Second, avoid cutting the hair at an angle. The hair gets pricklier when it is cut to be sharp. If you keep the razor as perpendicular as possible while shaving, it minimizes the misery of stubble. This concludes your complete guide to butt hair removal.

You know why the butt hair is around in the first place. You have plenty of good reasons to attack it, and you have plenty of methods to get the job done.

We answered the questions we hear the most.

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No dry shaving over here. That shaving gel, cream, or oil, whichever you choose is for a source of lubrication for the blade to glide on. I will recommend you take the gel or the oil because its clear and you be able to see where the blade is going. The gel and oil may feel a little awkward on your butt and especially in the crack of your butt when you start shaving in that area.


You can also look for other products that can also serve as a sort of skin treatment. It will close your pores and prevent any infection. If you choose not to use one. The risk of irritation rises. The powder will help keep your butt dry and keep that smooth feeling. Because we all sweat down there. And you can imagine that feeling of sweat down there. More sweat equals more bacteria, more bacteria equal harsher odor. Use body powder.

A lot of people have hair on their butt and even more on their anus. It would be strange not to have any with any sort of shaving or depilatory cream. So, relax. But just like the pubic hairs on your genitals, it serves its purpose.

Supposedly it supposed to decrease the amount of friction and the chafing you get when walking but also somehow it keeps the butt and anal area dry and well ventilated. See, the human body has adapted and evolved over thousands of years. One of that adaptation is with hair. All over.

Not a hint at the bare skin at all. But now hair only grows and prospers in certain places. For instance, take your eyelashes. The eyelash is there to prevent things like dust or flying bugs from getting in your eye.

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Here are some reasons. Matter of fact, there are only two reasons that I could find while I was researching. Humans are attracted to each other through pheromones. And sometimes that scent comes from the armpits, or private area that includes the butt. So, your butt hair is there to capture that scent and keep it there. Which supposedly is to attract the opposite sex. This seems like an obvious one. Anywhere where there is skin rubbing on each other you can get chafing of the skin.

The armpits, thighs, and butt cheeks are areas most common for this. So, your butt hair is there to prevent your butt cheeks from chafing while you go on about your day.

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Its no secret that women would shave butt, or should I say we do shave our butt. Although many of us wax our butt. Not shave. But why would men or women do this?

Genital shaving is already difficult. Industries such as modeling, the sex industry, or bodybuilding. Sports is a big and vast industry spanning many different athletic performers and sometimes certain body parts are revealed, either to a live audience or on TV.

Sometimes its required that the performers remove their hair.

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But that depends on the sport. Now after you read this guide, these are the areas that you are going to shave on your butt! A hot shower is like one of the most important parts of shaving. Because it has the heat. The heat can help to open up the pores on your butt. Your hair will soften up, making it easier to shave. For men that have been in the barber seat and gotten a close shave, the barber would always put a hot towel on your face first. That was too loosen up the hairs on your face by opening up your pores.

You can do this by putting it under your faucet and run it through a high flow of water. If the water is hot, then its even better. Now you may be using an electric groomer.

Which is perfectly fine. But if you want to clean that device, you can open it up.

Maybe take a little toothbrush and brush out the stray hairs. Then you can pat it with some rubbing alcohol.

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Trimming is an important part of shaving just as if you are shaving your genitals or your face, or any other part of your body. So, if you have a hairy butt with thick coarse hair. Guess what?

You have to trim that bad boy first. Anyone is good. Turn that bad boy on and trim of the hairs. Remember this is just a small step in butt shaving.

Take your selected shaving cream or gel. I would prefer you find a cream, gel, or even oil that you can see through. Now rub it on to your hairy buttocks. Also, when you start shaving it. I like to wet the blade with cold water, then start shaving. You can start by shaving against the grain. So, to shave against that grain is to shave upward. This treatment is best applied right after you rinse your body.

Allow the antiseptic treatment to dry before applying any body powder or putting on clothes. Depending on your skin type, this may or may not burn a little.

You should apply the antiseptic every day for the first few days after you shave. There are many nightmare stories about guys who have had horrible experiences shaving their butts. In all cases, none of them used an antiseptic. Antiseptic is important because it soothes the skin, closes pores, and kills any bacteria. When you don't use antiseptic, you increase the chance of skin irritation.

I recommend a product called the Cool Fix. It's a silicone-based antiseptic that not only conditions the skin and kills bacteria but also has a cooling effect that's quite refreshing. Now apply body powder to your bum; this will keep you dry and fresh, plus prevent any chafing or itching. You should re-apply the body powder every day.

After you remove all the hair from your buttocks, the absence of hair will mean that you will not be able to ventilate this area as well as before, so it's crucial that you invest in a good body powder to help keep your skin dry and smooth. I recommend the Jack Black Dry Down Friction-Free Body Powder. This powder is a high-quality corn starch powder that feels great on the skin and keeps you from feeling clammy.

This scent is light and fresh, and the green tea, cucumber, and lavender extracts are great for the skin. After a few days have lapsed, you will need to start to exfoliate your butt to prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

Using an exfoliating cloth will help loosen the hair and remove dead skin cells. You will need to do this every few days, but not every day in most cases.

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The Salux Washcloth is a Japanese invention and one of the best body exfoliators you can buy on the market, I think. It's basically a long rectangle of textured cloth made from nylon, perfect for scrubbing the backside.

Shave your ass hair

???? ???? from saudi arabia on July 12, shave everything, just feels good and looks so much sexier! Not sure why people think pubic hair is attractive.

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I find it fascinating that epilators are not mentioned as as way to remove hair. It takes several times to get used to doing it and especially the different feeling having hair vs not, but now I remove ALL of my body hair with an epilator. Every 4 months is good and I am never a hairy beast like l used to be. It no longer hurts, it no longer feels weird to not have big hair cushions in certain places and there is nothing like the feeling of of having hairless balls, chest, pits, and anus after living for decades with a shag rug.

I never ever thought that a super hairy guy could do this without stubble itching or discomfort, but here I am. I have been doing it for over 10 years and it is easy now not at first but persistence pays off. I find it very insensitive that all these women have to add that they find it funny like what do they think that makes us feel good? Am a girl have always been rather hairy down there sad face with ultra sensitive skin to boot. Unfortunately, despite trying all sorts of bushy styles, I still prefer a full on Brazilian.

Finally got myself onto electric shavers and trimmers and my lady bits are smooth and happy Never considered using a Wahl type trimmer and I happen to have one!

Just tried and problem solved. Thank youuuuu from me and my behind.

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I shave pubes and ass as well as cock and balls. I get a yeast infestation if i do not shave ; it is like round red spots that turn to a brown permanent spot later. I went for over 2 years shaving my entire body including the beard s it invaded my beard and mustach. I cut back but had to start again to shave my entire chest and belly as the spots were coming back.

There is a name for this condition but I fail to recall it now. I have had a lot of nice comments from those who like to fellate so it might be of interest to some who like that.

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Im referring to the pubes and private areas. I just do not feel clean until I have these shaved and it is much easier to wash off after going to the bathroom. Iforgot to mention that I also shave the pits. To me pit hair is gross to look at on anyone and it keeps the smell down as hair holds onto sweat and bacteria. I do not have much smell there for several days after shaving the spot. I really think it reduces body odor significantly. I really would prefer shaving my entire body but my wife complains when I shave my legs they look better than hers I think.

Well if the spots invade again I will shave my legs to get rid of the scarring.

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This kills the yeast infections and keeps it gone as long as I keep shaving. Warm weather seems to exascerbate this yeast problem. No, you are not gay if you shave any part of your body regardless of what some think.

Cutting yourself, especially when getting after butt-hole hair, is not pleasant. Also, shaving will chap your skin. So, if you choose this route, take your time, be careful, and don't skimp on the skincare after you're done. Some tips on how to shave your ass will prove You want to shave the sides of your buttcheeks or the front part of your butt, then you can place the razor on the bottom of your butt cheek and glide the razor upward toward your tailbone. Let's say you want to shave with the grain, then you can place the razor at the top of the butt

Some prefer clenliness and health and do what it takes to achieve that goal. Get the hell over what you read if you're so pissed off by it, Mark M! If people wanna shave their asses, let 'em.

I'm sorry but this made me laugh. I snapped it to like 6 people lol! I love the illustrations! I've done it before and it's difficult. It makes it easier to wipe my butt but it was uncomfortable when I walked as there was nothing to keep my cheeks from rubbing together. There are many guys out there who think it's gay to remove the hair "back there", but it's simply good hygiene.

I'm not gay, and there's nothing wrong if you are. I simply shave my ass because it feels disgusting, and my girlfriend likes the feel of a smooth butt, no, we don't do butt stuff lolshe just likes to grab the cheeks sometimes.

Have you ever wiped your ass like 6 times and felt like there was still something on your ass hair? That's the most irritating part for me. For all the straight guys out there; it's not gay if you do it for hygiene purposes. Girls love guys with smooth butts, and i promise you'll feel much more comfortable after a good shave!

I read this to get tips for my husband's hairy butt! loved the article.

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